When To Start Using Beard Oil?

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Wondering when to start using beard oil? Keeping a beard is fashionable but the main issue often encountered by different men is that grooming facial hair can be challenging.  For instance, some of the challenges related to growing and maintaining a beard include the following: skin irritation, itching, dryness of beards, and flaky skin among others. However, you can solve this challenge by using beard oil since it is specifically designed for beard grooming.

Why Use It?

Beard Oil is a basic product that you must have when you want to groom and maintain an attractive beard. Beard Oil consists of nourishing as well as non-greasy oils. These help condition the hair, improve growth, moisturize the skin underneath, and reduce itching. The product is specifically designed for any man wearing facial hair from stubble to full beard.

Right time to use beard oil

There are different benefits that you can obtain from using beard oil as part of your beard grooming regimen. The oil helps to keep the skin underneath the beard hydrated and smooth to eliminate beard itch. With proper use of beard oil, you will also keep beardruff at bay. Your hair also becomes smooth and soft such that you can maintain it easily.

When to Start Using Beard Oil?

When you are new to beard grooming, you should give your facial hair a chance to grow rather than rushing to apply the oil on bald skin. Beard oil as the name suggests is specifically meant for grooming facial hair and you cannot use it when you are beardless. Therefore, if you intend to groom your facial hair for the first time, you should be patient and give it time to grow.

You can start the regimen the moment you start growing facial hair. It does not matter you have a stubble since you can begin applying the oil as part of your daily grooming routine. The earlier you apply beard oil the better since it helps eliminate flaking of the skin at an early age. Beard oil will also promote the healthy growth of your facial hair right from the onset. Beard oil conditions and moisturizes your beard to feel good and it also has an amazing smell.

You should know that the beard oil regimen has no official start time. You can start applying the oil immediately after feeling that your beard is dry or terribly itching. Beard oil helps to increase comfort but you should also know that it does not have styling properties. The oil is a conditioning agent only.

How to Use Beard Oil?

Beard oil is ideal for your hair and skin and the good news is that it is pretty easy to use. You just apply about 2-4 drops of beard oil on your palms and spread it evenly across the hair. You must work up the oil down to the roots of the hair and the skin underneath. This helps to eliminate flaking which can impact the growth of hair. If you have a longer and thicker beard, you can use a comb to ensure that the oil reaches the roots.

Just a few drops of beard oil can help prevent your facial hair from becoming dry which can also cause discomfort. You can make beard grooming enjoyable by including beard oil in your daily routine since it is designed to condition your hair for easier maintenance.

When to Use It?

The most appropriate time to use beard oil is in the morning after showering. The advantage of applying beard oil after showering is that the pores would still be open so the skin easily absorbs the oil. The oil helps nourish the skin underneath the facial hair to promote the healthy growth of the beard. The oil is also good for eliminating skin itch and irritation.

The other benefit of applying beard oil in the morning is that the hair would still be soft from after taking a shower. It is easier to tame the hair when it is still soft. The other aspect of beard oil is that you can also apply it in the evening or during the day as long as you see it fit. There is no strict timetable that you should follow when applying the oil on your beard. You can use it at any time of the day to give you the comfort that you deserve.

How to Get the Best Beard Oil?

Now that you know the benefits of using beard oil and how to apply it, you should also be able to choose the best product that can satisfy your needs. There are different types of beard oils and they contain key essential and carrier oils. These include jojoba, apricot, clary sage, argan, and vetiver oils.  Other beard oils contain Vitamin E which can help to strengthen your hair follicles. It is also good if you have a thin beard.

How to Get the Best Beard Oil-Essential Oils for Beard Growth
Source: www.aromis.co

To choose the best beard oil, you should consider a product that consists of all-natural ingredients since it is good for all types of skins. Products with natural ingredients have fewer known side effects. There are some kinds of beard oils that contain artificial ingredients and these might not be ideal for sensitive skin. Other types of beard oils are scented. Therefore, you should also take this into account to get the best product in case you may not be a fan of the fragrance.


Beard oil is a must-have product that you should always use as part of your grooming regimen.  The oil helps to moisturize and condition your beard. At the same time, it eliminates beard itch and dandruff. However, back to our main question, you should also know that there is no official start time using beard oil. The other notable aspect of beard oil is that it is easy to use. Just a few drops after showering in the morning are enough to condition and soften your facial hair. You can leave your comment below or you can also share the article if you found it interesting.