Foil Versus Rotary Shavers: What Is The Best Choice?

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Since time immemorial, the traditional razor was the most common use tool for shaving. However, shaving technology is evolving, and you can consider an electric foil shaver or rotary depending on your needs. This article highlights everything you want to know about foil versus rotary shavers.

Foil Versus Rotary Shavers: What Is The difference?

Electric shaving technology is convenient, and it gives you a quick and perfect shave. There are mainly two types of electric shavers that include rotary and foil. You need to choose the best shaver that can do the job well. Concerning rotary vs foil shaver, you should know the features that define each shaver.

A rotary shaver consists of revolving blades or three circular heads that move independently. The heads are designed to suit the contours on your face, no matter its angle or shape. When the shaver moves in a circular motion, the openings in the heads will cut the stubble. The circular motion of the shaver makes it possible for the tiny blades to maneuver in difficult places like the neck and chin.

Foil Versus Rotary Shavers: What Is The difference

On the other hand, foil electric shavers consist of straight heads that utilize oscillating blades. These are called cutters, and they move from left to right beneath the foil guard to cut hair. The foil is a thin layer of metal consisting of small circular holes that catch fine hair for a close shave. This shaver is not ideal for coarse or thick hair. A foil shaver shaves in an up-and-down motion which makes it different from a rotary shaver.

Benefits Of Rotary Shaver

A rotary shaver is designed to give you a comfortable shave, and it suits the contours on your face and neck. Anyone can use this type of shaver. The rotation system makes it easy to handle the shaver and glide across the hair to give you maximum comfort. The shaver will pick a hair that grows in any direction without forcing it to follow a specific motion.

You can use a rotary shaver for all types of hair. The head of the shaver has large openings that allow short, thin, thick, and long hair to enter easily before it is cut. This shaver is perfect for men who have long and coarse hair. Another advantage of this type of shaver is that it is durable since it consists of steel, and the shaver heads can last longer. Foil heads consist of nickel which is not very strong.

Rotary technology is quiet, and it gives you a powerful and clean shave. Additionally, a rotary shaver is ideal for wet or dry shaving. You can use it with shaving gel or foam. Unlike the foil shaver, the rotary system captures the gel thereby reducing the chances of smearing.

Benefits Of Rotary Shaver

A rotary shaver is the best choice for you if you have the following characteristics:

  • You have tough skin
  • Your hair is thick or coarse
  • You do not shave every day
  • There are contours to navigate on your face
  • You don’t want to shave every day
  • if your hair grows in different directions

Benefits Of Foil Shaver

On the other hand, a foil shaver also has benefits you should know. For instance, you can use this tool for wet shaving. It works well with cream and gel, and it gives you a closer shave. Wet shaving is also advantageous in that it gives you a comfortable experience.

A foil head consists of small holes that are designed to hold thin and short hairs. Therefore, the shaver gives you a close shave just like a razor blade. However, you need to shave sensitive areas first and do not attempt circular motion. A foil shave is specifically designed for men with the following characteristics.

  • When you shave daily
  • You want a completely smooth shave
  • Your hair is fine
  • Precision is your ultimate goal
  • Your face has straight lines

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Ideally, both foil and rotary electric shavers are designed to give you close and comfortable shaving. However, they consist of various features you should know.

Foil Vs Rotary Shavers: What Is Your Best Choice

Choosing the best shaver between electric foil and rotary shavers can be problematic since it involves many factors. For instance, a foil shaver works better on sensitive skin, straight, and soft hair. On the other hand, rotary shavers are designed to handle tougher and stubborn hair better. A tough face can also help prevent irritation when shaving.

It is recommended that you should start with a foil shaver until the moment your face and hair get used to shaving. The chances of getting almost similar results are the same whether you use a foil or rotary electric shaver. When you finish shaving, you need to wash your face with water and apply aftershave lotion or balm. Avoid using skincare products that contain alcohol since they irritate. You would rather consider products with natural ingredients. Always read the instructions before applying the products.

You should clean your shaver after each use to reduce the chances of the development of acne and other related skin diseases. Remember that it can take you a couple of weeks before your face gets used to the electric shaver of your choice.

When you get an idea about how these two electric shavers function, you can make an informed choice. There are also other factors you should consider to choose the ideal shaver. As indicated above, the type of hair should help you make an informed decision. When you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to choose a foil shaver. If your hair is hard, a rotary shaver is the best choice for you.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our post about foil versus rotary shavers. These electric shavers help to give you a close and comfortable shave. They are also easy to handle although they have slight differences you should know. Your ultimate choice between a foil and rotary shaver is a matter of ultimate choice since many things are involved. You can leave your comments below.