5 Best Ways To Practice Safe Beard Coloring

Last Updated on September 11, 2021 by Cristina

Many people do not feel comfortable with the graying or patchiness of their facial hair. However, beard coloring can go a long way in preventing this challenge. It also helps improve your appearance. The challenge is that some beard colors may not be good for your hair and skin. The good news is that there are different measures you can take to prevent harm when dying your facial hair. Here are the five best ways to practice safe beard coloring.

1. Choose The Ideal Hair Dye For Men’s Beards

There are mainly two types of beard dye-formulas that include permanent dyes and demi-permanent dyes. As the name suggests, a permanent dye does not fade with time while a demi-permanent dye fades gradually. When choosing a color, there are safety concerns you must take into account. For instance, semi-permanent dyes are designed to bring stray blonde and gray hairs to a central color. The color gradually fades to form a natural appearance that does not turn your hair.

Some dyes are apparent and likely to draw other people’s attention for no good reason. Essentially, the purpose of applying dye is to conceal gray patches or improve your appearance. Therefore, the product you apply should create a natural appearance, and it does not become noticeable that you dye your hair. To achieve this, you must select the right shade of dye that matches your hair. You must start with a lighter shade than you want. The advantage is that you can turn it dark if you wish.

Choose The Ideal Hair Dye For Men's Beards

2. Use Natural Beard Dye

There are different types of beard dyes available on the market. Some products consist of artificial ingredients like alcohol, colorants, and other chemicals. The danger of using these products is that they can irritate you if you have sensitive skin. For instance, alcohol can cause dryness of the skin and hair which can make it difficult to maintain. When your hair is dry, it can break easily, and it will also be difficult to comb or dry. Before you dye your hair, it is imperative to conduct a patch test on your skin. This will help you check how the dye reacts to your body. You must choose beard dye for sensitive skin if you know your problem.

If you want to be safe when you dye your hair, it is a good idea to use beard dye consisting of natural ingredients. The advantage of natural dyes is that they suit any type of skin, and they do not cause side effects. In other words, you will not feel any irritation if you apply dye to sensitive skin.

3. Use Protective Clothing

When you select the ideal that suits your needs, you must know how to apply it. Some dyes can stain the skin and your clothes. Other products are difficult to remove if you accidentally stain your skin. Therefore, you must use gloves whenever you handle beard dye to avoid staining your skin or clothes. You should also ensure the hair color does not get to the walls or carpet to avoid giving yourself labor in cleaning the surfaces.

Another important aspect is that most beard dyes come with gloves you must always use. Other beard manufacturers offer an application brush to use when spreading the product through your hair. If these tools are not provided, make sure you get them before you apply the dye. More importantly, you must carefully read the instructions before applying the beard dye. Since there are different types of beard dyes, it is important to read the instructions so you use the product well.

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4. Learn To Apply And Clean The Dye

Each type of dye comes with instructions about how to apply it. However, there are general steps that you must remember if you want to safely apply the dye. The first thing you should know is that it is not necessary to wash your beard before applying the dye. The natural ingredients in your hair will help to absorb the dye. When applying the solution to short hair, make sure you trim it after to allow free circulation of air.

Most dyes come with mixing instructions and how to apply them to your hair. After applying the color, leave it to sit on the hair for about five to ten minutes. When the dye has dried, just rinse it with running water to remove it. You can also use a cleanser to remove the stains and unwanted color on your skin. Use a towel to dry your hair.

5. Duration Of The Dye

The duration of each type of dye varies from one brand to the other. As you have seen above, other solutions are permanent while others are semi-permanent. The length of your hair also determines the duration of the dye. When you dye a full beard, it means the gray roots can go for a few weeks without being noticed. On the other hand, if you are dying of stubble, then you may need to do it weekly.

The difference will be noticed quickly whenever you trim the beard. Therefore, you will need to touch up the stubble with dye every week to conceal the gray patches. Other types of beard dyes are designed for multiple uses. Additionally, other manufacturers offer demi-permanent dyes that can be applied to beard, hair, and body hair. These products are meant for people with sensitive skin.

Duration Of The Dye


We hope you have enjoyed reading or list to practicing safe beard coloring. There are several reasons why men dye or color their facial hair. For instance, if you want to improve your appearance or conceal gray patches, you can color your facial hair. However, not all beard dyes are suitable for every type of skin. There are different types of steps you can take to ensure the safe coloring of your beard. Before you choose the beard dye, you should know the type of your skin. Natural dye is often suitable for different types of skin. You can leave your comments below or share the article if you want.