Can You Take Electric Shaver On Plane?

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If you love to maintain a clean shave you may have some worries about grooming tools permitted on the airplane if you intend to travel. When it comes to shaving instruments, there are rules about the things allowed in your carry bag and luggage. Electric shavers are increasingly becoming popular since they are convenient and easy to use. If you are traveling by air, remember that airline regulations vary. Therefore, the question is, “Can you take electric shaver on plane?” Read on to learn everything you need to know about shaving items and toiletries you can carry on a plane.

Can You Take Electric Shaver On Plane?

Electric razors are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags. You can also carry in cartridges and disposable razors except for straight razors. Electric razors come with batteries, and you can safely carry them on a plane. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid if you are carrying an electric shaver since it is not prohibited on the plane.

However, you need to know that you may need to pass security checks since rules at different airports and airplanes vary. Make sure the airport officials check your baggage and do not assume that air traffic rules are the same everywhere. Overall, electric razors are authorized in different planes. All you need to do is to store your shaving instruments properly when traveling.

Taking Electric Shaver On Plane

Proper Storage

While still on the issue of, can you bring electric razor on plane, you must pack the items with a little more care to ensure they won’t get broken. When you pack your electric razor in checked baggage, make sure you put it in a toiletry bag. Use a binder clipper on the bag to protect your razors. When you pack the razor securely, it will not get damaged while in transit.

If your electric razor is removable, it will be a good idea to dismantle it and put the blades in a separate box. When you can take razors on a plane, make sure you store them in a safe place. The other thing you should know if you have an electric razor is that it can turn on accidentally during travel when it is pressed by luggage. Before, you embark on your trip, make sure you remove the batteries to prevent such a scenario. Other electric razors have auto-lock functions that allow you to lock the device if not in use. This facility is available on shavers with built-in batteries.

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What Type Of Shaver Do You Have?

Another issue you should be wary of when you are traveling internationally is to check if your electric shaver will work. You should know the differences in voltage since they differ from one place to the other. The plug style also varies in different parts of the globe, so you may need a plug adapter to plug your device into the wall.

For instance, the plugging systems in Europe and North America are different. Therefore, you must pick the appropriate adapter to avoid inconveniences. The good thing is that the adapters for electronic devices are cheap, so this should not stress you. Just pick one before you leave your country or do it once you arrive at your destination. You can do this if you cannot get the appropriate adapter back in your country.

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The other issue you must prioritize pertains to voltage. If you want to charge your electric shaver in a different country, you may realize that they may have different voltage levels. While other devices can convert voltage automatically, items like shavers will need a converter to function properly. You can burn the device or cause a battery explosion if you plug your electric razor without utilizing a converter. This can also blow the fuse in the building or cause a fire if you are not careful.

If you cannot get a converter, it is essential to consider the option of buying a dual voltage shaver that can work with different voltages. With a dual system, you have assurance that your shaver will work perfectly well in places that use different voltages. However, you will still require a plug adapter.

Shaving Cream

Still wondering, can you bring electric shaver on plane? As indicated earlier on, you can take your electric shaver in your carry-on bag. However, you may also be asking if you can also bring your shaving cream on the plane. Shaving cream belongs to the category of liquids, so you must follow standard rules about the way you pack liquids. Usually, the maximum amount of shaving gel or shaving cream you can carry should be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less. Make sure the container fits in the inside top pocket of your carry-on bag and close the zip.

You can carry a bigger container if you are packing the shaving cream or gel in checked luggage. If you carry excess liquids on a plane, the authorities may confiscate them since this is not allowed on commercial planes. Just carry something you can use to avoid raising suspicion that you are carrying items for resale when you arrive at your destination.  The other aspect you should know is that keep all the containers with shaving gel or cream tightly sealed.


If you are intending to travel abroad and you want to maintain a clean shave, you need to carry your shaver. However, the question you must ask first is, can you take electric shaver on plane? The logistics involved in packing for overseas trips can be tricky since you may not want to check your hand luggage.

Another issue is that sharp elements like straight razors are not allowed on the plane, but you can carry an electric shaver. Electric razors do not pose any danger as long as you store them safely in your luggage. You also need to check the items that are prohibited on a plane before you pack your bag. We hope you like this post, and you can leave your comments below.