Bigen Beard Dye Reviews

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Signs of aging such as graying of beard can be frustrating and this is the major reason why different men dye their facial hair. Some people also dye their facial hair just to change their look. While there are different types of dyes, Bigen Men’s Color can be a good option that you can consider. As such, the following Bigen beard dye reviews aim to give you insight into the product so that you can make an informed decision if before you purchase it.

Things to Consider When Buying Beard Dye

Beard dye is specifically meant to improve your look or cover gray patches that usually show signs of aging. Therefore, the ideal customer for this particular product involves men with facial hair seeking to fulfill any of the two reasons above. If you do not fit this category, then there is no reason for wasting your money buying this product.

Things to Consider When Buying Beard Dye

The following are some of the basic things that you should consider if you want to buy this product.

  • Color– The color of the dye that you should pick depends on a number of factors. You need to consider the color of your hair and beard. If you have black hair, then you should try dark brown dye. You also need to try a close color that will not make you look awkward.
  • Ingredients– You should make sure that you get dye with natural ingredients since it suits any type of skin and hair. Dyes with artificial chemicals can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.
  • Ease of Application– You should read instructions to see if the beard is easy to apply.
  • Permanent or Nonpermanent– Depending on your intent, you should choose either permanent or temporary dye. The advantage of permanent dye is that you do not constantly reapply it.

Bigen Beard Dye Reviews

Bigen Men’s Beard is specially designed for men with a beard as previously stated. The main feature of this product is that it can perfectly cover all gray patches without leaving any stains on your skin and clothes. The product is easy to apply and it comes with a fast touch comb applicator. You can easily apply the product on your mustache or even shorter beard.

The other good thing about the product is that it contains natural ingredients that include olive oil and aloe extract. It also boasts of long-lasting color that retains high quality. The cream can cover your beard completely without dripping.

Bigen Beard Dye Reviews


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with applicators
  • Large quantity

Features and Benefits of Bigen Beard Dye

This particular product contains natural ingredients and this is the major benefit that you can obtain from using it. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, this product is the right fit for you. It does not contain chemicals like ammonia and other artificial ingredients that cause skin irritation.

The product is also designed to last longer and this means that you will not experience challenges of reapplying it regularly. When you properly apply the dye on your beard, then it can last up to about ten days or more. If you want to maintain your beard colored, then this product can be good for you.

The product is easy to use which makes it good for different people. It comes with the necessary applicators and accessories required in applying it to your beard. You can use a comb which makes it easy to apply the product. The other notable aspect of the product is that it does not stain your skin and it is easy to rinse.

Other Alternatives to Bigen Beard Dye

The following are other alternative products that you can try if you want to dye your beard. When choosing a dye for your beard, you should consider its features, benefits as well as price. All the same, your ultimate choice is a matter of personal preference.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard

This product is designed to give you the best results on your beard. It helps eliminate gray patches while at the same time making your beard appear fuller and well-groomed. The product is easy to apply and it takes about five minutes to complete the process. This product is ammonia-free and it also consists of vitamin e, aloe as well as chamomile that helps nourish your facial hair. The product comes in 10 different colors. However, the product requires mixing before use which can be a challenge to get the correct shade.

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

The product boasts of 100% natural ingredients and it is natural brown. This means that it does not cause any irritation since it comes without any chemical. The product is also designed to give your face a natural look and it can also be adjusted to suit the level of the coarseness of your beard. However, is quantity is a bit smaller compared to the main product reviewed in this post.

Blackbeard for Men Formula

As the name suggests, this product comes in black color and it applies in seconds. However, the application can be a pain though it takes just a few seconds. The ammonia smell is very unpleasant and it may not bode well with other people. The other bad thing about this product is that it easily messes and you should shower after application. Compared to other similar products, Blackbeard for Men Dye can give you some challenges that you ought to know. However, the good thing about all dyes is that they come with user instructions that make them easy to apply.


Beard dye is mainly used to cover gray patches that can be caused by aging. Other guys dye their facial hair as a way of improving their appearance. However, when choosing dye for your beard, there are different factors such as ingredients, quality as well as price among others that you should consider. From this Bigen Beard Dye Reviews, it can be observed that the product has a long-lasting color. You can click here to check the features of the product that can help you make an informed decision.