How to Straighten a Naturally Curly Beard

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The true test of the manliness of a beard is how well it can hold its shape and still look presentable. For those with naturally curly beards, this is much more difficult than for others whose facial hair are straight or wavy. The trick to styling these tough-to-manage locks lies in finding an easy way to blow dry your beard while you sleep so that it will be easier when morning rolls around.—

The “how to straighten beard permanently” is a tutorial on how to straighten a naturally curly beard. It also includes some helpful tips.

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Have a huge, luxuriant beard but want to try something a little different or more dressed-up for a night out?

You might shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave, shave You might also do what many other guys have begun to do in order to get a distinct appearance.

What exactly is it? Straighten up your naturally curly beard for a more slimline appearance!

But how can you safely (and successfully) straighten a naturally curly beard without hurting it (or your face)? There are a few options for getting rid of those curls without hurting your beard. 

What causes beard hair curls?

To begin, you must comprehend why a beard curls. Some of it is inherited, but a large part of it is due to the fact that beard hair is not the same as head hair.

It’s dry and brittle by nature. Because damaged and dry hair curls, conditioning is essential before beginning the straightening procedure. You should make sure your beard is clean before straightening it. Make sure to wash your beard thoroughly, ideally with beard soap.

Use a beard conditioner or beard oil when the beard is still moist after cleaning. This will aid the penetration of the softening chemical into the beard. 

Then, using a blotting motion, gently wipe the beard dry. Don’t rub too hard, since this might cause breaking.

Following the drying process

You may straighten your beard after that. We recommend shaving your beard on a clean, dry surface. It is, nevertheless, acceptable to have a little moist beard or one that has been pre-treated with oil (especially heat spray).

The first way involves using a beard comb or brush and a blow dryer set to low or no heat. While drying the beard hair, gently stretch it to take some of the curls out. 

The second approach is to use a beard straightener (similar to a hair straightener) to iron out your beard’s curls. The procedure will give you the straightest beard, but applying excessive heat to your beard on a regular basis can cause harm. 

Here’s an article and video on how to use a beard straightening brush correctly. In addition, our other articles include a wealth of beard grooming advice.

Use a chemical straightener or “relaxer” on your beard for a more lasting solution. These are perhaps less harmful to your hair, but they need a lot more processes. So, if time isn’t on your side, it may not be the ideal alternative. 

If you want to maintain your naturally curly beard straight for a longer period of time, you may use beard wax or balm. However, the more “things” you put in your beard, the more you’ll need (or desire) to wash it, which restarts the process. 

Most beards have a natural curl to them. You can straighten them by using a comb or brush and then blow drying your beard. Reference: beard curls under chin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you straighten a curly beard?

A: You can use an electric beard trimmer to cut off the hair, then pull on the hairs like so.

Will a curly beard straighten out?

A: Unfortunately, if you have a curly beard it is possible that some of the curl may go away through static electricity. This would be due to rubbing against clothing as well as other similar factors.

How do you get rid of beard curls?

I am not sure of the specific process for removing beard curls, however a regular razor is one way to go about it.

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