How to Clean a Beard Straightener

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For a clean shave, you need to use the right tools. Beard straighteners can help scrub away hair and whiskers while keeping them in place as they dry quickly. Here are three tips for how to care for your beard straightener so it’s always ready when you’re not!

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how to clean a beard straightener

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Clean a Beard Straightening Brush for These Reasons

You, like many other bearded guys, have probably invested in a heated beard brush in recent years. Heated combs, such as ours, aid in the grooming of beards, among other things.

Before using these beard straighteners, oil is usually brushed through the beard. As a consequence, oil accumulation is a possibility. In our Premium Beard Grooming Kit, Tame the Wild offers beard oil.

It’s possible that the buildup is obstructing usage or making the experience less enjoyable. Each time you switch on your brush, you want it to operate like new.

It’s important to maintain your beard straightening brush clean if you want it to last a long time. Naturally, any oils that have accumulated over time should be removed from the brush.

You can establish a regular regimen and save yourself hassles and money after you understand how to clean your beard straightener.

How Often Should a Heated Brush Be Cleaned?


If you don’t clean your brush for an extended period of time, beard oils will naturally build up. As a result, it’s critical to stop the accumulation at the correct moment.

“How frequently” is entirely dependent on your use pattern.

Cleaning the heated brush once every few weeks to a month, depending on how frequently you comb your beard with it, is the finest practice.

Regularly doing so (once a month or so) can assist to maintain your brush in good condition.

Now the issue is, what are the best beard straightening brush cleaning methods?

We’ve included two solutions below that our clients have found to be helpful.

It’s worth noting that they’re both widely accessible and inexpensive options. You probably have one of them at home, but if you don’t, it’ll be no trouble to acquire some and test the two options.

Methods of Cleaning Suggestions

Wipes for Disinfection

One potential way to properly clean a beard straightening brush is with Wipes for Disinfection. Make sure the beard straightener is turned off and unplugged, and cooled down. Then, ‘floss’ a disinfecting wipe through the bristles.

If you have a lot of oil build up, this method may require a bit of work; however, it should do the job. Wipes for Disinfection are great on a preventative basis. In essence, don’t let oil build up too much. Clean the brush regularly.

Vinegar Blanc

Next is Vinegar Blanc. Using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in Vinegar Blanc, wipe around the outer brush bristles.

Acetic acid, present in Vinegar Blanc, will eat away at the oil buildup and help clean the brush. Consider diluting the vinegar with water if the scent is too strong.


Next, ‘floss’ a delicate cloth soaked in vinegar through the interior bristles to clean them. Work your way deeper into the bush until all of the accumulation is gone.

To clean it, take a dry towel and floss through the bristles once more. You may also just wait for it to dray. If the vinegar scent is too strong, you may try to floss the bristles with water.

Alcohol for Rubbing

No vinegar around the house? Isopropyl alcohol, also known as Alcohol for Rubbing, is another choice when asking how to clean your beard straightener. Alcohol for Rubbing is a solvent, meaning that it can dissolve oils. Plus, it is quick to dry which is an added bonus when cleaning.

Follow the same steps as provided above with Vinegar Blanc to clean up the outside of the brush as well as the inner bristles.

Hopefully, one of these two options will leave your brush looking spotless and get it back up and running for good.


See what works best for you now that you have a few alternatives for washing out the surplus oils from your beard straightening brush. Please let us know if there is a way that we are missing.

We’d also want to see before and after photos of your brush after you’ve cleaned it using your favorite technique. Alternatively, a video showing the procedure.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and can now clean your beard straightening brush correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my beard straightener?

A: To clean your beard straightener, use a toothbrush to remove all the hair and bristles from the silicone attachment. Leaving it wet would cause water damage, which could ruin the device entirely. Lastly, you can use some rubbing alcohol or soap instead of water for this step if that is easier to access

How do I clean my Wahl beard straightener?

A: There are a few ways to clean your Wahl beard straightener. You can wash it with running water and soap, use the self-cleaning mode, or put it in the dishwasher on Wash setting.

How do you clean a hair straightener?

A: You should use a brush or comb to clean your straightener once the iron is cool.

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