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Arko is the world’s first vegan shaving soap and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with a lasting citrus scent. You can only get Arko via subscription, so be sure to give this new product a try before you buy!

The “arko shave stick” is a shaving soap that is produced by the company called Arko. The product was created with men in mind. This article reviews the product and gives some recommendations on how to use it.


If you’re seeking for classic wet shaving products, Arko Shaving Soap is sure to capture your eye. This is a real shaving classic among all the new shaving lubricants for making wet shaving less of a headache for you. Continue reading to learn more about Arko Shaving Soap and what others have to say about it. 

What do other people think about Arko Shaving Soap?

Arko shaving soap will prepare your skin for the greatest shaving results, whether you’ve just switched to a straight razor or wish to avoid shaving cuts and nicks. If you have sensitive skin, this is crucial.


It’s without a doubt one of the greatest traditional shaving lubricants for anybody who like wet shaving.

What sets this soap apart from the others is its convenient shaving stick, which aids in the creation of lather. Some individuals, however, believe that the price is a touch excessive, but that it is well worth it for a nice and safe shaving experience.

What Is the History of Arko’s Shaving Soap?

One of the few vintage-style lubricants with a classic 1960/1970 container design is Arko’s shaving soap.

This shaving soap stick, the first wet shaving lubricant from the legendary Evyap brand, was invented over 50 years ago. Arko shaving soap has elements that can help you master the art of wet shaving with any cartridge, thanks to its Turkish brand history. 

Review of the Arko Shaving Stick

It’s Arko’s shaving stick that makes the soap a popular subject of conversation among wet shaving fans. Many guys like to employ the Arko stick to face technique because of the stick.

All you have to do is moisten the stick’s end and massage it over your face without making a mess. This method not only aids in the production of sufficient lather, but it also extends the life of the soap.

In addition, the shaving stick is small and compact, making it ideal for bringing your wet shaving equipment on a vacation. The stick is wrapped in aluminum foil with an image of a smiling guy with his half-face covered in leather to capture the eye.

The soap’s tallow basis makes it simple to whip up a lather, slide over the skin, and provide superb shaving results. 

What Is The Best Way To Use Arko Shaving Soap?

If you follow these guidelines, using the well-known stick-based Arko shaving soap is a breeze.

  1. To begin, thoroughly moisten your face with cold water.
  2. Apply a little amount of water to the end of the stick.
  3. Gently rub the stick over the shaving area.
  4. While stroking the stick in a back-and-forth motion, apply a little pressure.
  5. Rub the stick on your face for 10-20 seconds until you’ve created adequate lather.

Cover the shaving soap stick with aluminum foil or tissue paper after each use and keep it safely. Ensure that the area is dry and that the stick is not wet. 

Is Arko Shaving Soap Made in the United States?

For nearly 60 years, the iconic traditional shaving soap stick has ruled the shaving world.

It was created in Turkey by Evyap, a well-known Turkish shaving product manufacturer that also produces hundreds of other wet shaving products. 

Arko Shaving Soap: A Comprehensive Review 

The Arko shaving soap stick is without a doubt the all-time favorite among traditional wet shaving fans who like the large amount of foam it produces. Furthermore, there are several factors to consider when it comes to the oldest and most popular shaving lubricant. 

1. Odor

To be honest, most guys purchase shaving lubricants because they like the aroma. Shaving fans are befuddled when it comes to Arko shaving soap.

Some people describe the perfume as fresh and lemony, while others describe it as overpowering, smelling like urinal cakes or lemon. Arko, on the other hand, smells mostly like other soaps with a hint of fresh coconut oil.

2. Product packaging

The package is amusing. Yes, that’s what people say when they see the hilarious man’s face all frothy.

It comes in the shape of a shaving stick wrapped in attractively designed packaging, as you may know. The vivid red color of the package, as well as the prominent label that reads Arko Shaving Soap, make it stand out.

3. Lather

The lather quality of shaving soap may make or break a first impression. Making lather is not only simple, but it is also a one-time task, allowing you to begin shaving right away.

However, if you use the shaving stick incorrectly, you may not get the desired lather and it will take longer than the average of 10-20 seconds. 

4. Price

Quality comes at a cost. Some people think the Arko shaving soap is a touch pricey, while others think it’s the most cost-effective high-quality shaving soap.

In any event, it lasts far longer than your normal shaving soap, which only lasts around 2-3 years when used regularly. It’s also great for a close shave, something you won’t get with other more costly shaving creams.

Lubrication is number five.

Aside from the price and packaging, this Arko shaving soap’s lubrication makes it the greatest shaving soap stick for wet shaving.

You may produce three distinct kinds of lather, each with a different consistency, depending on your needs and tastes. Whether you use a rich creamy lather or a small layer of foam, it lubricates nicely and provides complete transparency when shaving, ensuring that you don’t cut yourself.

Ingredients No. 6

The soap comprises some of the highest grade chemical components used at the industrial level, which gives it a powerful scent and a long-lasting impact.

  • Tallowate of potassium
  • Stearic Acid is a kind of fatty acid.
  • Cocoa Potassium
  • Aqua
  • Palm Kernelate Sodium
  • Glycerin
  • Parfum
  • Luquid Paraffinum
  • Titanium Dioxide is a mineral that is found in nature.
  • EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA)
  • Etidronic Acid is a kind of etidronic acid
  • Disodium Distrybiphenyl Disulfonate is a salt of distrybiphenyl disulfonate.

7. Skin-care products

The soap is suitable for almost all skin types and, in particular, assists with close shaves on sensitive skin.

It produces a thicker lather than conventional shaving soaps, reducing the risk of unpleasant nicks and cuts. It’s also an irritant-free shaving soap that won’t irritate your skin if you moisten your face well before rubbing its stick on your face.

Is it Safe to Use Soap to Shave?

No, shaving with regular soap is not acceptable. This is due to the fact that it might dry up and clog your razor.

As a result, it’s essential to use shaving soap, such as Arko shaving soap. This will guarantee that everything is done correctly and that you stay safe.

What Is the Best Way to Lather Arko Shaving Soap?

To lather Arko shaving soap, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need a shaving soap dish or mug, as well as a shaving brush or applicator (the best choice) (like the back of your hand, fingers, etc).
  2. If you’re using an applicator, dampen it first before applying Arko Shaving Soap.
  3. The soap should now be ready to use and lather.

Is It Possible to Shave Without Soap?

No, you won’t be able to shave without soap. Shaving without water or any moisturizing agent, such as soap, might cause your razor to shave unevenly, resulting in skin burns or wounds.

Is it OK to shave my pubic hair in the shower?

You may shave your pubes in the shower, of course. In reality, this is a fairly common strategy that offers several advantages. These advantages include:

  • It aids in the prevention of infections.
  • It allows you more time to recuperate before your pores seal.
  • It also helps to lessen the effects of razor burn and irritation in general.


To summarize, this Arko shaving soap stick outperforms the competition in terms of pricing, lubrication, performance, and lather. You won’t find another shaving lubricant with this degree of excellence at such a low cost. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arko shaving soap good?

A: Arko, the maker of this shaving soap, is known for its quality and performance. It was voted the overall best soap in all of Spain by a local publication called Aqui y Ahora Magazine back in 2015.

What does Arko do?

A: Arko is a robot that has the ability to repair and build things. He also can be your friend, he likes having friends around him!

Is Arko Turkish?

A: Arko is a Turkish word meaning bear. It can also refer to an animated character in Pixars Monster University.

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