13 Legendary Rock Stars with Beards

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Rock stars have a reputation for being eccentric but an iconic rock star with a beard is something rare. Here are some of the most recognized bearded legends in history, and their beards tell the story of their journey from musician to icon.

The “long bearded rock stars” is an article that discusses 13 legendary rock stars with beards. Each of the musicians has a long beard, and each of them has a different type of music.

Rock performers with beards have characterized some of the most renowned vocalists, guitarists, and drummers, like Rob Zombie, Kerry King, and James Hetfield, since the beginning of rock-and-roll.

Rock star beards may vary from big, bushy beards to theatrical facial hair that complements a unique style. Rob Zombie’s braided beard, for example, reveals his unconventional inclinations. Check out how to obtain these amazing rock star beards.13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-Beards

Dave Grohl is number one.

Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana and vocalist of Foo Fighters, is a bearded rock artist who is known for his long haircut. On Instagram Live, he’s also renowned for jamming with followers.

1642357461_444_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsDave Grohl usually keeps his beard short, although he has been known to grow it out for special occasions.

Jerry Garcia is number two.

Jerry Garcia, lead vocalist and guitarist of the Grateful Dead, was known for his bushy beard and haircut. In 1995, he died, leaving Mickey Hart, his bandmate, “a total mess.”

1642357462_890_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsAt one time, the Grateful Dead vocalist had one of rock’s largest beards.

Rob Zombie is number three.

The musician turned horror movie director has always sported some edgy bearded looks. This one below is one of his tamer styles.1642357463_139_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsRob Zombie is known for dreading his beard and hair.

Billy Gibbons, No. 4

I’d really like to point out that both Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill have incredibly long beards. That’s one of the things ZZ Top has been known for. This recent performance by ZZ Top revealed Gibbons’ yeard beard and signature style.1642357464_836_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsBilly Gibbons performs with ZZ Top sporting a magnificently bushy long beard.

5. The Beatles’ John Lennon

The Beatles frontman and lead singer frequently grew out his beard, creating a generation who wanted to look just like the “peace and love” rockstar.1642357464_31_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsJohn Lennon let his beard grow as bushy as he liked.

Keke Okereke is number six on the list.

Bloc Party lead singer Kele Okereke frequently sports a thick Garibaldi beard and dreads.1642357466_927_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsKele Okereke and band Bloc Party just released new music, starting a new tour in 2019.

James Hetfield (#7)

James Hetfield of Metallica is noted for his ever-changing haircuts and beards. Metal Amino listed his top five bearded styles.

1642357467_499_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsIn the 1980s and 1990s, Hetfield loved to maintain his beard and hair long.

Kerry King, no. 8

Slayer’s Kerry King never fails to do something iconic with his long beard.1642357468_922_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsKing typically sports a shaved head with a long, yeard beard that is either braided or left to hang naturally.

John Petrucci (nine)

Dream Theater’s guitar John Petrucci has a lot to smile about, especially his thick mustache and full beard. Dream Theater was recently named one of the top 10 metal bands of all-time by Rolling Stone readers.1642357469_444_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsPetrucci has always sported a long hairstyle and beard.

Justin Foley is number ten.

The drummer of Killswitch Engage likes to keep a shaved head while maintaining one of the longest beards in rock-and-roll.1642357470_236_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsFoley rockin’ his signature bald and beard look. It’s been part of his style since Killswitch Engage started. Image courtesy of VIEWIMAGES.

Mick Jagger (#11)

While he may prefer a clean-shaven look now, Mick Jagger used to have one of the most magnificent beards in rock-and-roll.1642357471_244_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsJagger sported this bushy beard in the mid-1970s through early 1980s, becoming an icon of rock music.

Dave Navarro (#12)

Dave Navarro, lead vocalist and guitarist for Jane’s Addiction, enjoys growing a beard and often wears a Van Dyke beard.

1642357472_570_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsDave Navarro is known for wearing a soul patch and growing a Van Dyke beard.

Bruce Springsteen (#13)

No list would be complete without dropping the Bruce Springsteen beard. This classic rock beard is uneven and patchy. Nowadays, Bruce sports a clean-shaven face or a simple soul patch for a little extra flair.1642357473_884_13-Legendary-Rock-Stars-with-BeardsBruce Springsteen was known for his classic rock beard in the early years.

Honorable Mentions for Other Bearded Musicians

I’d be remiss if I didn’t list a few well-known rock singers with beards:

  • Beard, Frank
  • Frank Zappa is a musician who is well-known for his
  • Zakk Wylde is a musician from the United States.
  • Auerbach, Dan
  • Morrison, Jim
  • Ian Scott Scott

The “singers with beards 2020” is a list of 13 legendary rock stars who have had beards. The list includes musicians such as David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rock band had long beards?

A: The Beatles.

What band all had beards?

A: The band Genesis had some members with beards.

Who is the coolest rock star of all time?

A: David Bowie is the coolest rock star of all time.

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