How To Refine Your Style With Foo Man Choo Moustache?

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The Fu Manchu mustache style is not very common like other mustache styles. This style was derived from Fu Manchu, a Chinese villain in fictional series. The style is significantly gaining popularity among different people across the globe. If you want to try a unique style that can make you stand out from the rest, you can try the classic Fu Manchu. This article outlines the things that you should know about foo man choo moustache.

How To Grow And Maintain A Fu Manchu Mustache?

If you think that the Fu Manchu moustache style is your fit, there are different steps that you should take to grow the moustache. Read on to learn the basics of grooming the Fu Manchu style that should not be fussy. You can leave your Fu Manchu to grow from your upper lip without attachment to your face or any other place.

How To Grow And Maintain A Fu Manchu Mustache

Growing Fumanchu

The first step is to grow your beard first, and you should know that it takes time to achieve this. You can grow the entire facial hair to avoid awkwardness then you can shave the rest of the beard when you trim your Fu Manchu beard. The second step is to trim your mustache when you achieve the full growth of your beard. Trimming also helps to prevent flyaways from growing. Make sure you shave all the beard to allow your mustache to hang visibly downward without any attachment to the face.

It is vital to train your mustache to grow in the downward direction. You can use mustache wax to achieve this and repeat the process until the mustache hangs down naturally. When your mustache can hang naturally, you reach a stage where you get the desired Fu Manchu mustache. It does not necessarily mean that you should also be a villain to spot this unique mustache style. The growth of your mustache comes in the form of two tendrils that are tapered and they can even extend to your jawline.

The other important aspect of the Fu Manchu mustache style is that it requires precision when trimming the hair. You must invest in the right scissors and a trimmer to ensure that you trim the right style. You also need the right comb that you should use before you begin trimming your hair. combing your hair helps you recognize stray hairs so that you can trim them.

Growing Fumanchu

Steps to Maintain a Fu Manchu Mustache

To maintain your Fu Manchu in excellent condition, you must follow the steps below.

  • Step 1 – Shave at least twice every week to ensure that you remove other facial hair to make your Fu Manchu style visible. Wash your beard with lukewarm water first to soften it so that it becomes easy to shave. Pat the hair dry with a towel before you begin to shave it.
  • Step 2 – Use shaving gel foam to make your mustache visible when shaving. This helps you to prevent cutting your hair by mistake.
  • Step 3 – Trim your Fu Manchu mustache to keep it in good shape. Trimming helps prevent your facial hair to appear bushy which can impact the outlook of your style. You can also trim the hair to maintain it within the desired length.

Benefits Of Grooming A Fumanchu Mustache

There are several benefits that you can achieve from wearing a fumanchu mustache. The style is unique, and it makes you look masculine and tough. The other plus is that the style is versatile, and you can spot it on different occasions. However, you should remember that this style requires high maintenance and a perfect grooming kit.

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To achieve an excellent mustache style, you need to do the following:

  • Be patient, leave your hair to grow
  • Groom your mustache at least twice a week
  • Use a special pair of scissors
  • Use the right trimmer to shape your mustache

More importantly, you must know that accuracy and precision determine your mustache style. Always use the right wax to give your beard a long-lasting hold.


The Fu Machu style has been less popular compared to other beard styles. However, if you want something unique, you can try the Fu mustache style. You need to leave your beard to grow and take extra care when trimming and styling the mustache. You must use the right trimmer and apply appropriate wax to your mustache to achieve a perfect hold. We hope you have enjoyed reading our post about how to groom foo man choo moustache. You can leave your comments below.