Is Soul Patch Yes Or No For You?

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Cristina

A soul patch is also called a mouche and it is a stunning patch of beard that often grows below the lower lip. If you are bearded, a soul patch can be attractive. However, the way you take care of your mouche determines its attractiveness. Facial hair without a mouche can also be stunning. Therefore, the question is soul patch yes or no for you? This article outlines different things that you should know about these patches.

Soul Patch Yes Or No

A soul patch requires careful planning, and it does not simply grow from nowhere. Some people do not grow facial hair below their lower lips. However, if you are lucky to grow a mouche, you must trim it to get the desired aesthetics. You can also determine the desired length of the hair.

Beard No Soul Patch

A soul patch can be part of a beard, and you can also include it as part of a broader style. For instance, you can have a mustache or a goatee with a soul patch. However, it is possible to have a beard no soul patch if you want. Soul patches were popularized in the 1960s by jazz musicians. A mouche can grow fuller and thicker depending on your preferred style. A soul patch is an attractive hairstyle, and it requires minimal maintenance.

However, some people believe that a soul patch is a bad style. If you are one of them, you can shave off your soul patch and leave your beard. A beard with no soul patch can still be good depending on your needs. Some people believe that if you grow a soul patch, you are likely to appeal to the souls of women. Therefore, the choice is yours, and it depends on how you want to express yourself.

Shaping Your Soul Patch

If you want to shape your soul patch neatly, you must get an appropriate precision trimmer. It is vital to trim the edges of the mouche so that it appears stunning. This should be complemented by shaving your neckline. Your soul patch can say a lot of things about you. The way you trim the mouche will play a significant role in attracting people.

If you are interested in growing a soul patch, you need to take similar steps as in growing a beard. Leave your hair patch to grow longer than the ordinary beard. When you trim your mouche, make sure that the style is outstanding from the rest of the facial hair. You can either grow a lone soul patch or it can be complemented by facial hair on other parts of your face. You need to apply beard oil daily to make your hair grow fuller and faster. In addition, you must wash your hair with the right beard wash, not ordinary soap.

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Beard Mistakes

Somehow, we all make beard mistakes, and they can ruin your style. Once you make a terrible mistake, you will be forced to shave off the entire board. Therefore, you must know good vs bad beards that can impact your appearance. Many people often make the mistake of believing that they can develop new hair follicles by using certain hair products. This is just a myth since nothing like that can ever happen. Therefore, you need to avoid specific mistakes that can affect the growth of your beard. From the onset, you should know that no product can help you grow new hair follicles. If you have a spot with no hairs, nothing can change the situation unless you have dormant hair follicles. You can use beard growth vitamins to achieve fuller and thicker hair since they stimulate the hair follicles.

Not Using Beard Oil

The other mistake often made by many people is not using beard oil. Beard oil helps to keep your skin moisturized which helps promote beard growth. Healthier skin is good for the growth of your facial hair. If you invest in quality beard oil, it becomes easier to maintain your facial hair.

Avoid Trimming A Wet Beard

No matter what style you want to shave, you should avoid the mistake of trimming your beard when it is wet. After showering, wait for your facial hair to dry. You can pat it dry using a towel so that it retains its normal length. A wet beard usually appears longer, and this gives you a false impression of the correct size. Therefore, wait for your beard to dry and trim it later. This will help you to maintain the desired length of your beard.

Use A Quality Beard Comb

The other common mistake that is often made by many people is that they use poor-quality plastic combs. A quality comb is a necessity for your beard since the cheap ones can cause more harm than good. The teeth of plastic combs can damage your hair which makes it difficult to maintain. These combs come with imperfections that are not easy to notice, and they can damage your hair. A good comb also helps remove dandruff which can affect the quality of your style. You can also straighten your hair with a comb before trimming it. The other aspect is that a comb helps to spread beard oil across your facial hair.

Use A Quality Beard Comb

Choose The Appropriate Style

The other mistake that you should avoid is choosing the wrong mouche style. There are different styles that you can consider, but you also need to understand the shape of your face. It is a good idea to consult your barber about the appropriate style that suits your face.


The mouche is one of the old-school beard styles popularized in the 1960s by jersey musicians. Many women are attracted to soul patches. However, you need to consider if soul patch yes or no for you before you wear it. It is essential to understand how to grow a soul patch and maintain it. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about soul patches. You can leave your comments below.