Beard Line Up Styles For An Amazing Look

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Over the years, beards have evolved from an exotic image to becoming a popular fashion trend. There are now many different styles for you to choose from when growing your own beard and hair with these trends in mind.

The “new beard style 2020” is a new look that will be popular in the next few years. The “new beard style 2020” has been created by blending different styles together to create a unique look.

There are three places that guys who wish to retain tight lines in their beard should concentrate on. The sideburns, cheeks, and neck are all part of this. Your beard will grow out of control, and you’ll have a few stray strays. There are methods that may be followed to clean up your facial hair and give you some attractive edges. Take a look at our post on How To Line Up Your Beard for some pointers on how to do this.

This article will look at some useful hints for achieving certain beard styles, as well as a tool for shaping your beard to produce good straight edges.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beard styles.

Beard Styles in Sequence

Beard Lines with a Rounded Shape

You can make curved lines in your beard if you have a rounder face. This is an example of how to make your cheeks, mustache, and chin more defined. This design has rounded out edges that complement his face, rather than straight corners.Beard-Line-Up-Styles-For-An-Amazing-Look

Hockey Stick Design

The curved lines on the cheeks, as well as the straight edges on the sideburns, provide this impression. Your sideburns may be trimmed to stubble to give your beard a bigger, thicker appearance. You’ll need a reasonable angle, but not a “L” form, since it would be excessive.1641924370_825_Beard-Line-Up-Styles-For-An-Amazing-Look

Beard with a Curve


The Beard with a Curve style is great for guys who can grow a beard high on their cheeks. This allows a subtle curved transition from the sideburns down to the cheeks. This just requires a trimmer to follow along your natural beard lines that are high on your face.

Beard Lines in the Shape of a Quarter Moon


From his beard to his hairline, there is a curvature that grows closer as it gets higher. A short haircut near to the scalp helps to define the beard and makes the lines that go from the beard to the skull more visible.

Beard with a Straight Edge


The Beard with a Straight Edge is a great style for men who have a high hairline. This allows for a long straight line for your sideburns that transition into a 45 degree angle at the cheek.

Beard with a Funnel


This beard style has the appearance of an upside down funnel. The beard’s straight lines taper outward on either side. One runs from the back to the neck, while the other runs down the cheek at an angle. It’s worth noting that the goatee and mustache do not meet, allowing for a longer line down the cheek.

The Diagonal Beard Line is a line that runs diagonally across your beard.


You’ll need to trace a tight diagonal line from your chin up to a point near your ear to obtain this beard style. A straight line down your sideburns to a point on your neck beard is also required. Except for the thin sharp sideburns, this look is comparable to that of a hockey puck.

The Beard of the Circle


To get this beard style, just draw a circle on your beard and hairline. The chin is slightly angled, which is an excellent appearance for males with a round face and short hair that reveals their forehead.

From Thin to Thick


For males who can grow a thick beard on their cheeks, this is a fantastic look. Many men get patchy skin on their faces, but if you have a lot of follicle development in this area, you may achieve this appearance. You should draw a long straight line down the back of your sideburns and a curve as high as you can on your cheeks. If you clip your hair too short, the fullness of the style will be lost.

The L-Shaped Bead is a kind of bead that is shaped like an L.


This beard style necessitates a thin beard, although not nearly as thin as a chinstrap beard. On your cheeks, you’ll need to shave or trim the majority of your beard. Then, near the bottom of your sideburns, you’ll need to form a tight angle. The angle will be close to 90 degrees. You may round out your facial hair there after it reaches your mustache.

Beard with a J-Shape


To get this appearance, cut a straight line from the top of your head to the middle of your cheek. To get a J shape, develop a tiny bend in your facial hair after you’ve reached your cheek.

Line on One Cheek


You’ll need one line down your cheeks for this look, but you won’t need to trim or edge your sideburns continuing down into your neck beard hair. This gives your beard a more unkempt and fuller appearance while yet maintaining a tidy edge on your cheek.

Beard Lines in the Standard Style


The most prevalent beard style is this one. Short sideburns gently bend towards the facial hair on your cheek in this style. There is a gentle slope from the bottom of each sideburn across the neck for the lines beneath your chin. In this design, there are no sharp corners.

Styles of Black Men’s Beards

Tip of the Diamond


A straight line to a point rising up your face and up your neck is required for this beard style. These two lines will intersect and produce an upside-down diamond-shaped point.

Mustache Lines That Aren’t Too Thick


A typical cheek line leads to a point at the sideburn in this black beard style. It also features a thin mustache that runs down the cheek and joins the beard.

Only Neck Lines are allowed.


There is nothing trimmed or shaved on the cheeks in this black guy beard line. Simply let it to develop organically and it will take care of itself. Below your jawline, you’ll need to trim and edge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most attractive beard style?

A: The most attractive beard style is a goatee.

How should a lined up beard look?

A: A lined up beard should look like the following picture.

What are some cool beard styles?

A: Here are some cool beard styles that might suit you.

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