How to Shape a Beard Cheek Line Like a Pro?

Having a cool and properly shaped beard cheek line conveys the dignified message that having a beard is supposed to, but this proves difficult for a lot of men. Shaping my beard cheek line was a bitter-sweet experience for me, I would have groomed the beard properly but when it comes to trimming I’d mess it up

Shampoo for beard conditioning

Blow dryer to dry wet beard

A wide-toothed comb

Essential tools that you will need

Quality beard trimmer

5 tips to make your perfect cheek line


Condition and Comb the beard

Condition the beard with shampoo, dry the beard with a blow dryer and comb the beard thoroughly before trimming.

Visualize a straight line from your sideburn to your mustache

Envision a line that flows from your sideburns along your cheek to your mustache. Choose two points with ...



Trim The Hair Above and Along the Cheek Line

Carefully trim the hair above the visualized cheek line. Shave downward from point A in front of the sideburns to Point B where the  ...

Round Off at transition points

Round off the edges at the point where your sideburns meet your mustache and where the beards meet your sideburn. 



Leave the beard cheek line for a few days

Leave the beard cheek line for a few days in order to get accustomed to it. Make a few adjustments, by tweaking it to your liking, and be careful ...

How to Shape a Beard Cheek Line Like a Pro?

I hope you found these steps beneficial because beards are a reflection of who we are and it’s important for us to be able to carry them in a manner that will dignify our discipline in keeping it.