14 Amazing Professional Beard Styles

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Whether you’re in the office or at a party, facial hair is always welcome. But what kind of beard should you grow? There’s no right answer to this question—it depends on your face shape and personal style. Let these beards inspire new ideas for how to rock that fuzz!

The “beard styles for bald men” is a post that features 14 amazing professional beard styles. The article’s author, Daniel, has been growing his beard out since January 2015 and has had a lot of experience with the different looks.

The beard is said to be a symbol of a man’s manhood. By growing a beard, a guy becomes more manly. Professional beard styles are one of the most attractive beard styles available.

But what if your boss fires you because of this beard?

Yes, that does happen, gentlemen!

Many businesses and industries have grooming and cleanliness policies for their male personnel. Some workplaces dislike lengthy beards, while others require their staff to wear only Professional beard styles.

In the workplace, a filthy, untidy, and unsanitary beard is unacceptable. It offers your superiors and coworkers a negative opinion of your look.

So, if you preserve a well-kept, clean, and polished beard while going to work, you may make a favorable impression on your supervisor.

Maintaining a professional beard style is a difficult chore, but you must make the effort to maintain cleanliness and a positive image in professional settings.

We’ve chosen the most stunning professional beard style for you to wear at your workplaces and other professional occasions in this post.

1. Stubble Light

14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-StylesBearded Stubble

In the workplace, the light stubble is the cleanest and most elegant beard.

With this professional beard style, you seem more gorgeous and elegant.

To wear this beard, you must have an oval or square-shaped face. This most exquisite beard style may be used with any formal attire. This beard looks great on guys in their forties and fifties.

Only professional beard styles are permitted to be worn to work and for professional reasons.

Make sure your neckline and cheek line are constantly nice and clean.

2. Beard with a Box

14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-StylesBoxed Beard Kratos

This is a sloppy beard style. If you wish to wear a bushy beard at the workplace, you should first examine the company’s policies.

Go ahead and grow a boxer beard if your employer isn’t scared of you. Like Kratos or Thor, you can grow this beard.

Grow a bushy, mid-length beard, but keep your neckline and cheek lines trimmed to seem professional.

This aggressive beard style will make you seem more macho. If you don’t have a round or square-shaped face, don’t do this.

To build their aura at the workplace, middle-aged men could flaunt this famous beard style.

To maintain your beard clean and straight, comb it on a regular basis.

3. Beard that is not too long

1640845745_447_14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-Styles Beard, Short

This beard is ideal for young males who wish to seem more appealing while being professional in the workplace. To keep this hot trendy beard, you’ll need to shave your cheeks and neck and trim it on a regular basis.

You may wear this look with whatever formal outfit you desire. Your face must be square-shaped to look well with this beard.

This is the most straightforward of the professional beard styles.

If your beard is itchy, use beard oil once a day to this most gorgeous beard.

Beard of a Viking

1640206036_289_16-Powerful-Corporate-Beard-Styles Beard Styles of the Vikings

Give your Viking beard a professional touch if you want to wear it to work. This bushy hairdo needs frequent care and polishing.

This sultry beard style will give you a mature manliness impression. Your lips are hidden by a thick mustache.

This stylish beard style looks well on a square-shaped or round-shaped face. This gorgeous beard style looks well with both formal and informal attire.

This trendy beard is suitable for middle-aged males.

Don’t forget to comb and wash your beard on a regular basis to keep it in shape.

5. Full Beard with Fading ( Decent Professional Beard Styles)

1640845747_394_14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-StylesBeard Style (Faded)

In the workplace, the fuller, thinner beard offers you a refined appearance. Wear it elegantly with a dressy outfit. This exquisite beard style looks well on a square-shaped face.

This sophisticated beard style will offer you the intelligence, confidence, and maturity that you need in your office job and presentations.

Trim your beard below your jawline if you want to emphasize your chin in this corporate beard style.

It is suitable for men between the ages of 25 and 40. A square-shaped face is required.

Combine this fading full beard style with the sleek back hairdo to seem even more dashing.

6. Professional Beards in France


This beard style is referred to as a professional classic beard style. Simply grow your beard around your lips and shave the rest of your face.

You may customize the length of this beard to your liking. You may also play about with its thickness and breadth.

This beard style is suitable for older folks since it is simple and attractive. This beard may be worn by both youthful and middle-aged men.

This hot-trending professional beard style looks well on a square-shaped face.

7. Goatee with a Sleek Look

The sleek goatee may give your professional presence a quirky but clever appeal. You should keep your beard shorter over your chin and longer underneath it.

In formal clothes, this scruffy goatee provides you a striking appearance. It requires a face that is either round or square in form. This beard may be worn by a bald man with confidence.

Just remember one thing when sporting this fashionable beard style.


Keep your beard well-groomed and polished by moisturizing it on a regular basis.

This professional beard style is suitable for men aged 30 to 50.

Beard with a Tapered Shape

A tapered beard is ideal for a professional appearance. Simply trim your neckline and cheek line in a way that gives you a business guy impression.

Low care is required for this sleek beard style. With this seductive beard style, you will seem more appealing and pleasant.

You may wear a soul patch or a circle beard with this professional beard design.

This gorgeous beard style is best suited to those with a round or square-shaped face. As a businessman, middle-aged men may have this beard.

9. Beard with Chin Strap

1640845749_732_14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-StylesWithout a Mustache, Chinstrap Beard Style

This is one of the most popular beard styles that you may wear to work.

What is the best way to get this beard style?

  • To begin, clip your beard into a circle around your lips.
  • Trim a pencil-shaped mustache after that.
  • Trim the cheek line all the way down
  • Finally, a small strap of facial hair around your jawline should be trimmed.

You’re now prepared to wow your employer and coworkers in meetings and presentations. With this unusual beard style, you seem more lively and attractive.

Wear this stylish beard with any formal outfit. This stylish beard style is suitable for men aged 25 to 40.

For this ultra-cool beard style, a square-shaped or oval-shaped face is a good option.

This corporate-style beard will have a glossy and sparkling texture thanks to daily hydration and oiling.

Balbo Beard is number ten.

The ultra-stylish professional beard style may offer your appealing personality a macho appearance. You might pair it with a lengthy, thick mustache.

In this attractive style, you may also clean your cheek lines to make them seem better. This corporate-looking beard style may be made more edgy by wearing formal or casual clothing.

With their manlier look, middle-aged men might sport this additional beautiful beard.

11. Moustache

This is a one-of-a-kind professional beard style that exudes intelligence, confidence, and attitude. You may keep your beard short and use a thick long mustache to hide your top lip.

This powerful beard style may be achieved with stubble. However, you should keep that lengthy mustache trimmed so it doesn’t get out of hand.

This professional beard style is ideal for males between the ages of 25 and 40. Wear this unique beard style with a casual or sophisticated ensemble.

At in-office meetings, formal gatherings, official parties, and arguments, you may sport a beardstache.

12. Bread for Hipsters

1640845749_650_14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-Styles Bread for Hipsters

It’s one of the most popular manly beard styles, and it may help you stand out in meetings and presentations. Your thick, lengthy mustache should be trimmed in such a way that it blends in with your beard.

For this hot current beard style, the slick back haircut is a wonderful option. Men between the ages of 25 and 40 may sport this beard to show off their X-factor.

Wear this macho beard with a suit and tie. With this most elegant professional beard, you may attend in-office meetings, presentations, office tasks, official parties, and formal gatherings.

13. Professional Beard Styles for Gentlemen


Try this soft-looking professional beard style to seem more clean and polished at your workplace. This great beard style provides your whole personality a masculine but delicate appeal.

To prevent overgrowth, keep your mustache and beard trimmed. With professional apparel, you may sport this corporate-looking beard style.

For young boys, this office appearance is ideal. This sleek beard is appropriate for office meetings, presentations, office work, and interviews.

14. Shaven For A Professional Appearance

1640845751_747_14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-StylesA shaved appearance

Finally, for guys of any age, it is the greatest professional beard style. In the workplace, a shaved beard offers a young and clean impression.

Your supervisor will undoubtedly be impressed by your happy disposition if you wear this tidy and polished beard to the interview!

But there is one thing you must do.


Simply keep smiling and being pleasant with this beard style while working in your job to get popularity among your coworkers, particularly female employees!

This sophisticated and seductive beard style is ideal for young men aged 25 to 30. This beard style is suitable for guys of all ages.

The clean shaven style works well in both formal and informal settings. At interviews, in-office meetings, formal events, workplace parties, and casual gatherings, don this attractive corporate appearance.


Going to work with a neat and tidy beard is a smart idea since it will make a positive impression on your boss and coworkers. You may choose the length of your beard based on your personal tastes and workplace policies.

Regular combing and washing are required to keep your professional beard in good shape. To keep your hormones in check, trim it gently and eat a nutritious diet.

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