Best Beard Trimmers for Long Beards

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Keeping a classy and elegant beard is a lot of work (really!!), I respect guys who are able to keep clean, long and immaculate beards.  As a person, I like having control over my beard because, ever since I started making effort towards grow it, going to the barber doesn’t give me as much satisfaction as trimming my beard by myself. So today, I will be sharing with you some of the best beard trimmer for long beards. Hey, cool??

Beard trimmers or Beard Shears

Trimming your beard with either a trimmer or shears largely depends on the length of the beard and of course on personal choice. This is because beard trimmers gives you a certain level of freedom over the way your beard is cut. Another cool thing about the beard trimmer is the fact that it can be used on different parts of the face, the neck and also backlines.

On the other hand, beard scissors are not really advisable due to the length of the shears, but are quite good for trimming as well. That being said, there are a few things to consider before selecting your beard trimmer;

  1. The purpose of the trimmer: do you want to use it exclusively for beard trimming or you might need it for other facial hair
  2. The Features: what special features does the product have
  3. Beard length: the length of your beard is also a key factor in choosing a beard trimmer.

In selecting a beard trimmer, I have a personal affinity for cordless beard trimmers, not only because of the ease of mobility, but also because of the sporty look that they have. Here are some of my top beard trimmers for longer beards. So, what are some best beard trimmer for long beards?

Best Beard Trimmers for Long Beards


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The Phillips Series have produced reliable products over the years and the 7200 BT7215 is super cool. Not only does it possess a supercharged lithium battery that can function cordlessly for about 2 hours when fully charged, but you can also use it while plugged into a power source if you want.

One cool feature of this product is the lift and trim technology which lifts all flat-lying hair and trims it. The trimmer doesn’t leave a lot of mess as it sucks up 80% of the hair that falls off, through its integrated vacuum system that takes in the falling hair. This is one of the best beard trimmer for long beards.

The rounded contour of the combs prevents irritation, thus making it easy for you to navigate the trimmer through your skin. With this appliance, you can also alter the precision level of the trimmer by turning the zooming wheel. The Product is quite sleek and easy to clean. Kindly note that it is not waterproof. The blades are sharp and the easy glide makes for quick shaving.


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The Panasonic ER-GB80-K, is a very good beard trimmer for long beards. Being typical of a Panasonic trimmer, the product does not only have a rubberized grip for firm control and comfort while trimming, but also precision-oriented blades that are set at 45-degree angles, which allows for efficient trimming.

The blades are also irritation-free as they are made of hypoallergenic steel which is great for sensitive skin. In addition, it has an adjustable beard trimmer dial with 39 adjustable precision settings for trimming and every other purpose.

The precision also makes the product useful for trimming hair on other parts of the body like the legs, the hair e.t.c. It has a water drain design which makes it washable, a handy tool that can be used for about an hour cordless, and the ability to make for an awesome travel kit because of the versatility and its lightweight.


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One of the top-rated trimmers for long beards, The Remington MB4045A is quite efficient at grooming enviable long beards. The trimmer has titanium coated blades for longevity and durability. 

It also has a unique self-sharpening and oiling titanium blades that not only make the trimmer last long, but provide good trimming results. It has 27 length settings for different beard lengths. 

The trimmer kit contains a cool pop up trimmer for precision trimming, styling and tight spots, three-length combs for the length settings, a brush and a stainless steel scissors.

The lithium powered battery can run for 2 hours after a 4 hour charge and has a charge indicator which shows when the trimmer is charged. 

The blades and motor work in such synchronization that they effortlessly trim any type of beards.

Another nice feature in the trimmer is that its head can easily be washed, due to the quick release function of the blade, which allows you to easily clean the blades after each use. The trimmer has earned good reviews among users.


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One thing I like about Wahl Clipper Trimmer is that it’s got the style and its quite sleek which gives me a cool feeling when I hold it. The body of the trimmer is made of stainless steel. WAHL has been in the business for a while and they are known to making reliable products. 

The impeccability of this appliance is that not only does the design look very enticing, but the functionality is as enchanting as the design.

In terms of performance, the stainless steel blades are quite powerful and need to be oiled to prevent dulling. The blades sharpen themselves self by moving slightly over each other when in use. Overall, the trimmer is a good travel companion as an hour charge provides four hours of usage.

So, there goes my favorite beard trimmers according to the brand and product. As a matter of importance, you should always consider the purpose, beard length, the features present in the trimmer, price and reviews left by other customers.

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