7 Best Vintage Razor Blade Brands

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Do vintage razor brands appeal to you?  If yes, a couple of them must have piqued your interest—in antique stores or when you log in to your auction site. Know more about the best vintage straight razor brands.

Vintage razor brands are some of the most respectable names in the industry, and you can count on them for quality, and the fact that they’re well-sanitized and 100% shave ready.

And who says you can’t shave with history every day?  This list contains some of the best razor brands that you know–they practically lived through the times. 

Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands

1. Gillette Toggle

 If you say it is one of the most collected razor blades of all time, you’re not far from the truth. It has continued to hold sway as one of the most innovative safety razors in the market.

 The “toggle” adjustment handle changed the dynamics of use by allowing consumers to open the top doors and change the blade with one movement.

 Five adjustment settings characterize earlier models. But the newer model featured nine settings, and it laid the standard for other adjustable Gillette razors.

 It is not impossible to find these razors, but be ready to pay more for uncased user-friendly pieces. Even the mint condition NOS models come at a top dollar.

Gillette Toggle

2. Gillette Double Ring, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands

 It perfectly fit for wet shaving. It uplifts disposable blade safety from ground zero to greater heights. The Gillette Double Ring came to the scene in 1901 and went commercial in 1903. It eventually hit the market in 1904.

 The design of the “double rings” is still seen today in many double edge safety razors. In 1906, Gillette came up with the innovative “single ring” design—which is very common. 

Gillette Double Ring, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands

3. 1880-1900 Kampfe Bros (Star Shaving) Single Edge Safety Razor

 Kampfe Bros has been in this business since time immemorial—selling their version of safety razor twenty years earlier before Gillette came to the scene. 

Availability was a plus and the product went for $3.50. You can have them in a seven day set complete alongside seven blades, as well as a unique stropping mechanism used with a conventional strop.

Earlier model tilted towards wedge blades. However, you could modify a modern single edge blade for a perfect fit. You may find more information here. For later models, they can fit with the advanced blade without modification of any sort.

These razors appear on the market from time to time—on auction sites with different price ranges for uncased model and complete sets. 

1880-1900 Kampfe Bros (Star Shaving) Single Edge Safety Razor

4. Rolls Razor, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands

 This brand came to the scene with innovation and practicality and produced in Great Britain in the early 1920s. The Roll Razor was born in Sheffield England and came complete with its hone and strop. 

The Rolls Razor is popularly referred to as “a straight razor on a stick” because of its hollow-ground straight razor. It is similar to the non-disposable blade. And you can hone and strop it in its carry case. 

Several models came to the scene after that —with precisely the same concept. The boatload of information as regards use is commendable and you can find them with ease. But you’ll have to pay good dollars to have them.

Rolls Razor, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands

5. Apollo Mikron Adjustable, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands 

Apollo Mikron is extremely rare yet known to be innovative. Introduced into the market around 1950 in limited quantity, it featured a design similar to Gillette’s Fatboy. 

You can take away the adjustment knob while still adjusting the inner mechanism further to your taste. 

The Earlier Apollo models came with the design of using only Apollo blades. Soon after, double edge blades made their way into the marketplace. 

They lack date codes, and that makes it difficult finding production times. 

Even till date, Apollo churns out an array of products—including safety razor blades. 

On this list, you may call them the rarest razors—but not impossible to lay hands on them. You can easily get the used models. But you’ll have to pay good money to have them—from “user” grade to NOS. 

Apollo Mikron Adjustable, Best Vintage Straight Razor Brands 

6. WEISHI Open Double Edge Safety Razor 

The WEISH is a reputable brand when it comes to razor blades. The advance craftsmanship and technical know-how that they bring to the table cannot go unnoticed. 

On their list of products are safety razors, shaving sets, and shaving brushes. 

One of their beautiful creations is the WEISH Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor, which is perfect as a gift or for your use. 

Ensure that you clean up the razor after each use if you happen to lay your hands on it. It is easy —open the razor blade chamber, rinse it, making sure it is without debris. Close the chamber and shake it dry. Store it in a dry place  

WEISHI Open Double Edge Safety Razor 

7. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor 

For over 20 years, Edwin Jagger took the frontlines for impeccable male grooming. It may have been a family business, but they have innovation and inspired designs going for them. 

More so, their traditional English quality still comes to bare in their creations. 

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor offers you the best you can ever ask for in a razor blade—comfortable shave with a low-cost replacement. You’re able to save money every time. 

Amongst other things, you’ll get comfortable weight and excellent balance—which gives accuracy and the desired close shave. 

The blade angle is perfect—well suited for both experienced and new Double Edge wet shavers. 

The two-part DE razor head perfectly fit with all Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 

WEISHI Open Double Edge Safety Razor 

Always remember that the result from the use of a vintage safety razor is relative to the individual user. 

There are several vintage razor blades, but some are of better quality and design than the other—and offered more value. To this end, the list was imperative to make a statement. 

If you’re trying any of these devices out for the first time—without getting a result—don’t fret! The right safety razor for your needs may not come immediately. Keeping trying, and soon enough, the right razor will be yours—perhaps from my list. 

What do you think? I welcome your thoughts and contributions.