5 Ways To Grow A Viking Beard Style

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Viking beard style was originally meant to deal with cold weather but they have since become popular and they are part of the Viking tradition of portraying power. The style also makes the wearer looks rough and tough and there are different types of styles. However, the major issue is that it can be tricky to grow a Viking beard since it takes more time for the beard to grow. You also need to be patient to achieve a fuller and thicker beard style. As such, we have compiled a list of five steps that you can follow to grow the Viking style you want.

Pick the Viking Beard Style You Want

The first step is to choose the right style you want before styling your beard. The size of your beard will determine your choice of style that you will pick. If you decide to wear a long and thick beard, then you can consider braids since they make your facial hair typically Viking in style, and having a tattoo on any part of your body, would definitely increase your sex appeal. There are different types of braiding styles that you can consider to improve your aesthetic appearance.

Choosing a Viking beard style

You can have a single braid if your facial hair is thin or you can grow a single thick and massive braid. Alternatively, you can consider two or three braids depending on the size of the hair. You can also make small braids after starting growing your facial hair. If you want to keep your beard in fullness, then there may be no need for braiding it. At times you can also groom nice Vikings beard styles on short facial hair. Therefore, you should carefully pick the right style that suits your needs.

Let the hair grow

Growing a Viking beard requires a lot of patience if you want to grow an impressive Viking beard. You must let your facial hair grow. You should know that the growth of hair is not measurable such that you can predict that you will have a full beard after a certain period. The only thing to do is to give your hair time to grow. There is no way you can fast track the growth of hair unless to wait for it to grow naturally.

It can take up to 13 weeks to achieve full growth that can permit the styling of your Viking beard. Your hair needs time to grow and you must constantly take care of it to achieve the size that you desire. You should make sure that the beards are free of dirt and other debris that can affect growth.

Trim Your Viking Beard

Whether you want a long or short beard to grow a Viking style, it is essential to trim your facial hair. Trimming is good for the beard since it makes it neat and tidy. You should know that hair does not grow naturally at a uniform rate so trimming will help maintain your beard with the same level.

It is also crucial to ensure that you trim your beard while it is dry to attain uniformity. When the beard is wet, you will realize that it sits differently so you can end up with an uneven line of facial hair. You should always start by combing your facial hair so that you know what should be trimmed. You must use the right beard trimmer preferably an electrical one to achieve uniformity in the growth of your facial hair.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is crucial for the growth of your beard and there are a variety of foods that you can consider. For instance, healthy fats from eggs, avocados, and fatty fish help promote faster growth of your beards. However, you must avoid excessive fats in your diet. You can also consider nuts a well as berries in your diet since they consist of beneficial nutrients that help promote the growth of your facial hair.

The other thing that you can consider is to increase the content of iron in the food that you consume. Iron is good for your skin since it helps it to remain healthy which is good for the growth of hair. Proteins are also very important since they help promote quicker and strong growth of beards. There are different sources of proteins which include fish, white meat, dried fruits as well as red meat. However, you must maintain different nutrients at an average.

Drinking a lot of water is another viable method that you can use to promote the growth of your facial hair. Water is good for your overall health since it enhances the flow of blood which supplies nutrients to the hair follicles.

Keep Your Beard Clean

If you want to achieve the full growth of your beard, you must always keep it clean. Hygiene is key if you want to achieve a healthy growth of your facial hair. You must wash your beard daily and there should be no excuse about that. You can wash your beard with classic shampoo or special soap but what is important is to ensure that it lathers and leave it to sit for about 2 minutes. Rinse after soaking the beard to make sure that it is rehydrated.

Vikings Beard Styles - Clean beard

You can also apply beard balm to prevent hair from breaking. Beard balm is also good for the aesthetic appearance of your facial hair. The other aspect that you should not forget is to apply beard oil to your facial hair. The oil helps to moisturize your beard while at the same time hydrating the skin underneath to promote healthy growth of facial hair. You should always perform your daily grooming exercise to achieve full growth of the beard.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the list of steps that you can follow to grow different Vikings beard styles. You should always remember that braids can make your beard style distinct but it also takes a lot of time for the facial hair to grow. More importantly, beard grooming is not an overnight event. You can leave your comments below or share the article if you have enjoyed reading it.