How To Make Whiskey Beard Oil Recipe

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Beard oil is a basic skin and hair care product that can help you keep your beard thick and healthy. While a variety of beard oils are produced by different manufacturers, you can also make your own beard oil using different ingredients. Time to take down notes about whiskey beard oil recipe. 

Do you know that you can make beard oil using whiskey? Yes, the easy to make whiskey beard oil consists of beautiful fragrance and it gives a lighter feel to the oil. The whiskey oil also helps to soften your facial hair while giving it a comfortable feel. The aromatic oil also helps to keep your facial hair manageable. 

If you want to learn how to make your beard oil, the following do it yourself whiskey beard oil recipe can help you achieve your goal. As you are going to see in this post, no special skill is required to make your whiskey beard oil if you carefully follow the steps outlined in the recipe below.  

How to Prepare Whiskey Beard Oil Recipe

The whole process of preparing this oil is simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined below.


The following ingredients are vital when you want to prepare your whiskey beard oil. 

  • 60ml (2-ounce) glass bottle
  • 15ml (1/2 ounce) whiskey
  • 6–8 drops Essential Oil
  • 30ml Coconut Oil

How to Prepare Whiskey Beard Oil Recipe

Step by Step Instructions for Whiskey Beard Oil Recipe

When you have gathered all the ingredients, making the whiskey beard oil is the easiest step that does not require any special skills. All you need to do is to combine essential oil and whiskey in an empty 2-ounce bottle. A small funnel may be required to avoid spillages of the ingredients. Shake well after combining these two ingredients to make sure that the oil is properly dispersed.  

The next step is to add Jojoba or coconut oil and shake again. You must also make sure that the contents are properly mixed and your beard oil will be ready. As you shake the bottle with the contents, make sure that it is tightly sealed to avoid leakages. 

The preparation time of this DIY whiskey beard oil recipe only takes less than five minutes. When the beard oil is ready, you can apply it to your hair the same way you use other similar products. Just make sure that you have the right ingredients to make this simple and easy recipe. 

As you can see from the above recipe, no heating is required when you are preparing your whiskey beard oil. The only action required is to thoroughly mix the ingredients in the 60 ml glass bottle that you already have.  

How to Apply the Beard Oil?  

If you want your beard to stand out from the rest of other people, you must make sure that you religiously add a beard oil regimen to your daily beard grooming routine. If you use the right hair product, then you are assured that it can tame even wild beards. You can also achieve the same results by applying your homemade whiskey beard oil to your facial hair. 

To use the DIY whiskey beard oil, you should apply a few drops into your palms and gently massage the oil across the beard. You can work the oil with your fingers to make sure that it is evenly distributed across your facial hair. Additionally, you can also use a comb or brush to spread the oil so that it reaches the skin underneath your hair. 

A brush also helps to stimulate the hair follicles which helps to promote the growth of your beards. When you apply your homemade whiskey beard oil, you first smell whiskey but the alcohol quickly evaporates. Your beard is then conditioned and moisturized by coconut oil which leaves it with a soft feel. 

Tips and Tricks

This recipe of whiskey beard oil consists of alcohol which can irritate your skin if it is sensitive. Before you decide to make your beard oil that consists of whiskey, you should know the type of your skin. If it is sensitive, you would rather opt for other viable alternatives since alcohol can irritate your skin.  

You should make sure that you prepare your beard oil in smaller quantities that you can use within a reasonably short period. You should also keep your whiskey beard oil in a cool dry place. Make sure that the bottle cap is tightly sealed since the alcohol can quickly evaporate if there is any gap in the container. 

Like other skin and hair products, you must keep your whiskey beard oil away from the reach of children. The beard oil should also be kept away from direct sunlight since the heat from the sun can easily break it. It is recommended that you should keep your beard oil at room temperature.   

Step by Step Instructions for Whiskey Beard Oil Recipe


Preparing your whiskey beard oil is simple and straightforward as you have noted from the recipe above. The preparation time of the beard oil is less than five minutes and the step by step instructions are also very easy to follow. 

As you have noted from this post, the quality of your beard depends on the type of hair product that you use. You must also know the type of your skin so that you can choose the right product. While I am sure that you have enjoyed this recipe, you must remember that essential oils that contain alcohol can irritate your sensitive skin. 

Hair products with alcohol can also irritate your eyes and mucous membranes so you must use these wisely. It is essential to keep your whiskey beard oil out of reach of children and away from direct sunlight which can compromise its quality. This product is meant for external use only and you should also keep it tightly sealed. 

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