How To Choose The Best Professional Hair Edgers

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A professional edger is also called a hair trimmer or clipper, and it is for trimming and edging hair to match your desired style. These electronic devices come in different sizes and types. Choosing the right device can be overwhelming since buyers are usually faced with several options. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best professional hair clippers.

How To Choose The Best Professional Hair Edgers

You should note a few things when choosing the best clippers. The following factors can help you make a good choice to get a trimmer that suits your needs.

The Thickness Of Your Hair

If you have thick and curly hair, then you need an edger with a powerful motor. Unruly hair is difficult to cut or style, so you need a clipper with fast speed to help you achieve the desired cut. On the other hand, if you have thin or straight hair, you can choose a moderate trimmer. You also need to determine the major purpose why you need the trimmer. If it is for edging or styling purposes only, then you can even consider a light model. Check the specification of the hair edger on the package first before buying it.

The Thickness Of Your Hair


Weight, efficiency, and accuracy are primary factors that you need to consider when it comes to buying the best professional hair edgers. If the gadget has more weight, it means that it has more power. More weight also gives you precision, and you can easily control the clipper while shaving. However, some guys may prefer lightweight options for ease of mobility when they travel to other places.


You should also consider the design of the clipper since they come in different types. Other trimmers consist of ergonomic designs while others are made of aluminum and other kinds of material. The design of the clipper is crucial since it makes it easier to handle the gadget when shaving. Other clippers are designed for dry shaving only whereas others can be used for wet shaving. The design of the clipper also determines its durability.

Battery Life

The other important thing that you should consider is the battery life of the clipper if you choose a cordless option. Other devices give you shorter whereas others give you a longer shaving period on a single charge. If you intend to travel to different places, then you should get a trimmer with longer battery life. If it is a corded device, make sure that the cord is long enough to allow you to work comfortably.


Price is another crucial element that you should consider to get the best professional hair edger. To achieve this, you can also take into account the brand of the trimmer before you buy it. Other brands are reputable in the world of grooming. Quality brands are often associated with high prices whereas cheaper gadgets may not provide excellent performance.

Professional Hair Edgers - Price

The other issue is that low-cost electronic devices are not durable, and they may be costly in the long term. You may need to replace the trimmer within a short period. It is a good idea to check customers’ reviews to get insight into what other customers say about the product. In most cases, people who have used the product give objective reviews about it and this can help you to make an informed decision. However, your ultimate choice is a matter of personal preference. Shop around first to get a professional trimmer that suits your needs.

Benefits Of Using Professional Hair Edgers

The main advantage of using a professional hair edger is that it offers precision and accuracy when styling or edging your hair. The gadget is also portable which makes it handy for travel to different places. In other words, the device is convenient since you can use it any time you wish. Additionally, a professional hedger is easy to use and maintain. All you need to do is to ensure that you clean it after use and keep your battery charged.

Best Way To Use Professional Hair Line Up Clippers

Depending on the type of edger, you can use it for wet or dry shaving. Other clippers are designed for both dry and wet shaving, so you can choose one that suits your needs. If you choose a cordless trimmer, make sure the battery is fully charged before using it to get the best results. Before you style your hair or beard, make sure that it has a uniform level, and you can use different guards to achieve this. You should also make sure that you clean the trimmer after use and store it in a safe place.

Review Of The Best Hair Edgers

There are different types of hair edgers available on the market. This review covers different elements like high-speed motor, comfort, easy to use, and quality cut that you can consider if you want to get the best edger. The following are some of the best devices that can help you make the right choice if you are looking for a hair clipper.

Wahl Professional

Wahl Professional is probably one of the best edgers that are created to suit different types of hair. The device is designed to offer sharp performance since it consists of an adjustable t-blade to give you a precise and close cut. The compact trimmer is ultra-powerful, and it comes with high quality aesthetic. The detailer is lightweight and can easily fit in your palm to give you quality control.

The package of the trimmer includes the following accessories: cleaning brush, 3 comb cutting guides, blade oil, and blade guard. The trimmer is specifically designed for close trimming, sharp performance with faster speed, and hairstyling.  The edger is excellent for artwork and lining. It offers you high accuracy and precision when styling your hair.


  • Excellent for styling
  • Comes with accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor and chemical resistant cord
  • close trimming


  • A bit expensive
best professional hair edgers - wahl

Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Trimmer

The Andis T-outliner trimmer boasts a close-cutting blade with fine teeth for maximum precision. This trimmer is ideal for fades, and other design works. The contoured housing gives you a firm and comfortable grip, and the long cord gives you sufficient room to work. The high-speed and powerful magnetic motor helps improve cutting efficiency. Additionally, the trimmer boasts carbon steel blades that are hardened specifically for long life. The T-blade is ideal for fading, trimming, and edging around the ears.


  • Perfect for fading, dry shaving, and edging
  • Good design for comfortable grip
  • Heavy-duty motor


  • Expensive

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco is designed for trimming, shaving, and edging your hair. This one-blade trimmer offers you the best results in your grooming endeavors. The shaver also has a dual protection system with rounded tips that help to make shaving easier and comfortable. The motor offers fast cutting speed. The edger also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you 60 minutes of shaving with each charge.


  • Multipurpose trimmer
  • Fast speed
  • Ideal for wet and dry shaving


  • Does not offer close shaving

T Blade Trimmer for Men

This professional cordless hair trimmer can be used for shaving a beard and a bald head. The trimmer is also good for outlining the design, and it comes with a sharp T-blade that does not cause any harm to your skin. It is a perfect clipper that you can use to cut any hairstyle and shape the edges. The device boasts of a powerful but quiet motor that offers superior performance. The high blade speed coupled with carbon steel blade helps to tackle even the thickest hair. The hair clipper also has a USB charging, lithium-ion battery that can provide about three hours of haircutting on a single charge.


  • Affordable
  • High speed
  • Powerful motor
  • Long battery life
best professional hair edgers - bcamelys

OriHea Electric Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer

This professional hair clipper can meet multiple hairstyles. This trimmer for men offers USB charging, a waterproof design, and ceramic blades. The blades help to provide safe hair and beard-cutting experience. It can cut even the toughest hair without pulling it or hurting your skin. For precision, the clipper comes with adjustable guards, and it is also easy to handle.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe hair and beard-cutting
  • Wear-resistant
  • High cutting speed


  • May not offer close shaving

Line Up Trimmer Conclusion

From the products reviewed above, Wahl professional is our best pick since it is designed for multiple purposes. The clipper suits different types of hair and it is perfect for the purpose like styling, trimming, and edging. This compact trimmer is ultra powerfully, beautifully designed, lightweight, and comes with essential accessories. However, your final choice is a matter of personal preferences since there are different brands of professional hair edgers available on the market. It is vital to shop around first so that you get an item that suits your needs and budget.