Why Beard Grows Faster On One Side?

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There are a lot of problems in life; money problems, relationships, damned traffic and lots more. Bearded men face the extra problem of properly grooming and growing their beard to the desired style. But what if the beard grows faster on one side?

It becomes annoying that some have to deal with one side of their beard-growing faster than the other. It could be infuriating as it makes the beard look weird especially when it is noticeable by others.

So to answer the question ‘why does one side of my beard grow faster?’, we need to know and understand the causes and of course how to deal with it. So come along for another learning experience in the world of the beard gang. The learning never stops. 

Why Does My Beard Grows Faster on One Side?

This problem has forced many men to forgo a possible bearded look in favor of a clean shave and who can blame them? To be honest, we are usually the ones that notice this phenomenon in our bodies when looking in the mirror rather than others. It is however still a problem that plagues both newbies and oldies in the beard game and must be addressed.

Why Does My Beard Grows Faster on One Side?

Honestly, the human body is not perfect. If it was, we wouldn’t have to deal with sickness, acne, overweight, underweight, and whatever bodily problems there are. We would just remain the same our whole lives and what’s the beauty in that?

Your beard-growing faster on one side is similar to hair growing faster on one side too and there are a number of reasons for this the most important being genetics.

As I said earlier, the human body is not perfect so it isn’t symmetrical either. This applies to the interior and exterior of the body.

Each hair follicle has its own blood supply and the vessels are not completely symmetrical as some parts of the body might receive more blood than others. Therefore if a hair follicle gets more blood it would definitely receive more nutrients including oxygen thereby making the beard grow faster.

This all comes back to genetics. If you have a dad or elder brother who complains about his hair growing faster on one side, chances are you would have similar complaints. It is a possibility that one side of your face has more hair follicles than the other therefore beard would grow faster on that side. 


Asides genetics, there are other factors/causes of faster growth on one side of the beard which are more under our control. They are:

  •         Sleeping: Many people sleep on their sides. Therefore the side which you use to rest your head on the pillow would probably have a weaker growth than the other side. This is because the blood vessels on that side may be compressed while you sleep leading to less blood supply.
  •         Injury: An injury on the side of your face could cause uneven beard growth.
  •         Sunlight: You spend a lot of time in a car with the sunlight touching one side of your face. Sunlight radiation usually causes uneven beard growth. If possible, protect your face from sunlight as much as possible.
My Beard Grows Faster on One Side: Tips
  •         Habits: Picking/Playing with your beard when you’re bored or nervous could affect the growth rate of your beard. If you’re used to picking one side then that side might experience a slower growth leaving patches in your beard. 

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My Beard Grows Faster on One Side: Tips

It is difficult to correct this growth imbalance because as I have mentioned several times, humans are not perfect and therefore not symmetrical. It is impossible to grow new hair follicles on the side that’s lacking. However, a few things could be done to help correct the problem of faster growth on one side.

  • Time: This is obvious but it is important to be patient and allow the beard to grow out. One side growing faster during the initial stages of beard growth is not so uncommon. Do not shave off your beard just after a few weeks because of this. Give it time to grow and even out. Allow the beard to grow for at least 3 months before you make any decision. As your beard grows thicker, the faster growth rate on one side could become less noticeable.
  • Shaving/Trimming: Another solution might be to trim the side of a beard that has a faster growth while allowing the slower side to catch up. Even if you have a thick beard and it is fairly noticeable one side of your beard is thicker than the other due to quick growth, you should trim it to even it out.
  • Beard Products: If after a few months, one side of the beard is thicker than the other, you can use different beard products to help thicken your beard and enhance growth. Beard oils or balms are good products to help fill out your beard leaving it healthier. A recommended product is Beard Shampoo Wash & Conditioner, Oil, Balm Softener Care Set by Comfy Mate.  Minoxidil is also a good product for stimulating hair follicles to help with beard growth. A recommended product is Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Liquid.


  • Diet and Exercise are of great help to stimulate beard growth, so it is important to follow a healthy routine. Having a faster growth on one side of the beard is not too dissimilar from having a patchy beard and the solutions are not so different. It is important to know no one has a perfectly even beard growth.
Why Beard Grows Faster On One Side Diet and Exercise

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In conclusion, noticing a faster beard growth on one side is likely due to our insecurities and is most times, not a big deal. If you’re however bothered by it you can try to avoid some of the causes while following the tips that would aid the process of even growth on both sides. Just remember that with time, your beard would even out on both sides and get thicker.

Remember, there is beauty in imperfection. If you carry yourself (and your beard) confidently, people would hardly notice any imperfection you might have. Be a rock star and rock your beard with pride.

As usual, don’t forget to pop up in the comment section for your questions. I leave you in peace. Ciao!


Does sleeping on one side affect beard growth?

At times you may notice that the beard on the one side is growing faster and thicker than the other side. Different factors determine the rate of growth of a beard such as stress nutrition, and exercise. Nutrients are not distributed evenly in the body, and this can have a bearing on the growth patterns of your hair. If the blood supply in your body is asymmetrical, you may experience uneven growth of hair. When you sleep on one side for extended periods, the vessels may be compressed and this affects the flow of blood. As a result, you can witness uneven growth of facial hair.  

Does drinking water help your beard grow? 

Water helps keep our bodies hydrated, and it is for our skin, hair, and overall health. If you want to promote the growth of hair, your skin should be healthy, and you can achieve this by drinking plenty of water. The advantage of drinking water is that it increases the circulation of blood. Therefore, this allows nutrients and blood to be carried to tissues, cells, and the skin. Healthy skin is the answer for beard growth since the hair follicles require nutrients to grow. However, you should note that alcohol is not good for hair growth since it dehydrates the body.     

At what age does a beard grow fully? 

Males start growing facial hair during their puberty or when they are teenagers. However, age encourages hair to grow fuller and thicker and this can be achieved between the ages of 25 and 35 years. However, this varies from person to person. Testosterone is a male hormone that promotes beard growth, and its production varies depending on each individual. 

Does uneven hair catch up? 

Naturally, the growth of hair is uneven among different people. A healthy diet can help uneven hair to catch up. The good thing about good food is that it nourishes the hair follicles to promote the growth of hair. If you eat right, you will realize that the growth of your hair significantly improves. Some of the best nutrients for hair growth include iron, Biotin, protein, Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc, Omega- 3 and 6. Additionally, you should keep your body hydrated.  

Does sleep help beard growth?

Enough sleep is perfect for hair growth and overall health. There are many benefits of sleeping such as reducing stress which affects the growth of your hair. When you are resting, the body experiences the most stable flow of blood to different organs. This means that the hair follicles will receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients during resting time. In other words, you must have sufficient sleep to achieve faster growth of your hair.   

Is saltwater good for your beard?

Salt is not appropriate for your hair since it damages it. For instance, ocean water consists of high salt content that causes hair dryness and brittle locks. Your beard can also develop split ends if you spend a lot of time in saltwater which leaves your hair lifeless. Sweat also produces salt components that can be damaging to your hair. You must wash your hair using shampoo after leaving seawater. During hot seasons, keep your body hydrated.