How Bald Head With Sideburns Enhances Your Appearance

Last Updated on October 26, 2021 by Cristina

When you begin to lose hair from your head, you can also experience a loss of confidence. However, you need not worry since you can create an awesome appearance by combining a bald hairstyle with a beard. This style is a hot trend with celebrities and other men since it portrays defiance, confidence, sophistication, and masculinity. This post discusses everything you want to know about the bald head with sideburns.

Why You Should Consider A Bald Head With Sideburns

There are different reasons why you should spot a bald head with sideburns. The following are some of the reasons you can decide to go bald with beard sideburns.

Adjust The Shape Of Your Face

If you want to go bald with sideburns, it is important to know the shape of your face. There are different types of face shapes, so you must clearly define yours to ensure that you get a good bald look. For instance, you may realize that after shaving your head, your face might appear too round or square which may be against your desires. This is where a beard, particularly sideburns, comes in handy.

Adjust The Shape Of Your Face

When you have facial hair, you can style it the way you want to improve your appearance. Look into the mirror and see how a bald head corresponds with the shape of your face. This will give you an idea about how you can style your sideburns to improve your appearance.

Women Like The Style

According to different studies, a lot of women find guys with bald heads and beards attractive, charming, and handsome. Men with shaved heads and beards are also believed to be more dominant, confident, and masculine which makes them stand out from the rest. This style will make women appreciate you and view another tough side of you. The style is more attractive and outstanding since it draws the attention of other people. Your appearance will make you look fancy, and this helps you build confidence.

You can also use the combination of bald head and sideburns to create an intellectual look. Many people believe that men with shaved heads and beards are intelligent since they are dominant leaders in most cases. This can be your winning strategy when you go for an interview or negotiate a deal.

The Style Makes You Look Younger

Ageing is one major issue that makes men feel unsettled. Balding coupled with graying of hair are things that make many guys feel insecure. However, a shaved head together with a beard makes you look younger and healthy. If you dye the beard when it begins to look grey, you will be in a position to achieve your desired look.

As noted above, this style emphasizes masculinity. You can master the skill of becoming a tough guy by shaving your head and growing a beard. You can create a perfect balance of your overall look by having facial hair and a shaved head to match the current fashion trend.

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Conceal Your Double Chin

If you have a double chin, you can address this problem by wearing a beard and shaved head. The beard will hide the shape of your chin if it does not appeal to your interests. If your chin is round or double, you can spot a pointed beard and sideburns. Instead of focusing on your face, people will look and your attractive style consisting of facial hair and a bald head.

Eliminate Irritated Skin

You can use your sideburns to eliminate the issue of irritated skin which can be caused by shaving with a razor. Nicks and cuts, red, irritated skin, and ingrown hairs are common problems that are often experienced by other men. A shiny bald head together with a well-groomed beard can help you hide the issue of red skin. Just make sure that you maintain your facial hair in good shape to match the shaved head.

How To Maintain Shaved Head With Sideburns

There are different measures you can take to maintain shaved hair with sideburns. It is essential to keep your head clean-shaven. Depending on the growth rate of your hair, you may need to shave your hair every day or 2 to 3 times per week. Make sure you trim your sideburns and comb them to maintain an attractive appearance. You must use the appropriate tools to shave your head and trim your facial hair. Failure to get the right trimmer or shaver can lead to skin irritation or other issues like razor bumps or burns.

After shaving your head, you must apply the right products to moisturize your scalp. Wash your head with appropriate shampoo that is designed to hydrate the skin. It is crucial to keep your head protected against the sun or other elements like the wind which can cause skin dryness. Furthermore, you should make sure that you follow proper channels of grooming your beard. Wash your sideburns regularly and apply products like beard oil to moisturize the hair and keep it soft. Make sure the oil reaches the skin underneath to hydrate it and prevent issues like flaking.

Use your comb to spread the beard oil evenly across the hair. You can also apply balm to your sideburns for styling purposes. Beard balm also offers a stronghold and gives your beards a shiny loom. Use your brush to style the beard for an excellent appearance. Brushing also helps stimulate the hair follicles which in turn promote the growth of hair. It also plays a crucial role in taming your beard to grow in a certain direction.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our post about the bald head with sideburns. A bald head with a beard is an exceptional combination that can help you fine-tune the shape of your face. This style can redefine the contours and hide the things that you do not want. Before you decide to wear a style involving a bald head and sideburns, make sure it fits the shape of your face and lifestyle. You can leave your comments below.