Can I Use A Beard Trimmer While It’s Charging?

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If you have a beard and use a trimmer to maintain it, will the charger cord damage your hair or not?

The “how to use trimmer without battery” is a question that many people are asking. The answer is yes, but only if you have the right equipment.

A beard trimmer is an essential piece of grooming equipment for men. It will assist you in maintaining control over your wild beard and ensuring that you always look your best. When you need to use your beard trimmer, you may find that it is low on power. Can you use your beard trimmer while it’s charging?

Some beard trimmers may be used while charging, while others, such as showerproof beard trimmers, are equipped with a safety function that prevents them from operating while charging. The charging mechanism on certain devices may make it impossible to use while charging, while on others, the seller may advise against it.

You may be lucky enough to have a beard trimmer that can be turned on while charging, but in other cases, even if it can be turned on while charging, it may be physically impossible to operate the trimmer. If your beard trimmer won’t switch on while charging or isn’t practical, you’ll need to find another means to quickly bring your beard under control.Can-I-Use-A-Beard-Trimmer-While-Its-Charging

Is it possible to use a beard trimmer while it charges?

When you need to use your beard trimmer but the battery power is low, it may be a stressful experience. You may not have time to wait for your beard trimmer to charge before using it if you are in a rush to keep an appointment.

What choices do you have if you find yourself in this beard-related situation? Is it possible to use your beard trimmer while it is charging, or will you have to find another means to keep your beard trimmed?

The solution to the conundrum will be largely determined by the sort of beard trimmer you have. The simplest method to find out whether this is feasible is to get out your beard trimmer’s instruction manual and read it, but what guy reads instructions? When you opened the package, if you’re like me, you probably tossed the instruction manual out with the packing! Right?

So, how do you know whether the trimmer can be used while it’s charging?

  • Beard trimmers that are showerproof or waterproof. You could be out of luck if your beard trimmer is showerproof or waterproof. The majority of these beard trimmers are intended to not turn on when charging. This is a product safety feature that prevents electric shock if you attempt to use the trimmer in the shower while it’s plugged into an outlet.
  • The charging wire is short. You may not be able to get your beard trimmer near your face or in front of the mirror while it is charging if it has a short charging wire. You may be able to solve this issue by utilizing a portable mirror, although this is a little inconvenient!
  • Charger that is installed on the wall. You will not be able to use your beard trimmer while it is recharging if it has a wall-mounted charger that it clips into.
  • A plug–in charger is a charger that plugs into a wall outlet. Your beard charger might be the sort that charges the trimmer by standing inside a countertop receptacle. To use the trimmer while it’s charging, you’ll have to pick up both the trimmer and the charger at the same time, which isn’t feasible.
  • Examine the manufacturer’s suggestions. Some beard trimmers are designed to be used while they are charging, while others may be harmed if used while they are charging. In most cases, the manufacturer will provide this information in the instruction manual. If you’ve misplaced your handbook, conduct a fast online search for your beard trimmer’s brand and model to find out what you need to know.

Of course, if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to do research online, you may just try it out and see what happens. Unfortunately, there is a danger associated with this method, as it may cause harm to your beard trimmer.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Beard Trimmer?

The time it takes for a beard trimmer to charge varies depending on the product. Some beard trimmers use a trickle charge to minimize overcharging issues, which might shorten the battery’s life.

Some beard trimmers charge completely in one hour, while others take up to eight hours to achieve full power. Some versions take up to 14 hours to completely charge on the charger, however these are usually older models. If you’re in a rush, these charging times may interfere with your grooming plan, and you may have to resort to a different cutting method.

Many beard trimmers will not switch on if the battery is entirely exhausted until it has been on the charger for 5 to 15 minutes. It may have collected enough charge at this time to be utilized for a fast beard cut.

Some beard trimmer models offer a rapid charge function that allows you to charge the beard trimmer for one minute, giving the device enough power to complete your grooming session.

If you often find yourself in need of a beard cut on short notice and have forgotten to charge your trimmer, this function is an excellent choice to have. If you find yourself in this situation often, investing in a beard trimmer with this function is a good idea.1641515227_488_Can-I-Use-A-Beard-Trimmer-While-Its-Charging

What Are the Signs That My Beard Trimmer Is Fully Charged?

Another feature that is dependent on the beard trimmer is the ability to determine when it is completely charged.

Some beard trimmers don’t include a charging indication and merely specify how long the device should be charged for. Other beard trimmers will include an indication light that will glow while charging and turn off after it is finished.

A battery indication in the form of a gradient or a percentage indicator is seen on more advanced beard trimmers. These models are the most handy since they show you how much charge is left in the beard trimmer batteries in real time.

This will enable you to be proactive and charge your trimmer before it runs out of battery and you find yourself in need of a beard trim and your trimmer is out of charge.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Have A Beard Trimmer?

What are your alternatives to grooming your beard before displaying your face in public if your beard trimmer does not include a rapid charge function and you find yourself in a situation where you need a quick trim?

You may already have some of the options on hand, but others may take some forethought to ensure you have a backup technique for trimming your beard.

  • a set of scissors If your electric beard trimmer battery dies, the best option is to use a nice pair of hair-cutting scissors to trim your beard. If you don’t have any hair-cutting scissors, any pair of scissors will do as long as they are sharp. Even a pair of nail scissors may be used in a hurry, although because to their tiny size, they may take some time. Scissors are a great backup to your beard trimmer, and they’ve been used by men for ages to maintain their beards clean before electricity became our best buddy!
  • As a backup, a corded beard trimmer. Some individuals keep a corded beard trimmer on hand as a backup to their cordless beard trimmer in case of an emergency. Because the engine on these trimmers is stronger than that of cordless beard trimmers, you’ll be able to get your grooming done fast.

Because it will be walking on risky territory, the third option should only be employed as a last resort. You may tempt destiny by stealing your lady’s grooming equipment and using her electric hair trimmer on your beard.

You should be OK as long as she doesn’t find out about your nefarious scheme! Just make sure you return it to where you found it without leaving any sign of beard hair in the trimmer!


Beard trimmers are a tremendous convenience for guys, and we depend on them substantially to maintain ourselves looking well-groomed and attractive in public.

While it is human nature to devise a strategy when our beard trimmer’s battery is running low, you must devise the proper strategy to prevent damaging your beard trimmer.

As much as possible, you should make charging your beard trimmer a habit and include it into your daily routine. This will ensure that you never have a beard in need of trimming and a depleted beard trimmer!

The “beard shaver” is a tool that you can use to trim your beard. It’s important to note that the battery must charge for the trimmer before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does beard trimmer take to charge?

A: It takes about an hour to charge a beard trimmer.

How long does a trimmer take to charge?

A: A trimmer charges for about two hours, so you will be able to use it a total of three times.

How many hours should I charge my new trimmer?

A: This really depends on how often you use your trimmer. If you are a professional barber, then it is recommended for you to charge your trimmer every 3 days or so. However, if this isnt the case and you just have a personal beard/haircut (not commercial), it is best to charge your trimmer about once-a-week

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