Good Beards vs Bad Beards

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Are you worried about patchy beards or facial hair that struggles to grow? Many things determine the growth of beards like genetics and lifestyle. As a result, you will realize that other people enjoy fuller and thicker growth of beard. On the other hand, others struggle with patchy and weak hairs. There are different things that you should know about good beards vs bad beards

Good Vs Bad Beards: What You Should Know?

A good beard is characterized by fuller and thicker beards that help males express their personalities. Many people believe that beards symbolize aspects like masculinity, authority, and intelligence. However, not every man can grow thicker, healthier, and fuller facial hair. Many people often experience the challenge of patchy facial hair which does not cover other parts of the face. These patches are unsightly and are often referred to as bad beards.

Good Vs Bad Beards - What You Should Know

If you are experiencing challenges with thin spots or a patchy beard, there are different steps that you can take. However, before trying the following remedies, you should know that there is nothing you can do to resolve issues of patches caused by genetics. No new hair follicles will grow when you are old, so you should contend with your condition. If you do not grow a beard, you cannot change the situation. However, if the patches are caused by dormant hair follicles, the following tips can help you address the problem.

How To Deal With Terrible Beards

If you are facing problems with terrible beards, you can try to boost the growth of your hair naturally. If you have beard patches in other areas, it means that you can grow hair. You can try the following tips to boost your hair or cover up the patches.


Exercise is good for your overall health, and it helps to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a crucial male hormone that plays a crucial role in influencing male sexuality and promoting the growth of facial hair. Workout helps improve the floor of blood to different organs of the body. Blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles that promote growth.

Improve Diet

A good diet can also go a long way in helping you resolve the challenge of terrible beards. make sure your diet includes minerals, proteins, and vitamins that sustain beard growth. lack of proteins will make the whisker strands weak and brittle. You must include Vitamins, B, C, and D in your diet together with iron and zinc which help keep your facial hair healthy.

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Biotin has properties that can strengthen hair and fingernails. If you take this supplement, it can improve the growth of your hair. You can add this supplement if your diet lacks it to promote beard growth.


You should get at least eight hours of rest to improve the growth rate of your beard. When you are sleeping, your body will experience increased circulation of blood to the hair follicles. Additionally, sleep helps lower stress levels that affect the growth of hair.

Trim Your Beard

If you want to make your patchy beard appear thicker, you can trim it. A professional barber can help you define your neck and cheek lines to maintain your beard with a uniform length. Trimming your beard helps conceal the patches in your beard. If you remove the flyaway, it will appear as if you have a fuller beard. Get a boar bristle beard brush to tame your facial hair to grow in a particular direction. With long hair, you can cover some of the patches on your face. Remember to apply beard products like balm to keep your hair in place.

If all these tips fail to yield positive results, you should contend with the facial hair you have. Incorporate the patchy beard into your preferred style. If the patches are caused by genetics, you should know that nothing can change your situation. If bad beards are stressing you, try to groom stubble.

Beard Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you are grooming a beard for the first time or not, there are specific beard mistakes that you should avoid. Some of the common mistakes can lead to bad beards, the following are some of the errors that you should avoid if you want to groom healthy facial hair.

Apply The Beard Oil To The Skin

Most people make the mistake of believing that beard oil should be rubbed on the beard only. You should make sure that beard oil reaches the skin underneath the hair to moisturize it. Healthy skin is perfect for good beards. Make sure the oil reaches the hair follicles to prevent issues like flaking and dryness of hair. These issues can lead to beardruff which affects the quality of your hair.

Avoid Plastic Combs

Avoid plastic combs and use a special beard comb. Plastic combs consist of imperfections, and the teeth can damage your hair. As a result, your beard will snap when you run a defective comb through it. Plastic combs can also cause your hair to frizz, and it becomes difficult to control.

Do Not Trim A Wet Beard

It is not surprising that you may end up with bad beards if you trim your hair while it is still wet. After showering, pat your beard dry with a towel before trimming it. The problem with wet hair is that it appears to be longer, but it shortens when it dries. When your hair dries, you can trim your preferred style without any issues.

Trim Your Beard


We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about good beards vs bad beards. When you realize that you cannot grow thicker and fuller facial hair, you might be having bad beards. Patchy hair is usually caused by factors like genetics, poor diet, stress, or lack of exercise. If bad beards are a result of genetics, there are different measures you can take to correct the anomaly. There are also certain steps that you should take to avoid beard mistakes that can affect your appearance. You can leave your comments below.