5 Tips To Maintain Goatee Styles Black Man

Last Updated on May 23, 2020 by Cristina

Beard styling is trendy since it helps to improve your appearance, especially if you get the style right. Apart from facing challenges in grooming beard, black men also face difficulties in choosing the right style as well as maintaining it. While there are various beard styles, goatees are versatile which can offer some relief to black guys. However, goatee styles black man can be challenging to groom and manage since the beards of black men are often coarse and curly. Here are 5 tips that can help you to maintain your goatee style.  

#1. Be Patient When Growing Goatee Styles Black Man

There are various types of goatee styles but achieving the perfect one is not an overnight event. A perfect goatee incorporates hair on the upper lip and chin but in some cases, it might not be easy for other people to achieve this. The Hair on the chin and upper lip grow at different rates so you must be patient until your beard reaches the desired level.

When the beards on your upper lip and chin reach the desired size, then you can go on to style your preferred goatee style. This is not an end in itself since you should carefully maintain the style that you choose.

#2. Trim Your Goatee Styles Black Man Beard

If you want to maintain a perfect goatee, you should trim your beard into the desired shape. You need a good trimmer that can give you different lengths of hair. You can adjust the length of the goatee to the desired level but it is essential to maintain it there so that you can easily manage it. 

Trimming a goatee can be challenging but you should make sure that you do something to keep the beard trimmed. You can use a goatee-shaping template to maintain your style and this is easy to use. You can place the template on your face then shave around. As a thumb rule, you should also ensure that you trim a wider goatee if you have a longer face to maintain some balance. 

The other important aspect about trimming your goatee is that you should make it part of your daily grooming routine. The goatee should always be neat and free of stray hairs that may spoil its appearance. Keep the cheeks clean-shaven and the rest of the face apart from the goatee itself. 

#3. Wash Your Goatee Styles Black Man Beard

You should thoroughly wash your beard at least once a week to keep it clean. Your facial hair grows fast when your hair follicles are clean and free of dirt that can clog the pores. The basic rule when washing your beard is to avoid using regular hair shampoo since this kind of product can strip the hair of all the natural essential oils. 

Wash Your Goatee Styles Black Man Beard

Natural oils are essential since they keep the hair conditioned and also promote the growth of your hair.  You can use a beard wash that is specially designed to condition and clean your beard at the same time. It is your responsibility to make sure that your goatee is always free of any dirt that can clog the pores which affect the growth of hair.  

#4. Keep Your Beard Moisturized by Using High-Quality Products

It is quite challenging to take good care of a black man’s goatee since the hair naturally requires high-quality beard conditioning products such as beard oil and beard balm. The other important thing that you should know which can help you to maintain your goatee is that black men’s beards strongly depend on moisture.

Beard oil and balm can keep your hair hydrated and soft throughout the day. This helps to prevent itchy beards while at the same time creating perfect conditions that can promote beard growth. Consider oil with all-natural ingredients to maintain the good health of your goatee. 

Beard balm on the other hand also helps you to style and shape your goatee so that you can maintain your perfect appearance. The other important aspect about beard balm is that it stops beard dryness while at the same time promoting the growth of hair. 

#4. Keep Your Beard Moisturized by Using High-Quality Products

You must also consider using a quality brush and comb that are specifically meant for black men’s hair. A brush with boar bristles helps to distribute products such as oil, balm, and beard wash throughout your facial hair. You do not necessarily need to use a brush when your beard is full and thick. You can use the brush on short beards to stimulate the follicles which can help you to achieve full growth of hair.     

On the other hand, a beard comb that is meant for black men can help you to detangle and style your facial hair. A comb is specially designed such that it does not pull your hair. A comb also helps to stimulate your hair follicles and this is good for the maintenance of your goatee.   

#5. Change Your Diet

Maintaining a black man goatee is not only a matter of shaping and styling the beard. The other thing that you should consider is to maintain a healthy diet to keep your goatee in good health. There is a direct correlation between the health of your body and the condition of your hair. 

Therefore, you must eat foods that boost hair growth such as proteins (eggs, fish, chicken) and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (walnuts, flaxseed oil). Other foods like Vitamin A (spinach, sweet potatoes, squash), as well as Vitamin C & E (broccoli, peanut butter, fruits), are good for your overall health and growth of your hair.  

#5. Change Your Diet


I hope you have enjoyed reading this list of tips to maintain goatee styles for black men. The challenge with beard grooming often faced by many black men relates to the quality of their hair. However, with good beard grooming practice in place, black men can also enjoy different beard styles like goatees. You can leave your comments below and feel free to share the article with your peers so that they can also maintain their goatees in good shape and health.