10 Best Italian Beard Styles To Upgrade Your Look

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Are you looking for a style that will make heads turn? Look no further than the Italian beard. The 10 best styles are all about being bold, striking, and glorious. With so many to choose from, it’ll be difficult to decide which one is right for your face shape and personality.,

The “new beard style 2020” is a trend that has been on the rise for a while now. It’s time to upgrade your look with this new style of facial hair.

Nowadays, Italian guys like to sport a variety of beard styles. 

They try with numerous types of mustaches and Italian beards. 

These Italian beard styles are worth a shot.

You must, however, adhere to stringent guidelines: regular upkeep and grooming are essential. 

Are you prepared to face it?

Beard styles in Italy range from brief stubble to big beards.

Depending on your preferences and settings, you may choose from a number of Italian beard styles.

This post will go through the best Italian beard styles that you can do anywhere with ease.

Balbo Beard in Italic

10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look Balbo Beard in Italic

The three pieces of this Italian beard are as follows:

  1. A mustache that follows the line of your mouth. 
  2. Below your bottom lip, you have chin hair.
  3. Under the chin, reversed ‘T’ shaped facial hair.

You will seem old and gorgeous if you wear this beard with a thick mustache. 

You may grow a long, dense beard to give yourself a more manly appearance. Also, clean your cheek line to raise this beard. 

This elegant beard style is ideal for guys in their forties and fifties. You may wear this beard to work, parties, interviews, and other casual occasions. 

The Balbo beard style is ideal for every facial type. With this elegant beard, a comb-over or side part haircut will look great. 

You may also dye this beard red or orange to give it a more finished appearance.

This beard looks well with both professional and informal attire.

Beard of Verdi (Italian)

1641421747_919_7-Appealing-Edwardian-Beard-Styles-In-Trend Beard of Verdi (Italian)

Giuseppe Verdi, the legendary Italian opera composer, inspired this sultry beard. 

The mustache is separated from the beard in this distinctive beard design. The tips of this mustache cross the 1.5-cm-wide corners of the mouth.

For a square-shaped face, this trendy beard is ideal. 

With their attitude, young boys and middle-aged men may flaunt this beard. 

This ultra-sleek beard is appropriate for conferences, parties, casual gatherings, and parties. 

You may develop a beard up to 10 cm long beneath your lower lips. 

Apply some beard wax on this one-of-a-kind mustache to give it the shape you want.

Short stubble in italic

14-Amazing-Professional-Beard-Styles Short stubble in italic

Younger boys are known for their easy-to-maintain Italian short stubble.

This stylish beard is appropriate for college, job interviews, parties, and proms. It goes well with both corporate and leisure attire.

However, this basic beard is only appropriate for a square-shaped face.

What’s your take on the fashionable Italian beard styles?

  1. Completely shave your beard.
  2. Then sit back and wait for your beard to reach the appropriate length.
  3. Trim it to the proper form after you’ve reached the necessary length.
  4. Face hair on the neck and cheeks should be shaved.

Beard of an Italian Hipster

1641961949_425_10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look Beard of an Italian Hipster

The hipster beard is the most fashionable Italian beard style that you may wear to work and at parties.

Trim your lengthy, thick mustache to blend it in with your beard.

This hipster beard would look great with a sleek back hairdo. Wear this unkempt beard to the workplace, presentations, parties, and other casual occasions. 

This beard is best for men between the ages of 25 and 40. 

This most popular Italian beard style requires a square-shaped face. 

Viking Facial Haircut in Italic

1641961950_505_10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look Viking Facial Haircut in Italic

It is necessary to maintain and clean this bushy beard on a regular basis in order to keep it nice and polished.

This edgy beard makes you feel more macho.

A tiny beard covering your upper lips gives you a more mature appearance. 

With your formal or informal outfit, you may make this beard more elegant. 

This beard would be appropriate for the workplace, parties, casual occasions, and parties. 

For this ultra-cool beard, you must have either a square or round face. 

This beard style is ideal for guys in their forties and fifties.

5 o’clock Italian Shadow Beard

1641961951_495_10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look 5 o’clock Italian Shadow Beard =

It’s another easy-to-maintain beard style that offers you a more mature appearance. 

This beautiful beard style is excellent for young boys. This beard goes well with both casual and formal attire. 

To wear this beard, you must have a square-shaped face. 

It must be worn to work, interviews, universities, and casual occasions.

To maintain this beard in shape, trim it often.

Tapered Italian Facial Hair

1641961953_339_10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look Tapered Italian Facial Hair

The neck and cheek lines of this elegant beard should be trimmed. 

This hot-trending beard style will make you seem dashing.

This beard does not need a lot of upkeep. It goes well with a soul patch or a circle beard.

To have this ultra-glamorous beard style, you must be square-shaped or round-shaped. It goes well with both casual and formal attire.

Middle-aged guys look good with a tapered beard.

Goatee without Mustache in Italic Style

1640206037_595_16-Powerful-Corporate-Beard-Styles Goatee without Mustache in Italic Style

This fantastic look is ideal for males in their twenties and thirties. 

To get this smooth beard, shave your cheeks clean and leave just a soul patch, chin hair, and a tiny mustache.

This beard looks well on those with round or oval features. 

This beard will look great with semi-formal or business casual outfits.

This crispy beard goes well with a buzz-cut hairdo. 

You can rock in the workplace, parties, prom nights, and other casual occasions with this great beard.

Long Stubble in Italy

1641961955_227_10-Best-Italian-Beard-Styles-To-Upgrade-Your-Look Long Stubble in Italy

To seem cleaner and polished, this edgy and mature beard requires a lot of attention. 

To keep it from overgrowing, you must keep it correctly trimmed.

This mature beard style looks great on any facial type. 

Younger lads and middle-aged adults will look great with this ultra-sleek beard.

Long stubble may be worn with formal attire. At the workplace, debates, conferences, and other casual gatherings, flaunt this macho beard. 

Do you have bald spots in your lengthy beard?

If this is the case, just add beard oil to your beard to fill in the gaps.

Garibaldi Beard Style in Italy

1641421750_666_7-Appealing-Edwardian-Beard-Styles-In-Trend Garibaldi Beard Style in Italy

With his thick mustache, Garibaldi’s beard looks great. You may also wear it with the trimmed version if you choose.

This macho beard style provides you confidence and a manly appearance. 

It’s appropriate for the workplace, parties, conferences, and other casual occasions. 

This attractive beard style requires a square-shaped face. 

This mature beard is ideal for guys in their forties and fifties.


Italian beard styles are simple to maintain and may be worn on any face shape. 

They give your charming personality a mature and edgy appearance. 

However, for a more finished texture, you must oil and comb your Italian beard on a regular basis. 

To keep those gorgeous beard styles, you must eat a balanced diet. 

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The “short stubble beard” is a type of facial hair that is short in length and has a five o’clock shadow. It is the most popular style among men who are looking to upgrade their look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most attractive beard style?

A: This is difficult to answer. There are some features that make a beard more attractive than others, such as the quality of facial hair and how closely it matches your skin tone. In general, you should have clean-shaven or well trimmed whiskers for an overall best appearance.

Are beards in fashion for 2021?

A: Yes.

How can I make my beard more attractive?

A: You can use beard styling products and a clipper to groom your facial hair.

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