Don’t Ruin your New Tattoo: How & When to Shave

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It’s the most common question asked to those with a new tattoo: when should I shave? There is no right answer, but here are some tips on how and when you may want to start.

Tattoos are a huge part of the culture. They can be fun and exciting to get, but they also come with some risks. One risk is that your tattoo will dry out overnight. This article will teach you how to prevent this from happening. Read more in detail here: tattoo drying out overnight.

It’s reasonable for someone to consider whether or not to shave over a tattoo, particularly if it’s fresh. It’s a legitimate issue, and the quick answer is that you most certainly can once you know all of the data.

Once you’ve completely healed, mastered your shaving gear, and completed a few good shaves, shaving over tattooed skin is pretty simple.

Still seeking for an answer to the second big question: when is it safe to shave over a tattoo? Continue reading to learn about the factors to consider, such as when and how to shave.


When is it OK to shave over a tattoo?

Your tattoo artist will provide you aftercare instructions for your new artwork when you acquire fresh ink, which may differ from artist to artist. Then, unless you want to risk hurting your new investment, you’ll have to wait until it completely recovers.

Aftercare for New Tattoos

It will take time to recover from the impacts of the artist’s instruments, depending on the region, size, and design complexity.

Always follow your artist’s aftercare and shaving instructions.

The artist will usually cover the new tattoo with a thin coating of Vaseline and non-stick bandages to preserve it. Wait 24 hours, then remove the bandages, wash with a light antibacterial soap, and pat dry gently.

You’ll need to keep safeguarding the skin’s surface until it’s dried. I prefer to use Vaseline Healing Jelly or Aquaphor Healing Ointment (both are wonderful) (better). If you don’t want to use bandages, apply it twice a day.

There are a lot of sophisticated and pricey tattoo care products out there that you don’t need.

After a tattoo has healed, you may safely shave over it.

So, when will my tattoo be healed? Under normal conditions, the outer layer of skin of a fresh tattoo heals in 2 to 3 weeks, according to this article.

Even though it seems and feels cured, the skin underneath it may take up to 6 months to properly recover. So, as recommended by your artist, continue with your aftercare.

Common Issues

Even after waiting for the healing time, still carefully examine the tattooed area, looking out for Common Issues that can postpone shaving efforts.

Inflammation of a tattoo

Mild inflammation, often known as an acute inflammatory response, is typical after receiving a tattoo. Because of the needle and ink, the skin at the tattooed spot may become inflamed. It may also seem red and bloated, although this usually goes away after 2 to 3 weeks after recovery.

Scabs for Tattoos

It’s usual for your tattoo to scab up throughout the healing process, and this is quite acceptable.

You may also notice dry skin or bubbling in addition to the scabs. This is a common side effect of the healing process, according to Healthline.

It’s vital not to pick or scrape at the scabs since they may become quite irritating when the skin dries out. As a result, it’s preferable to avoid shaving the afflicted region entirely. Aside from damaging the tattoo, it might irritate the skin even more. So, keep doing your post-workout regimen.

Tattoo in the Clouds

Cloudy or milky tattoos are discussed in an article by Authority Tattoo, who explain that cloudiness is usual in the final phases of healing. The scabs should have come off by this point, and the ink underneath them should be slowly regaining its vibrancy.

If you see any cloudiness on your freshly tattooed skin, you should postpone any attempts to remove hair from the cloudy area.

So, at this time, it’s better to keep your hands off and protect the region, and avoid shaving.

Tattoo Peeling

Peeling is a natural and anticipated aspect of the healing process as new skin starts to rebuild itself. Peeling is common during the first 2-3 days after getting a fresh tattoo. When your skin is peeling, you should avoid shaving.

Pain from a Tattoo

The discomfort felt following a fresh tat differs from person to person, and is linked to the abraded skin and subsequent swelling.

If you’re still in pain, regardless of how long it takes for you to recover, don’t shave for at least a few days or until the discomfort goes away. If the discomfort persists, get medical help.

Shaving might lead to an infection or allergic response.

Other Thoughts

Keeping Your Tattoo Safe

Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always

  • The healing jelly should be applied to the patch until it is entirely healed.
  • Avoid using sulfate-based soaps since they will ruin your chances of getting a lasting mark.
  • Patience is required. Aside from the need of healing time, the ink requires time to sink down from the epidermis (top layer of the skin) to the dermis (middle layer of the skin) (deeper layer of the skin).

Shaver’s Harmful Effects

Shaving equipment, such as manual and electric razors, have an impact on the skin’s normal shedding cycle (some more than others). Shaving too soon may result in the skin being removed before it has had time to heal, disrupting the natural process of setting the tattoo. 

So, if handled incorrectly, a shaver may destroy a tattoo. It may get discolored or infected as a result of it.

Before getting a tattoo, you should shave.

Is it necessary for me to shave before getting a tattoo? The answer is simple: no. Prior to your visit, you’ll most likely get instructions, and any trained artist would normally shave the area with a fine razor themselves.

Last Thoughts

It’s not a question of whether you can shave over a tattoo. All you have to do now is be patient and wait for it to totally heal before using your shaver. You can prevent harming the skin and allowing speedier healing as well as avoiding spoiling the tattoo art you’ve paid for.

tattoo looks smudged under saniderm” is a common problem that many people have. As long as you shave within 24 hours of getting your tattoo, it should look just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to ruin a new tattoo?

A: It is very easy to ruin a new tattoo. Tattoo ink fades with time, so as soon as the colors fade and your skin starts peeling up its already ruined. The best way to prevent this from happening is by getting a professional level of care while you walk out of the studio with an amazing design that will hold its color for years

What should you not do after a tattoo?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. There are many different things that can cause pain and infection after tattooing, so it is best not to do anything that could increase your risk of hurting yourself or getting an infection. Some examples would be washing the area too much, scratching at the scabbing, going into pools or hot tubs immediately following inking. Certain medications such as ibuprofen may also make healing more difficult if taken within 24 hours following inking

Can I damage my tattoo?

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