The Yeard Beard Style: Everything about The 12 Month Beard

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A period of time in which one grows a beard.

The “6 month beard” is a style that has been popular for the past few years. It has been gaining in popularity recently, and now it’s time to learn everything you need to know about the 12 Month Beard.

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The word “yeard beard” refers to a long, full beard that has been growing for a whole year. Yeards are often developed by younger men who want to test whether they can grow a beard or who are growing out their beards for a bet. Yeards have no grooming needs, and the only restriction is that it should not be trimmed or shaved. When Tumblr became popular in 2010, the word “yeard” was invented. Because yeard beards are fuller and rougher than shorter varieties, they need more maintenance. This means more time spent applying oils, balms, lotions, and washing your beard.

What is the definition of a yeard Beard?

A yeard is a beard that has grown for twelve months without being trimmed. Yeard is a noun made up of the terms “year” and “beard.”

Yeard has its own set of rules.

There are a few ground rules to follow if you wish to begin yearding.

  1. For the next 12 months, you won’t be able to shave at all.
  2. If you do, you’ll have to start again with the yeard clock and wait another year before growing it out again.
  3. You can trim certain places, such as the neckline and sides, but you can’t shape or cut your beard.
  4. If your mustache grows longer than your top lip, you may clip it.

As you can see, there is one important criterion you must follow in order to be considered a real yeard grower.

For the next 12 months, don’t trim or shave your beard.


What is the length of a yeard?

While the period is fixed in stone, the length of your beard is not. Every man’s beard genetics and development patterns are unique. As a result, not all men who grow their beards for a year will have the same length beard at the end of the year. However, to give you an idea, the typical beard grows roughly half an inch every month, or 6 inches per year.

If you want to picture it, you may look at the photographs below to see how long it will take.

Timeline of the yeard beard trek

We’re going to break down what you may anticipate as a yeard grower into four major sections:

1 month | 2 months | 3 to 6 months | 6 months and above

This is the first month of your year-long beard adventure.

The first month is going to be the most difficult. You can acquire ingrown hairs, your beard will itch a lot, and sleeping on your pillow will be difficult at this period of growth. You’ll also have a bunch of untidy short hair poking out of your head. Don’t worry, you’ll become used to your new beard over time. You’ll also go through the uncomfortable beard development period during the first month.

The uncomfortable beard phase is when your beard is starting to grow out but isn’t quite long enough to be considered a beard.

After the first two weeks of yeard growth, we suggest beginning to use beard oil. This will assist with irritation, growth, and just improving the appearance.

Your beard will be longer than stubble but shorter than a short beard at the end of the first month.

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Month 2

The second month will be a breeze compared to the first. Your beard will grow a few inches and begin to lengthen, and by the end of the month, it will resemble a genuine beard. There will be no more stubble, and your face will begin to itch less.

You’ll have a great short beard by the end of month two.

Buying a Brush for Beards during the second month is a good idea. Brushing your skin and follicles will increase blood flow. It will also aid in the distribution of your beard’s oils over your whole facial forest.


3 to 6 months

Your beard will grow from a short medium-length beard to a full beard over the course of three months. Your beard will not itch as much after three months, and it will be considerably thicker than when you originally began.

It’ll be a good idea to trim the sides of your beard or your mustache now, as they’ll be getting out of hand.

Invest in goods like beard wash, beard balm, and a decent quality comb at this point.

Your beard will appear much better than it did when you initially began, so you should be pleased with the growth on your face.

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6+ Months

Congratulations, you’ve made it halfway through the sixth month! You have a whole year ahead of you. Your beard will grow long and thick, and your face will begin to appear even better than it did at the start of the year.

You may acquire a long trimmer at this stage to trim your cheek line or snip any stray hairs, but don’t overdo it; you’re still halfway there.

If you have a wavy beard, a bear straightener may help you smooth it out.

You may have a lot of fun styling your new beard after the sixth month. To keep your beard looking excellent, we suggest applying beard balm or beard wax.

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Month 12

You’ve officially joined the yeard club after the 12th month. Everyone will want to stroke your beard, and you’ll receive a lot of pats on the back.

Now that your year-long trip has come to an end, you should consider your next steps. You may retain your yeard or experiment with alternative long beard styles such as the ducktail beard, the Garibaldi, or even a hipster-esque lumberjack look with a huge mustache.

You’ll need these items for your year-long excursion.

Beard oil


During your first month, this is most likely the first beard product you’ll want to get your hands on. 

Beard oil has a pleasant scent and is used to nourish the facial hair and skin under the beard.

You’ll only use it once a day after showering for the first two months, but after that, you may start using it twice a day.

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Making your own beard oil at home is highly recommended. It will help you save a lot of money and is simple to produce.

You can see how the process works here. One thing to remember is that you should not prepare a large quantity.

Why? Because beard oils expire, and you don’t want to use a stale beard oil.

It’s best to keep it in a dark container away from your window. To ensure you know how much oil you’re consuming, we suggest using the dropper.

Brush for Beards


The second tool you will need to buy probably during month two is a Brush for Beards.

A Brush for Beards is used to distribute the oils throughout all the strands of hair. It helps them grow faster and healthier too! 

It also increases blood flow to your skin, causing your beard to grow quicker.

The boar bristle brush is recommended because it is of good quality and distributes oils better than synthetic brushes.

Shampoo/Soap for Beards


During your yeard adventure, you’ll require some kind of beard soap or wash. Around the third month, you should get this product.

Shampooing your beard too much may strip the natural oils from your hair follicles, so don’t overdo it.

It’s sufficient to do so every two days. 

Use an all-natural beard wash or soap produced from organic ingredients. It will keep the skin and hair on your face from drying out and itching.

Beard wax/balm


During months five and six, you’ll need to invest in a styling product since your beard will be full and you’ll want it to appear attractive and fresh.

Either a beard balm or a beard wax is recommended.

They’re both used to tame strays and style facial hair by making it seem more polished and maintained. 

Beard balm and wax are essentially the same product, with the exception of the components. Beeswax is used to make wax, while butter is used to make balm.

When you apply the balm, it melts in your hands, while wax has a tougher texture that may be difficult to break down.

We suggest using beard wax if your beard is unruly and tough to maintain. If not, a beard balm will help you style and moisturize your beard.

Comb for Beards


When you buy the beard balm or wax, you might want to invest in a Comb for Beards too.

A Comb for Beards is used to detangle your hair after using either one of these products because it can get messy if not managed properly.

It also assists you in determining the contour of your beard and styling it appropriately. 

A hardwood comb is preferable to a plastic comb since it is more robust and will not harm your beard.

Straightening Beard


Because it is simply used to straighten facial hair, it is not an essential tool for growing a beard. It’s mostly used for beard style if you want a straighter beard.

If your beard is wavy and you want to straighten it, it may assist.

Tips on how to develop a yeard beard

1. Take your time!

Growing a yeard is a process that takes time.

You must be dedicated and patient since the yeard beard requires a complete year of unbroken beard growth.

2. Look for yourself.

The pace of growth of a beard is determined by testosterone levels.  

Make sure you exercise and consume a healthy diet if you want your beard to grow quicker. You should also get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This will speed up the development of your beard while also making it fuller.

3. Establish a healthy beard regimen.

We’ve previously discussed the goods you should bring on your yeard excursion. You must establish a regimen that is both efficient and effective in promoting the growth of your beard hairs.

Don’t simply be the guy who utilizes odd goods. Make an effort and go with the flow; your beard will reward you if you do it correctly!

4. Be prepared for the feedback.

You should be conscious that others will notice and remark on your appearance.

The most of them will be favorable, but others may not be so pleasant.

This is the reality of growing a beard, therefore you must be prepared to respond appropriately when someone inquires about your facial hair.

If they inquire why you’re doing this, you should explain your motivations.

Be proud of yourself and don’t allow anybody pull you down because you are making a great difference in your life.



It is not simple to grow a yeard beard, but it is well worth the effort.

Don’t give up; stick to your new program to help you develop a healthy, long, and handsome beard!

Make sure to drink enough of water to keep your hair looking healthy.   

If you’re participating in the #yeardchallenge, use the hashtag to share your year growth cycle progress on social media.

Sharing this post will help us get out to more guys who want to develop a yeard and motivate them to stick with it!

We hope you liked this post and look forward to seeing you in the next one!

The “1 year beard” is a term used to describe the style of facial hair that grows on a person’s face over the course of 12 months. The “Yeard Beard Style: Everything about The 12 Month Beard” provides an overview of what it means for a man to grow his facial hair for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yeard beard?

A: A yeard beard is a full beard that only one person has.

How long should beard be after 1 year?

A: We recommend letting your beard grow and then trimming it afterwards.

Should I grow my beard for a year?

A: That is a decision that you need to make entirely on your own. You should not be giving any advice or suggestions of what will work for someone else, the only thing they can do themselves is decide whether or not its worth it and if they have enough time in their life for such an undertaking.

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