Do Beard Trimmers Need Oil?

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This is a question that has been debated by men over the ages. Whether or not you keep your beard clean? I am here to help answer this vexing query.

Do Beard Trimmers Need Oil?. It’s a question that is asked time and time again. The answer is no, but you might have to use an oil substitute for your beard trimmer if it does not come with one. Read more in detail here: beard trimmer oil substitute.

When you first start using your beard trimmer, you’ll notice a little jar of transparent mineral oil in the packing that appears almost incongruous. When it’s on your bathroom cabinet, though, you’ll start to question why the oil was included and what the tiny tube’s function is.

You must oil your beard trimmer after each usage, ensuring that the oil reaches the trimmer’s tiniest and deepest components. As the blades rust and hair clogs the trimmer’s smaller moving components, an unoiled beard trimmer will rapidly become worthless.

Understanding why you should oil your beard trimmer can save you from having to replace it if it gets clogged due to lack of maintenance. Many individuals overlook the necessity of a few drops of oil after using the trimmer, resulting in wasted money.Do-Beard-Trimmers-Need-Oil

What Happens If Your Beard Trimmers Aren’t Oiled?

If you don’t oil your beard trimmer, the smaller components can rust and break down, resulting in failures. The blades will also get rusty, leading them to become chipped or completely dull, causing them to pull your hair out rather than cut it.

A beard trimmer that is not properly lubricated can rapidly become damaged and unrepairable; keep this in mind while putting your trimmer to the side. Many first-time trimmer owners are baffled when their trimmers fail after just a few months, and they have no idea why.

Beard trimmer blades, even the smallest ones, are constructed of high-carbon steel, which makes them excellent for cutting but prone to rust. After each usage, the beard oil will eliminate any moisture from the trimmer and prevent any rust from forming on the blades.

How Do You Keep a Beard Trimmer Lubricated?

The first step in keeping your beard trimmer is to clean it with a brush after you’ve finished trimming, which should be simple enough. Applying oil, on the other hand, may and has created problems when individuals apply it at the wrong time or in the incorrect method.

Oiling your beard trimmer consists of two steps, all of which must be completed at the correct time and in the correct manner. Many individuals have discovered that if beard oil is not applied correctly, it may create more difficulties than it solves, resulting in headaches when it comes time to cut your beard.

When Should You Oil?

Every time you use the beard trimmer, lubricate it with a few drops of oil to eliminate any moisture that may have clung to it. Most of the tiny hairs caught within the machine are removed and lifted by the oil, which helps to maintain it clean and ready.

After trimming their beards, most beard enthusiasts apply a tiny quantity of beard oil on the trimmer blades and stand the trimmer upright. It should be noted, however, that if you use your beard trimmer every day, we suggest adding a few additional drops once a week.

How to Apply Oil

After you’ve finished trimming everything, hold the trimmer over your washbasin and drip the oil over the blades’ bottoms. The oil will be adequately blended in if you twist the trimmer clockwise while adding a few more drops.

Once the oil has been applied to the blade, it must be placed in the trimmer’s included holder, blades facing upwards. If you just need to trim a little section of your hair, place the trimmer in the holder and dab a few drops of oil on the blade’s tips, allowing the oil to trickle down.

What Are the Best Beard Trimmer Oils?

The accompanying mineral oil that came with the beard trimmer will only last about a month if you use it properly right now. Near the end, many beard trimmer fans grow desperate and believe that beard oil can clean their trimmer.

The appropriate beard trimmer oil might be the difference between needing to replace your beard trimmer after a month and having it for what seems like an eternity. We offer six different beard oils that we know and trust, each with its own set of benefits and prices ranging from low to high.

  • WAHL Blade Oil: This is what we consider to be the standard beard oil; at $6.35, it’s affordable enough to use on any beard trimmer. Since 2015, Wahl has been producing this basic beard trimmer oil, which is included with all of their trimmers.
  • When you have a bigger beard trimmer, we suggest purchasing the Oster Premium Blade Lube, which is just $2.49. Allowing you to oil each trimmer many times without having to worry about the total expense of the oil.
  • ESC Premium Lubrication: At $8.99, the ESC premium lubrication enters the world of higher-priced, higher-quality oil. This transparent mineral oil can easily last many years since you will only need a little amount each time to keep the clippers running.
  • Andis Clipper Oil: This is an excellent universal oil that can be used on practically any clipper. The 4-ounce container of Andis clipper oil will last a long time. It’s priced in the midst of the other oils we like, at $5.40; we suggest it for newcomers.
  • WAHL Premium Oil: At $6.84, Wahl’s premium oil is just a few cents more expensive than their regular oil, but it lasts far longer. This oil, designed for use with bigger clippers, will reach deeper trimmer sections while cleaning the blades.
  • Premium Oil: We generally suggest this to salons with numerous clippers, but the oil’s premium character may be ideal for you. With a price tag of $12.99, the typical beard trimmer will have enough oil to last 10 years.


Why isn’t it possible to use any oil on the trimmer?

The oil for beard trimmers is much thinner than other oils, enabling it to reach deeper regions of the beard while also not running off the trimmer. When considering this oil, keep in mind that oils like WD40 will flow away if left alone, whereas beard oil will be excessively thick.

When the humidity in the bathroom rises, an oil that doesn’t remain on the components can’t protect them, causing corrosion and damage over time. This is why regular garage oils will not work; also, these oils all have strong odors that will stick to the trimmer and your beard.

While beard oil may adhere to the insides of the trimmer, it is too thick to reach these areas, leaving the oil just on the blades. After drying out and getting sticky, the trimmer caused more damage than an unoiled trimmer would have.


To protect all of the components of your beard trimmer from rusting and being harmed by the natural moisture levels inside a bathroom, you’ll need beard oil. This trimmer oil is even more vital to prevent your beard trimmer from rust if you trim after bathing or washing.

Please don’t keep your beard trimmer damp while you’re not using it; the blades will rust and become worthless.

The “beard trimmer oil target” is a question that is often asked. The answer to this question is no, beard trimmers do not need oil because they are designed to use electricity and not oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to oil beard trimmer?

A: Yes. I highly recommend that you need to oil your beard trimmer before every use. This is so that it can be run without any issues, especially when the blades are moving at high speeds.

How do I lubricate my beard trimmer?

A: You need to apply a small amount of oil or grease on the blades, as well as some dry hands.

Do you need to oil your trimmer?

A: I am not a trimmer, but yes, you should oil it as this helps to keep the blades sharp.

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