Extended Goatee: How To Get This Beard Style [With Photos]

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The Goatee is a beard style that’s been around for centuries. It was originally worn by sailors and has now become the go-to manly look in today’s society. The term “goatee” comes from an Arabic word meaning goat, which referred to the distinctive shape of this chin strap beard style.

The “extended goatee pictures” is a style of beard that has been popularized by celebrities and fashion models. This article will teach you how to achieve this look with photos.

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The extended goatee may be the appropriate beard for you if you’re seeking for a style that makes you seem distinctive and elegant without going overboard. This is a fantastic middle ground between having a thick beard and having no beard at all.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to grow it, look at some examples of the style, and, of course, learn how to preserve it.

What exactly is an Extended Goatee?

A variant of the basic goatee is the extended goatee. The biggest distinction is that the hair reaches the jawline, thus the name.

Many people mistakenly believe it to be the same look as a Hollywood beard. While there are many parallels between the two, there are also differences that we will discuss later in this post.

What is the best face shape for an extended goatee?


The first thing you should do before growing an extended goatee is assess your facial shape to ensure that this is the right beard style for you. Long, oval, square, round, or a mix of these face forms are all possible.

This beard style is suitable for males who have oval or round faces. Men with a long face shape may discover that this style does not suit them since it might make their features seem longer due to the lack of contrast. However, if you have an oval or round face and want to try the extended goatee, it is a perfect option since it will lengthen and round your face.

Best Extended Goatee Styles & Examples

We’ve selected a few examples of excellent goatee beard styles for you to consider. You may be inspired by them, or just utilize them to gain a sense of the style.

Goatee is a short, stretched beard.


The Goatee is a short, stretched beard. is a great example of this style. It has the clean look that makes it perfect for both casual and formal settings. If you have a small chin, then this stubble goatee variation should work well for you because it provides balance to your face. Who said you can’t be stylish with very short facial hair?

Goatee with a Long Extension


The Goatee with a Long Extension is not as clean as the short one, but it looks amazing. If you want to cultivate an intense look for yourself, then this thick facial hair style is a great option.

Extended Pointy Goatee


One of the most attractive complete goatee styles is the pointed goatee. This style may not suit everyone, but if you want to make a statement with your facial hair, this is the way to go.

Goatee with a longer beard and scruff


Combine the extended goatee with a short stubble beard for a more rough effect. This isn’t only for guys who want to flaunt their wild side; it looks excellent on everyone and helps to define your jawline.

How To Grow A Goatee Beard That Is Longer

  1. Grow it

    Let’s speak about how to grow your extended goatee style now that you know which face shapes are suitable for this beard style and have seen some photographs for inspiration. To begin, keep in mind that developing any kind of facial hair necessitates a change in lifestyle. It takes time and patience to develop a new facial appearance, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t seem great right away.

    Growing facial hair is the first stage. You’ll need to let your facial hair grow for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the prolonged goatee style you’re planning to wear and your beard development pace. Once it has grown long enough, you may begin shaping it.

    It is important to look after your beard as it is growing. This is important since your beard has to be well-nourished as well as have a nice length. As a result, beard oil is advised to maintain your beard nourished, conditioned, and lustrous.

  2. S

    Shape it

    After the growth time has passed and your beard is in good shape, you may begin shaping it. It’s not an easy style to master, and it’ll take some effort to get your beard just right. The neckline should be the first thing to be trimmed.

    Your neckline should be 2 fingers above your Adam’s Apple and straight. To get the task done correctly, you may use a trimmer.

    Then, to get the required form, cut your checks down to the jawline.

    After you’ve finished with your sideburns, you’ll need to complete your extended goatee.

    All that’s left to do now is clip your chin hair to a uniform length, remove any stray hairs, and get the required variety (stubble, pointy, long, etc).

Maintaining and Trimming an Extended Goatee

It’s not tough to keep this goatee look; all you have to do is repeat the shaping technique once a week.

You’ll need to cut your neckline and shape the remainder of your chin hairs at this time. It’s also a good idea to use beard oil every day to maintain your long beard looking glossy, healthy, and appealing.

Extensive Goatees in Famous Men

If you need some more motivation, here are some celebs with great goatees that you may like.

Travolta, John


Leonardo Dicaprio is a well-known actor.


Charlie Hunnam is a British actor.


Christian Bale is an actor who is well-known for his


tom hardy


What’s the difference between an extended goatee and a Hollywood beard?

While these two beard styles are similar, there are significant distinctions to be aware of. The key distinction is the length of the chin hair and the extent to which it stretches.

On the chin, the goatee style has shorter hair, but the Hollywoodian style has longer hair. The second distinction is that the Hollywoodian style includes sideburns, whilst the extended style does not.


You now know how to wear a classic goatee and which style suits your facial shape the best. This appearance will draw a lot of attention and make you stand out, whether you grow one on its own or mix it with a stubble beard.

If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments area below. We’ll be pleased to answer any of your questions and assist you!

The “extended goatee styles” is a beard style that has been growing in popularity for the past few years. The extended goatee takes time to grow and requires patience, but it’s worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shape a long goatee beard?

A: You need a straight razor and some wax. First, you prepare the face by trimming all of your hair using clippers or scissors, then apply the wax to help it stick in place. After that, take the straight razor and shave the whole beard down starting from chin level and shaving upward with long strokes.

What can I do with a long goatee?

A: It is unknown what you can do with a long goatee, but its likely that if you have one, there are some very important people in your life.

How do you shape a male goatee?

A: Well, any person can shape a goatee with their hands. But what you should be aware of is that there are many different ways to do it and each has its own technique. You need to experiment until you find the one that works for your facial structure, beard density and desired length of the goatee itself.

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