Top Quality Products To Help You Grow a Beard

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Lord knows the hustle to get this beard is hard!!! Most of us did a lot of things back in high school and even in university just to get a few strands here and there. Imagine if we had known about products to help grow a beard, life would be much easier and we could all be looking like Khal Drogo.

How to Choose Products to Help Grow a Beard: balm, oil or shampoo?

Patience gentlemen! Do not be in a hurry to grow a beard lest you buy substandard products. It is important to know what suits you. There are quite a number of products that could help transform your barren chin or patchy beard into a full and rugged beard. Choosing a product to use comes down to preference, skin type, type of beard you’re rocking and of course financial situation.

Beard Wash/Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

This is pretty much a necessity if you seek to grow your beard. No, don’t use regular hair shampoo for your beard. This is a recipe for disaster as facial hair and scalp hair have different requirements. The regular shampoo contains chemicals that strip your skin of its natural oils as it is meant to reduce oiliness in hair and these oils are essential for a great-looking beard. A quality beard wash should be organic, reduce moisture content and of course treat beardruff.

Products to Help Grow a Beard: Beard Oil

You want to grow a proper beard, this is a must-have particularly during the early stages of growth. It’s best to use oils that contain jojoba and argan base as they both have a long shelf life. A quality beard oil would moisturize the skin underneath your beard, soften facial hair while also reducing itching creating a good condition for beard growth. If you’re into smell and don’t have poor sinuses, you can go for scented oils with essential oil blend. Avoid fragrance oils. Beard oils moisturize while also giving your beard a shine.

Products to Help Grow a Beard: Beard Balm

Got a long/thick beard? This product is awesome for you. A good beard balm contains natural moisturizers and sealants that moisturizes, conditions and provides hold for shaping and styling your beard. Use balms with natural moisturizers like jojoba or argan oil. If you have patchy beards you can still use the balm preferably one with shea butter this will help you to grow a thicker beard. Oil and balm can be used together to provide extra hydration but remember more is not always better so it should be used in moderation.

Attributes to differentiate each product

When choosing which product to use, there are certain things to look out for. If you want a shiny beard every day then the beard oil is for you, you want to style your beard in whatever weird way you like then go for the beard balm.

Best way to use Products to Help Grow a Beard

The beard wash (shampoo and conditioner) is used when having a bath and should be applied nice and wet. Most people might think using a beard wash every day is a good thing for your beard, again, more is not always better. This part of the world has a particularly dry climate especially at certain times of the year. Your skin and beard would lack moisture so it’s usually best to allow build-up before washing. At best once in a week or two. Always follow this up with Beard Oil or Beard Balm. It is best to use the oil and balm daily for maximum effect.

Side effects

Using the wrong product could leave you uncomfortable for days. For beard growth its best you go for natural and organic products. Shampoo products that contain silicone is a no-no as it is not water-soluble making it hard to wash out. Some beard products could cause acne and skin irritation therefore, you should know what works for you.


You want to ensure that the product you buy and use suits you and doesn’t affect your skin. Therefore you should go for natural and organic products for your beard growth, this is considered a prerequisite by the beard gang association headed by no other than James Harden! Steer clear of anything that contains synthetic ingredients like silicone and parabens. Let’s not forget that what you buy should be easy to use and not burn a hole in your pocket.

We have reviewed some products below to help in your quest to be a part of the beard gang.

Essential Beard Kit – Beard Oil, Conditioner and Balm by Bossman

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This product comes with all the essentials for growing a beard; oil, conditioner, a balm that could help to moisturize, revitalize and protect your facial hair. The jelly beard oil is a first of its kind beard oil that is more viscous compared to conventional beard oils making it bond better with the hair follicles. The relaxing beard balm contains minerals and vitamins aiding growth and thickness. The kit comes in four different varieties of scent, created using a vanilla oil base making your beard seductive.


The jelly beard oil is thicker than usual oils so it doesn’t evaporate quickly and lasts longer.

The jelly beard oil won’t rub off on your clothes like the regular oils.

100% natural and organic.


The balm texture is not consistent, making it difficult to use.

It is quite pricey.

Additional purchases would have to be made to buy a shampoo, brush and comb.

The smell could be off-putting.

Beard Shampoo Wash & Conditioner, Oil, Balm Softener Care Set by Comfy Mate

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This is one beard kit by Comfy Mate that could serve perfectly as a gift to anyone with a beard. It comes with a shampoo & conditioner, beard oil, beard balm, a fine comb/brush, a beard scissors plus a beard bible e-book (WOW!). This is an all in one kit for the bearded man-made from natural extracts to give you a healthy beard. The oil and balm are unscented so this is definitely a good choice for sensitive people. This beard kit is definitely value for money.


100% pure and organic.

It contains vitamins to aid beard growth.

It is affordable.

The oil and balm are unscented.

When purchased, it comes with a comb.

Purchasing it online comes with a downloadable Beard Bible E-book.


The content is small so it would be used up quickly.

Beard Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set by Polished Gentleman

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A double combo of shampoo and conditioner to transform your beard no matter the kind of beard you have. Asides containing the essential argan oil, it also has eucalyptus oil which improves beard shine, stimulates follicles and encourages beard growth while also being gentle on your beard.


100% natural and organic.

It contains vitamins like biotin which boosts moisture and relieves dryness.

It is ideal for preventing dandruff and fungal infections.


It doesn’t come with beard oil or balm.

It could cause acne to users with sensitive skin.

Beard Growth Grooming Kit, Beard Oil Balm/Butter/Wax Trimming Comb Kit by Gentle Vikings

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This product is formulated pure natural & organic ingredients such as sweet almond oil for refreshing, jojoba oil for moisturizing and vitamin E. It’s sleek, reusable storage tin makes it an essential while traveling, in gym bags and on the go.


Made from natural and organic ingredients.

Easy to carry.

Awesome packaging.

It comes with a comb.


It doesn’t come with beard shampoo & conditioner.

The smell might not be for everyone.

Beard Balm with Leave-in Conditioner – Styles, Strengthen & Thickens for Healthier Beard Growth by Smooth Viking Beard Care

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This is no ordinary beard balm. Like any high-quality beard balm, it is made from various essential oils to promote healthy beard growth. It makes styling easy and can tame the beastliest of beard due to its softening properties. Its leave-in conditioning treatment makes it’s a great choice for the beard care regimen.


Weighing about 2 ounces, it is easy to carry around.

Pure and organic ingredients.

It leaves the beard soft and easy to comb therefore making styling easy.


It doesn’t come with beard wash and oil so those would have to be purchased separately.

It is quite expensive for its size.

The smell is not great.


All the products mentioned above are great to help you achieve that rugged look with your beard and you’re definitely spoilt for choice. However one product stands out amongst the rest and that is Beard Shampoo Wash & Conditioner, Oil, Balm Softener Care Set by Comfy Mate. The reason for this choice is obvious as the kit has everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to grow your beard. You would not need to purchase any extra product if you own this brand, comes with a fine comb and a book and it is just all-round awesome especially for first time users of beard products.

It is important to know that these products are great but it is essential you take care of your body by cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Fill your diet with nutrients and drink a lot of water, get plenty of sleep and of course, exercise regularly.

Go out there and choose a product to help grow your beard and thank me later. Kindly drop your questions in the comment section. Adios!