Beard Cowlick Explained And How To Get Rid Of It (No BS)

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A beard cowlick is a hairstyle that resembles the way hair on your face goes up and down in the back. It’s not unusual for people to ask their barber or stylist about it, but in all honesty there isn’t much they can do except cut off some of the length at an angle – which doesn’t always work out.
The best solution I’ve found is using these flat clips from Amazon that you slide under loops at each side of your head with one hand while holding them with another: . As soon as my friend told me this method worked well, I threw away half of my other shampoos and conditioners (and never look back!).

A beard cowlick is a problem that many people have. It’s basically when your hair on the side of your face gets caught in the beard and it makes it look like you have a cowlick. There are ways to get rid of this, but there is no BS way to do so. Read more in detail here: how to get rid of beard cowlick.

Your beard development journey may not always proceed as planned, resulting in a tangled or rough appearance. Many men, in fact, struggle with beard swirls and look for solutions to explain and resolve the problem.

The good news is that you may utilize beard development anomalies to your advantage by managing, living with, and even correcting them. 


All you have to do is educate yourself, research your body, and figure out what works best for you.

That’s why we’re here: to help you on your path to self-care. We’ll go over all you need to know about beard cowlick today, including how to get rid of it.

Let’s get this party started!

What Is A Cowlick In A Beard?

Beard cowlick is caused by excessive facial hair growth. Your beard should grow from your ears to your jaws, with a mustache over your upper lips, according to the natural beard growth pattern.

It generates a well-known abnormality known as beard cowlick when it develops in elongated swirls or circular patterns.

Cowlicks are caused by genetics causing your normal hair growth pattern to be disrupted, and you might detect them early on while your hair is still short. Your hair will often stand up straight from the skin surface, making it difficult to comb. 

To summarize, a beard cowlick occurs when hair does not grow in the way it should, resulting in severe spirals or swirls that make you seem strange.

Why Do My Beards Have a Swirl (Spiral)?

A beard cowlick may be caused by two primary factors: genetics and lifestyle. It’s either in your blood or self-inflicted as a result of indifference. Examine these two factors and make the decision to take better care of your beards right now. 



Every hair development in your body, from the top of your head to your legs, is influenced by DNA. So, if your beards have a swirl, it might be due to your DNA.

Examine the hairs of your blood relatives for comparable patterns to rule out heredity. 

While inherited swirls cannot be cured, they may be effectively managed with the correct approach. Don’t worry about this information since we’ve already taken care of the administration aspect. 


After you’ve ruled out heredity as a reason of your cowlick, it’s time to look inside. When answering this question, be honest with yourself: do you take excellent care of your beards?

Many guys are so preoccupied with their head hair that they overlook their facial hair.

You should pay close attention to every aspect of your body, particularly your face, which is the most noticeable.

Cowlicks on the beard may be caused by poor grooming practices. The longer you ignore your beard, the deeper the curls develop, and the more difficult it is to comb them out.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick in Your Beard


There are options for resolving this hair growth issue, whether it is inherited or artificial. Before we continue, you must determine whether you’re willing to put in the effort required to achieve your desired outcome. The spirals and swirls won’t go away overnight, but you can get rid of your beard cowlick with constant care and brushing.

Here are some pointers on how to get rid of a beard cowlick:

The first tip is to grow your beard out.

We recommend letting the hair grow out since most cowlicks are difficult to manage while they are short or in the early stages of development.

The length will give the hair more weight and, as a result of gravity, will straighten it out. In essence, the strain on the growth stretches the curls while adding volume to the afflicted regions as the hair gets longer. 

Tip #2: Make sure you’re using the correct tools.

When it comes to grooming, having the appropriate equipment makes a significant difference. The silky bristles of a good boar brush evenly disperse vital oils throughout your hair. It also has enough teeth to expand your beard’s curls as you comb it. 

When brushing your facial hair with a bristle boar brush, do it in a downward stroke. It exfoliates your skin and pores underneath the beard while training it to grow in the appropriate direction. 

Use high-quality styling products as a third tip.

Beard balms and mustache wax, for example, offer qualities that help to control swirls and give your beards structure. Natural products are usually preferable than artificial ones that make your hair oily and coarse.

You may manufacture your own cream at home by combining peppermint essential oils with coconut oil. To soften the hair, use conditioners and carefully comb out the tangles.

Tip #4: Define your own style.

This suggestion is for dealing with hereditary cowlicks. Examine your face shape and swirl pattern, then choose a style that ideally blends the two.

You must be patient at this stage since you may not be fortunate enough to do it properly the first time. Turn your blunders into fashion statements by embracing your imagination. Your cowlick would be scarcely detectable after three months to a year. 

Cowlicks are hardly apparent in both extremely long beard styles and very short (stubble) beard styles.

Tip #5: Make use of heat.

Curls may be straightened using heat. You may use a blow dryer, flat iron, or electric beard straightener to add heat to your beard.

As a result, we recommend growing your hair long so you don’t burn your skin when utilizing these gadgets. Beard straightening works because it disrupts the sulfur bond that holds your beards together and straightens them out.

Straightening your beard is a good idea.

There is a method for applying heat to your beard that is both safe and effective.

  • To soften your beard, wet it with water.
  • To eliminate any extra moisture, dry it with a towel.
  • On your smartphone, choose your chosen temperature. Most straighteners and blow dryers have several heat settings.
  • While applying heat, comb your hair into the desired position. This is the most important phase since it determines your beard style.
  • Apply a blast of cold air to the hair to dissipate the heat and set it permanently. 
  • To keep your hair in place, use beard wax.

For obstinate places, repeat the procedure, but don’t go overboard. Unless you want broken ends and brittle beards, two times is plenty. Heat therapy is both cost-effective and maybe the simplest solution to conceal your cowlicks. 

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Step 6: Remove any stray hairs.

Cowlicks are prone to stray hairs, so keep your beard outline tidy by trimming it.

Trimming maintains your beard symmetrical on both sides, even if the afflicted region is shorter than the rest of your beard. Snip the stray hairs with a pair of sharp scissors or a high-quality beard trimmer.

Brush and Braid is the seventh tip.

By braiding the hair in the cowlick with the hair surrounding it to conceal the swirls, you may modify the direction of hair development. This method is best for males who have lengthy beards. 

Please keep in mind that this approach requires more effort than just applying heat. However, if you stick with it, you’ll be able to get rid of your cowlick. 

Added advice

  1. Make sure to apply a moisturizing conditioner while washing your beard. 
  2. As far as possible, avoid harsh chemicals and shampoo. They’ll hurt your beard more than help it. 

You don’t want facial hair that feels like a sponge or grass on your face. When purchasing, choose quality above quantity first. 

Tip #8: Shave your Cowlick Beard

That is the most dreadful circumstance and the most dreadful decision. However, if you’ve done everything else and nothing is working, you may want to investigate this alternative.

However, I believe that no one, or very few of you, will be unable to enhance the look of your cowlick using the seven methods we’ve just discussed.

Cowlicks may be controlled quickly and dramatically by shaving your beard. If you’re not happy with your beard’s look, shave it off! Hair grows back, so maybe it’ll come back properly. 

It doesn’t happen very frequently, but it does happen.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try one of the other seven steps we mentioned. Meanwhile, we’ve arranged for you to shave your beards in the safest manner possible.

  1. To prepare your skin, use a hot towel to soften it, then use pre-shave oil. 
  2. Begin by placing one edge of your blade in the middle and gently moving your razor in.
  3. Because traveling in the opposite way might produce ingrown hairs and irritate your skin, apply delicate strokes in the same direction as your hair’s development.
  4. To avoid cuts and snags, use short strokes and rinse the razor often.
  5. Use a post-shave oil after shaving to prevent dryness and seal in moisture.


Take pride in your cowlick.

Keep in mind that cowlicks are quite normal while trying to get rid of them. Unless you point them out, they aren’t usually obvious.

Rather from attempting to eliminate cowlicks via different methods, we recommend that you embrace them. Your cowlick, among other characteristics, distinguishes you. Keep in mind that the ultimate objective is to stand out rather than blend in.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to get rid of cowlicks for good?

According to the data, the only approach to permanently eradicate cowlicks is to undergo a surgical operation known as follicular unit grafting.

The treatment entails withdrawing your hair and re-inserting it in the proper direction to encourage hair growth. The actions outlined above will provide a rapid cure. The good news is that they don’t have to cost a fortune or need a trip to the theater.

How Do I Get My Beard To Grow Down Instead Of Up?

Maintain a consistent grooming practice to teach your beard to grow down.

Washing and brushing your beard in the direction you want it to grow is one of the most crucial things you can do on a daily basis.

Another important step is to use beard oil, which hydrates and softens your beard, making it simpler to manage. The next step is to use beard balm and wax to keep your beard hair styled down and in place.


Bear in mind that beard cowlick is not an illness; it is mostly caused by heredity and occurs during the early stages of beard development.

The bulk of the problem can be solved by growing out your beards. (It will be there, but it will be difficult to see.)

Maintaining a proper grooming regimen with the correct products will guarantee that beard cowlick is no longer a source of insomnia.

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Beards cowlicks are a nightmare for many guys, and we attempted to explain why and how they occur, as well as the best techniques to deal with them, in this post. Choose your preferred methods and see the results.

We really hope you are able to resolve your beard issue as quickly as possible and regain your lost confidence. Nowadays, having a beautiful strong, thick, and awesome-looking beard is essential for males.

And that’s all there is to it for today. I really hope you enjoyed our essay and found it both useful and enjoyable.

Until we meet again,

Gentlemen, have fun grooming and remain safe.


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The “swirl in beard” is a common problem that many men deal with. The “swirl in beard” happens when the hair on your face curls up and creates a knot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my beard from getting Cowlicks?

A: There are two ways to fix this. One is try trimming your beard and see if it will help, but you might have some problems with the shape of your face after that. The second option is use a blow dryer or hair straightener while styling the ends of your beard in different directions and then tie them back into place.

Can you have a cowlick in your beard?

A: Yeah, I have one.

How do I fix my nappy beard?

A: Nobody wants to see a nappy, unkempt beard. For this reason, you should wait until your facial hair is completely dry before attempting to style it or touch it in any way.

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