How to Boost Testosterone to Grow a Better Beard?

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Are you seeking for the best possible of ways to grow a better beard? Then you are in the right place. Trends have changed over time, and facial hair has become one of the most significant representatives of masculinity. Lets talk about testosterone booster for beard growth.

I understand how difficult it can be to groom the beard properly, especially if you have to grow it from the start. I’ve been there before, but through constant research and trials, I’ve found useful methods that can help you develop the stunning beard you desire to get the ladies crazy.

These steps I’m about to share are guaranteed to work, regardless of whether you want a full beard of a sexy goatee. But before going into that, first, let’s talk a bit about the hormones responsible for beard growth.

Whats Behind Testosterone Booster for Beard Growth 

It’s a well-known fact that hormones play the most significant role in beard growth. And this is the primary reason why it seems like some men tend to easily develop a thick, luxurious beard, while others seem to be condemned to struggling with a patchy beard.

Well, it will probably interest you to know that the hormones that control the growth of beards are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), where the testosterone on its part controls priming of hair follicles, and DHT helps to promote the growth of beards.

With the knowledge of the above and the application of simple logic, you can guess that men are bound to grow more beard if they have higher levels of the hormones responsible for beard growth.

Now, what if I told you that the presence of these hormones, despite their function does not come with automatic growth of beards? Sounds strange, right? Well, I’ll explain.

Boost Testosterone for Beard Growth

The truth is that your development of beards is often dictated by the sensitivity of your follicles to the hormones I mentioned above and not the hormones themselves.

However, the sensitivity of the follicles to beard growth hormones have also been found to speed up pattern baldness, a reason healthy beard is often associated with gradual loss of head hair, although there are exceptions to this.

Hormones: Testosterone Booster for Beard Growth 

At this point, I must state that having a low level of beard growth hormones, doesn’t always mean that you will have a patchy pattern of beards. It sometimes only delays the growth of the beard.

Fortunately, beard growth researchers have found over time that there are adoptable methods that can help you increase the level of your testosterone.

Given that there are three phases in the hair growth cycle which includes: anagen, catagen, and telogen. By increasing testosterone levels, you can accelerate the development of the latter stages. In essence, testosterone will help speed the beard growth cycle.

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Activate Testosterone Booster for Beard Growth

After knowing the hormones responsible for beard growth, it is only fair that I guide you on how to boost the production of testosterone in your system.

Basically, there are 2 main ways to boost testosterone production in your system, and these include:

  •       Artificial Methods
  •       Natural Methods

Note: While most people often prefer artificial methods, using natural methods, post far lesser potential risks than artificial methods.

Artificial  Methods of Developing Testosterone

The two most used alternatives for developing testosterone artificially, are through the use of supplements and anabolic steroids. After several researches and experimentations, I can tell that these means are guaranteed to help the process of beard growth.

However, it is vital that I warn you of the potential risks associated with using these alternatives.

Activate Testosterone Booster for Beard Growth

Synthetic testosterone is one of the steroids often used. When injected into the system, the body loses control over the development of testosterone.

Once this testosterone version gets introduced into your system, it shuts your body from producing testosterone in healthy levels, therefore pushing your system to begin relying on artificial testosterone.

The issue with using this method is that the damage cannot be undone, even when you decide to stop injecting yourself with synthetic testosterone.

And synthetic testosterone on its own can make you prone to issues like heart attack, stroke, depression, hormonal imbalance, acne, hair loss, testicular shrinkage, and reduced fertility.

If these risks scare you, don’t worry, there are quite a number of naturally researched and proven effective ways through which you can grow beards.

How to Stimulate Beard Growth Naturally

Adopt the following steps to naturally improve beard growth

  • Change Your Diet

The most important step in trying to improve your beard is in the adoption of a healthy diet. Yes, it is as simple as that. Start eating healthy food, and you’ll already be on your way to growing healthy strands of beard.

Also, I will recommend more intake of protein. Start by eating more beans, meat, and legumes, since they contain lots of protein.

How to Stimulate Beard Growth Naturally

And apart from protein intake, you also need the incorporation of calories from different sources in your daily diet. Sources like carbohydrates and monounsaturated fats should be greatly considered.

In addition, your daily diet should have up to 30% of monounsaturated fats. You can get these fats in milk, red year, olive oil, and dairy. The remaining fifty percent of calorie intake should come from carbohydrates. Eat more potatoes, whole grains, and fruits for this kind of calories.

Try to supplement your diet with walnuts, broccoli, carrots, fish, and citrus, since they are all known to help increase facial hair growth.

Also, note that there are food types that can significantly reduce your testosterone level; hence should be avoided. Food and drinks like mint, licorice, alcohol, fats, trans, soy, and flax should be avoided if you want to grow more beard.

  • Adopt healthy exercises

I’ve stated earlier that testosterone level is directly proportional to beard growth. And I’m sure you probably never knew before now that healthy exercising can shoot up your testosterone. It will boost its level by a significant percentage.

Adopt healthy exercises

This means that increasing the time you spend in the gym will directly impact facial hair.

Workouts like deadlifts, bench presses, rows, and squats, would all boost your testosterone levels quickly.

However, you need some level of commitment to begin to see results in this type of method.

  • Beard Moisturizing

While healthy eating and good exercises are great ways to increase beard growth, you need to also make sure that your beard is always moisturized. Adopt the habit of massaging your beards every morning and night with beard oils to help keep the skin healthy.

The oil will help to soften the beard area, making it smooth and ready for hair growth.

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There you have it, proven steps that can help you grow beards naturally and artificially. However, remember that my personal preference is in the natural method of growing beards. Because they have fewer side effects compared to artificial methods.

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