How To Get Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Beard

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We all love the look of Rick Grimes’ beard. From his days in The Walking Dead, it stands out and is a point of pride for many fans around the world. Here are some tips to help you get that iconic look with your own unique twist!

Rick Grimes is one of the central characters in The Walking Dead. He has a beard that is iconic to his character, and it looks great on him. Here’s how to get Rick Grimes’ beard from season 5.

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Rick Grimes is a fictional character from the “Walking Dead” comic book series and television program (the actor’s true name is Andrew James Clutterbuck alias Andrew Lincoln). He’s an Atlanta Police Department sheriff deputy who wakes up from a coma to discover the world plagued by zombies. He becomes the leader of a gang of survivors as they attempt to remain alive in this new, post-apocalyptic world in order to protect his family and other survivors. Rick is well-known for his characteristic beard in both print and broadcast media. Many people have asked for instructions on how to grow a beard like his, so here it is! In this post, we’ll look at Rick Grimes’ Beard: How To Grow One’.

Beard styles of Rick Grimes

When Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, he wears a Beard is medium in length., a short beard that is gently groomed, a thick stubble, and a Beard Scruffy. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Beard is medium in length.


Rick’s beard has grown into a medium-size full grey beard throughout the previous several seasons of The Walking Dead. The beard is thick, bushy, and just right in length. Rick’s beard isn’t distracting, and it also doesn’t seem out of place.

Beard Scruffy


If Rick doesn’t go through any hardships, The Walking Dead won’t be a solid zombie survival story. Rick has developed a scruffy salt and pepper beard in several episodes when he is injured and powerless. It isn’t really fashionable, but it gives Rick a rough and gritty appearance.

Beard is short and trendy.


Rick Grimes’ distinctive beard may be seen in early episodes of the show. It’s short, cut beautifully, and has a streamlined shape with no snazzy lines. It’s well-styled and has modest cheek lines.

Beard with a Thick Stubble


Rick Grimes is also known for his sharp Beard with a Thick Stubble during some episodes of the walking dead. This particular beard style is very well known among celebrities and commoners alike. It’s a clean scruffy look that has a cool feel to it.

Andrew Lincoln’s facial features

Andrew Lincoln’s face is oval-shaped. This indicates he has a long, narrow face with a medium-sized forehead and a long, defined jawline. It also has soft edges and is gently rounded.

What Beard Styles Are Appropriate for Andrew Lincoln?

All of his beard styles fit him great! The Beard is short and trendy. he sports in most episodes of the show looks like it’s tailored to suit Rick’s face shape and features very well. However, it’s the medium white beard that brings out Rick Grimes’ look. The fullness of the beard, its color, and its length all match well together to make ‘Rick Grimes’.

Rick Grimes’ Beard: How To Grow One

Rick Grimes’ beard styles all need some time to develop. They’re low-maintenance, but they’re also medium-maintenance. Here are some methods for growing out your facial hair if you want to try any of Rick Grimes’ beard styles.

  1. Do not shave your beard.

    This is the most obvious answer to ‘Rick Grimes’ Beard: How To Grow One’. If you want thick, bushy, and medium-length beards like Ricks you should stop trimming. All the styles that this guy rocks require some amount of patience to grow.

  2. Choose the appropriate goods.

    Make sure you have the correct beard products while developing a beard. As your beard develops, you’ll notice that the skin underneath it becomes irritating. This is where a nice beard oil will come in handy to relieve the itching and nourish the skin underneath your beard. You’ll also need a nice beard comb and natural beard wash if you opt for the lengthier styles.

  3. Wait patiently.

    Lastly, Wait patiently.! You can’t rush time and hope to get that beard overnight. All the styles of Rick Grimes require from a few weeks to a few months. They aren’t that quick to grow but the reward of having them is more than enough.

  4. Make your beard seem good.

    The last phase in the development of your beard is to shape it. You’ll need a nice beard trimmer or scissors for this. Trim the sections of your beard that protrude too much after you’ve found the perfect tool for the task. Shape it and smooth out any stray lines so you can appear like Rick Grimes all day!

    If you choose for a fashionable short beard, be sure to match the cheek line and neckline to your face shape. Make sure you don’t go too high or too low with the neckline.


How to Keep Your Rick Beard In Shape

Rick Grimes’ beard styles are all low-maintenance, as previously stated. They should, however, be cared for every few days or so.

1. Wash your beard on a regular basis.

Every few days, wash off the filth that has accumulated on your beard. Use a nice beard wash and a clean towel to dry your beard. You may apply a little beard oil to make your hair smoother and more manageable if you desire.

2. comb it out on a daily basis

The medium-length white beard requires regular brushing. If you want to emulate Rick’s appearance from the show, the longer the better. Every day, brush your beard from top to bottom with a wide-toothed wooden comb.

3. Use beard oil.

Beard oil can smooth and tame your tresses. It’s important to use it on a daily basis to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned.

You may expect to obtain the Rick Grimes beard appearance that Andrew Lincoln has on the show if you follow all of these procedures regularly for around a month.



We hope you now have a better understanding of Rick Grimes’ beard styles. There are many more styles to explore, but these are some basic ones that are simple to replicate and look nice on almost anybody. Now is the moment to put your plans into action and put them to the test!

Best wishes on your beard adventure! Leave a comment below if you have any queries.

Rick Grimes is the protagonist of The Walking Dead. He has a full beard, which can be recreated with this tutorial. Reference: rick grimes movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your hair like Rick Grimes?

A: I dont know what youre talking about.

Does Rick get his beard back?

A: No, he doesnt.

Who is the actor that plays Rick Grimes?

A: The actor that plays Rick Grimes most recently is Andrew Lincoln.

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