How To Grow A Drake Beard: 4 Styles With Photos

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Growing a beard is not easy. The key to growing one that will look good is knowing what style of beard suits your face, and then taking the necessary steps to achieve it. This article gives you 4 different styles with photos on how they should be done so you can grow the perfect Drake Beard!

Drake beard styles are pretty popular these days. With that being said, it is important to know how to grow a drake beard and the different types of beards you can have. The “drake beard style 2021” is one of the four styles with photos.

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Drake is a Canadian rapper and musician who is known for his love of music as well as his facial hair. Fans and critics alike have remarked on his trademark beard style, but it’s evident that he doesn’t give a damn what you think. We’re going to look at Drake’s finest beard moments, from stubble to larger beards. 

But, before we get started, let’s speak about Drake.

Drake is a Canadian rapper and singer from Toronto. He began his career on television in 2001, but it wasn’t until the release of his album Thank Me Later in 2010 that he became a household figure.

Drake has now gone on to become one of the most popular performers in recent years. His music is influenced by both his own life experiences and insights as well as those of others. Drake has a song for every circumstance, from love to hatred, and his words are relevant to many listeners.

But let’s get to the good stuff: Drake’s swaggering beard.

styles of drake beards

Drake has experimented with a variety of beard styles, but there are a few that he has remained with for a long time. The most well-known is the short boxed beard, which Drake has worn for quite some time.

Beard Style: Short Boxed


The short boxed beard is a basic beard style with a short length. It looks well on males with shorter features because of its distinct lines.

It is not simple to correctly shape a beard, and the end result may not be as defined as you like. However, if done correctly, this beard style may dramatically improve your look.

We’ll go into how to style this beard kind later.



Drake had a pretty distinct sideburns beard style when he starred in Anchorman 2. He had Stubble: Medium and thick sideburns, which, along with his afro hair, gave him a significantly different appearance than normal.

This beard style is ideal for folks who prefer to change up their appearance from time to time.

Stubble: Medium


This is a good option if you like shorter stubble beards.

This is one of the most popular beard styles among men because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance. There’s no way to get wrong when styling a Stubble: Medium beard – you just need to grow it for a few weeks and trim it every few days to keep it nice and tidy.

Beard In Full Swing


During the quarantine, Drake went for a Beard In Full Swing look.

We appreciated how, despite the greater length, he maintained a neat neckline and cheek line.

Beard In Full Swings can be high maintenance and you should always keep this in mind when going for a Beard In Full Swing style. If you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort, Beard In Full Swings can look really classy and stylish.

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Face Shape of Drake

Drake has an oval facial shape, which is a fortunate accident since he looks excellent in most beard styles.

You don’t need an oval face to rock these beard styles, however. You may acquire it and wear it as long as you enjoy the style.

Drake’s Beard Style: How to Grow It

The first step in getting a beard like Drake’s is to let it grow out.

So, let your facial hair grow for around 8 weeks, or until it reaches a fair length. After that, you’ll need to style your beard depending on how long it is.

To do this, use a beard trimmer with a guard to smooth out the length to the desired length.

The simple portion is finally complete!

The cheek lines will now need to be styled. Start shaving at a 90-degree angle from the spot where your mustache meets your beard using a razor.

After you’ve finished with the cheek line, go on to the neckline.

Finding the top of your Adam’s apple is a simple tip for determining where you should begin shaving. Your neckline is two fingers above this location, and you should begin shaving there and below.

You may not get the exact neckline or cheek line the first time, but don’t worry; with practice, you will improve.

You may always go to a barber and ask him to do it for you if it seems too complicated.


How to keep Drake’s beard in shape

You know how to keep a Drake beard if you know how to shape it.

Once a week, perform the same things you did while shaping it to keep it looking good. It’s that simple!

The main thing to remember is that this beard may be styled without any expensive equipment or treatments. It’s also great for contouring the cheek line and neckline if you have a trimmer with multiple length choices.

Some guys like to use balms or waxes to style their beards, while others prefer to use beard oil.

We believe that beard oil is necessary since it softens your beard, makes it healthier, gives you a pleasant scent, and moisturizes the skin underneath it.

However, if your beard is unruly, you may apply a balm or beard wax.

Beard oil is simple to use; just put a couple of drops in your palm and rub them into your beard with your fingers. The oil will distribute evenly throughout the hair, softening it.

Best Beard Oil For A Healthy Beard is a related article.


Drake’s beard is made of what?

We don’t know what Drake uses to keep his beard in shape, but we do know that he utilizes beard items like oil. We assume it’s because of all of the beard creams he uses that he has such a lustrous and thick beard.

Drake’s beard is how long?

Drake’s beard is around 1/4 inch long (6mm). Depending on your preferences, you may grow your beard longer or shorter.

Is Drake’s beard real or not?

There have been rumors that Drake’s beard was fake, along with some low-quality pictures where his beard was falling off. However, he has rocked so many different beard styles and by just seeing him on a Stubble: Medium we can understand that he has thick beard growth, so no we don’t think his beard is fake.


If you’re a Drake fan or just like beards, and want to grow one like his, now you know how.

All you have to do now is grow your beard hair, line it up, and maintain it on a regular basis.

You may play around with other lengths or stick to this one. However, you should not select your beard style based on what Drake or another celebrity has; instead, you should experiment with several types to find which one best suits you.

Just make sure your beard is healthy and shining, regardless of the style you pick!

Let us know whether you’re planning to acquire Drake’s Beard now in the comments!

The “drake beard fade” is a style that has been popular for quite some time. It’s also one of the most difficult styles to grow, but it can be done with patience and a little bit of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shape my beard like Drake?

A: To shape your beard like Drake, you will need a good trimmer and then take small sections of hair in the direction that it is curving. For example, if your facial hair curls upwards to the right, start cutting away pieces on both sides of where it curves downwards at the end. You can also use scissors or an electric razor for this step instead of using clippers with blades.

How long did it take Drake to grow beard?

A: Drakes beard began to grow in late 2016.

How thick is Drakes beard?

A: Drakes beard is about 6 inches thick.

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