What To Do With Beard Split Ends

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You’re having great fun grooming your beards and even styling them for as long as time permits—and it looks greats. Then comes the dreaded beard split ends to make a mess of your entire effort. Yes, it sure sucks, but who says you can’t fight back?
You’ll soon find out how to do that. Read on!
This piece will bring to the fore what causes beard split ends and what you can do when confronted with beard split ends situation.
But before going further, let’s define the term and bring you up to speed if you don’t understand what it means.

What Are Beard Split Ends?

Beard split ends are self-explanatory. It happens when the hair split at its end—and that’s not good news to your ears.
If you have experienced them before now, you’ll understand why they’re such a big deal. Otherwise, you’re in luck.

What Are Beard Split Ends

 Why Beard Split Ends

  • Lack of Sebum Oil causing Malnourishment

The tips of your hair follicles will fray when they get coarse and brittle—and a split end comes to the picture.
Beard strands contain sebaceous glands buried at the root of every beard follicle. They produce a certain amount of sebum oil every day.

At some point, your beard will grow so long that the sebaceous gland cannot produce sebum anymore, and that means the shaft of the beard follicle will become malnourished. Malnourishment will cause the tip of your beard follicles to dry out.

  • Blow Drying Your Beard

Blowing drying does not favor your hair follicle—it dries off the entire shaft of your follicle. And that means SPLIT ENDS!
Blow drying your beard may also break down your beard follicles.

  • Using a Hair Shampoo  

 Hair Shampoos contain terrible chemicals that can damage your beards. Ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) acts as a detergent in most shampoos, and it is capable of eliminating any sebum oil from your beard.
Some recent articles confirmed that you’re not receiving any form of benefits by scrubbing your beard—so desist!

Getting Rid of Them

  • A Beard Trim

Getting rid of beard split ends is a no brainer, and one of the fastest ways to achieve that goal is to beard trim—and it is not that hard after all.
You know where the problem lies with split ends—at the tip of the hair. Cut it off! It is as simple as that.

Even the best of beards need trimming now and again to prevent them from getting unruly. It ultimately boils down to a man’s preference regardless of the frequency of trimming.

Reach out for a trimmer and use it for grooming your beard once again—maybe by 25% of its length.
Look at yourself in the mirror, running your hands through your beards. Look for split ends. Trim off any, if found.
Some men are fond of trimming their beard as often as possible. Others would instead go for a weekly routine. 

  • Beard Oils and Balms Will Do Just Fine

Ensure that your beard is short by trimming it—this is to help out your sebaceous gland.
Use high-quality oils and balms, which act like artificial sebaceous oil. They help your beard to stay moisturized as well as nourished.

  • Gentle Grooming All the Way

Next on our radar is about how people go rough with their beards—and why gentle grooming should be your priority.
You must treat your beard nicely. For that to happen, maintenance and grooming will have to come to play.
As part of this process, you’ll have to straighten your beard using a hairdryer.

But when it blows out hot air, it may not be advisable for use. With cold or cool air, it is gentle on your beards.
Ensure that you use a quality beard shampoo—the type that will not strip the natural oils on your beard.
Here is our recommendation: Use warm water in the shower, patting your beard dry using a towel—without rubbing it too hard.

  • Get Your Hands on Quality Tools

Here is yet another critical advice: invest in quality tools! 

And the cool thing about this; you don’t need to spend so much money on quality tools. With a few bucks, you can get a quality beard brush. But the benefits they bring to the table come in their numbers. 

Good brushes can help you groom and maintain your beard and also protect your beard hair from damage. This is so because the materials from which they are made are quite tough.

The same also applies to beard combs. Expect teeth with crappy combs—which are usually cheap—to snag your beard, causing split ends. Good combs don’t come with rough teeth—rather smooth and well-finished. Even with quality combs or brush, be careful not to over brush your beard.

When you brush your beard excessively—regardless of the quality—it will cause split ends.
Another thing is that they help in applying the forces needed for combing and styling your beard—without the possibility of your hair turning to shreds.

What to do with Beard Split Ends

A Final Thought

Nobody wants to see split ends. But sadly, it will happen because of the above reasons.

Split ends aren’t a mystery anymore—as regards the causes or finding a solution to THEM. Your beard deserves a lot better!

If you take proper care of your beards, holding these tips close to your heart and implementing every one of them, the result will amaze you.

For a classic look with a beard that you truly cherish, ensure that it stays gorgeous regardless of how long it takes to achieve it—always keep this in mind.

Your beard must be well-nourished to finally say goodbye to beard hair split, which has been a pound in your flesh for so long a time. It’s time to say hello to that beard that feels great and looks good. 

I hope you enjoyed every bit of this post. Now it is your turn to comment.

I’m looking forward to it.