Best African American Beard Growth Products

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We all would love to grow the Tom Hardy’s kind of beards, which will not only live your friends and associates stunned, but in a trance of how you grew them. However, the problem is not that we don’t usually make efforts towards growing such beards, but in knowing which product to use.

So, if you’re looking for a product that will accelerate your beard growth as a black man, you’re in good company. I feel there’s a dearth of knowledge about how black men can grow their beard and the right African American beard growth products you can use.

And given that proper care of facial hair is the most effective way of growing them, I will be sharing with you a few things about beard growth for black men, and also recommend some beard care products.

Do You Really Need Beard Growth Products

I don’t consider myself much of a thought leader in beard growth, but, I still think there are some rudiments that beard enthusiasts should know before using a beard growth product.

Beard growth products should be a supplement and not the main core of your beard growth program, meaning, you should give your beard time to grow to its full potential before applying products.

Another important consideration should be when selecting beard growth products, try and select those with natural ingredients to prevent allergies and irritation.

As a matter of importance, before you start using beard growth products, here’s a checklist I think you should observe:

  1. Take care of the foundation of your beard by making sure the skin under your beard is clean and healthy.
  2. The importance of exercise in beard growth cannot be overstated. When you exercise you increase metabolism and increase your testosterone levels which trigger hair growth.
  3. Proper nutrition boosts beard growth, eat foods rich in protein and vitamins.
  4. Fight the urge to scratch that itchy beard: growing a beard requires discipline, meaning that you’ll have to fight the urge of scratching the beard during the itchy phase because that’s when your face tries to adjust to the growth. Eventually, the itches do subside.

Why African American Beard Growth Products

The tightly coiled nature of the black hair leaves black men with ingrown hair when they shave, mainly because of the ribbon-like structure of the hair follicle.

Best African American beard growth products

The coarse nature of the black man’s hair makes shaving painful hence the necessity for beard care products. The dry and brittle nature of the black man’s hair requires him to keep his beard moist. Commonly, black men complain about bumps, patchiness, irritation and dryness, which all joins to make growing beards a slightly painful experience for black men.

Thus in selecting beard growth products, black men should look for products that preserve the moisture of their facial hair and skin. Avoid products that may contain harsh chemicals such as store-bought shampoo and some soaps. Try using all-natural oil processed soaps or cleansing oil instead of beard washing and conditioning.

There are different kinds of beard growth products ranging from the beard conditioner, the beard balm to the beard oil serum.

The beard conditioner softens the hair and helps mend split ends of the hair growth. In using it, apply it on your beard for about 3-5 minutes before washing it off and blow-drying the beard. For deep conditioning, it is recommended that you leave the conditioner for about 8-10 minutes.

There’s also the beard balm that serves as a pomade or lubricant. It helps in keeping the moisture in one’s facial hair. The usage of the beard balm largely depends on how much facial hair you have.

Lastly is the beard oil which allows for even distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles

So here’s a list of some beard products I’d like to recommend;

Prophet Beard Balm

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Prophet Beard Balm is one of the most popular beard growth products, that has a light citrus scent, a dry, thus making it ideal for scruffy beards. And the good thing is, the conditioner does not cause itching or flaking, unlike other beard products. In other words, it is suitable for all beard colors and can be used regardless of ethnicity.
The product is a 2 in 1 combination of balm and wax. The ingredients are 100% organic, with no alcohol present in it. Given that the balm is white in color, it does not only adapt easily with any hair color but clears once you apply it on the facial hair. It stops itchiness, beard flakes and also repairs breakable hairs.

Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil and Beard Balm Set

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An essential part of keeping a healthy beard is by using beard oil. Because of the dry and brittle nature of the African American hair, beard oils moisturize the skin under the beard to eliminate itching or irritation.

The Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil and Beard Balm set contains natural ingredients such as argan oil, Vitamin E oil, sesame and apricot kernel oils. The product prevents premature graying of hair and repairs damaged and stunted facial hair.

Dr.Squatch Pine Tar Soap

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Keeping your skin healthy with a good natural soap is quite important. You can’t just buy any kind of soap off the counter and expect good results. It is advisable to use soap with all-natural ingredients. Dr Squatch Pine Tar Soap is a renowned exfoliating product that removes dead skin, prevents acne, and dandruff. The product has a typical woody pine tar fragrance that is unique to pine tar soaps.

Given that the soap is handmade using an all-natural cold process, it often leaves one’s skin moisturized and clean.

Other essential tools needed in growing a beard includes a beard brush, which the bristles help in distributing the beard oils and balms, a beard comb and a mustache comb for styling.

So dear friends looking to maintain and grow your beard, try allowing it to grow before applying products and when you do apply products, make sure the products contain natural ingredients to prevent allergies and irritation.

Use the beard comb and brush to evenly distribute the beard growth products.

I hope you found this interesting. Kindly leave your questions in the comments section.