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Beards are a timeless fashion for both men and women. But, many people have been shunning them in recent years as beards were mostly seen on old-fashioned hippies or rednecks. However, with the millennial generation embracing this once strange look, more young men are going for it! This is good news for Gillette Slim Vs Fatboy | Men Shaving Club customers who want to show off their stylish beard game

The “gillette fatboy” is a beard trimmer that has been designed to give you the best shave possible. It comes with four different combs and three blades. The trimmer also has an LED light that lets you see what you are doing, which is helpful for those who have trouble seeing in the dark.


The Gillette Slim or Fatboy are two of the most popular vintage razers, and choosing between them might be difficult. They are among the most often used safety razors. Continue reading to find out which one is ideal for you.

When it comes to razors, what’s the difference between Slim and Fatboy?

Gillette Slim razors are, as the name implies, trimmer, lighter, and thinner than the Fatboy. Surprisingly, the Slim is somewhat longer as well. The handle of the Gillette Fatboy, on the other hand, is somewhat shorter and broader.


The adjustment dial is the simplest way to determine the difference between the Slim and the Fatboy. It’s hidden behind your razor’s head. Fatboys have solely vertical knurling, whereas Slims have both horizontal and vertical knurling.

Adjustment dials with numbers ranging from one to nine are also seen on Fatboy and Slim razors. The Fatboy’s handle is thicker and shorter, which is the most noticeable change.

What is the difference between The Fatboy Gillette and The Fatboy Dimensions?

The dimensions of the Gillette Fatboy are as follows:

  • 10.5mm is the height of the head.
  • 43.3mm is the breadth of the head.
  • 80g in weight
  • 11.5mm handle diameter
  • Length of handle: 78mm
  • 88mm in total length

The dimensions of the Gillette Slim may be seen below.

  • 10 mm is the height of the head.
  • 43.3mm is the breadth of the head.
  • 70g in weight
  • 10 mm handle diameter
  • 80.6 mm is the length of the handle.
  • 95.5mm total length

Why Do Gillette Fatboy Razors Cost So Much?

From 1958 through 1963, Gillette produced the Fatboy but never profited from it. It has always had excellent shave quality.

Gillette spent a lot of time and money developing high-quality handles. This was seen as one of the most effective approaches for the corporation to win the blade wars. The sale price of the razor was far greater than many prospective consumers could afford because of the high manufacturing cost. This still has an impact on razor prices today.

Which is Better: Gillette Slim or Fatboy?

Gillette Slim started to increase the company’s financial and brand value almost immediately after its release. The Fatboy was, in fact, Gillette’s first widely popular adjustable razor. Slim, on the other hand, was the company’s real cash cow.

Gillette Fatboy was only produced for a short time by Gillet. The razor was difficult to put together since each one needed 15 pieces. That prompted me to make a change. Because it was made differently, the Gillette Slim became the alternative. It was feasible to put it together in a modular fashion. The business produced both the frame and the body at the same facility. In addition, this razor has 33% less components than the Fatboy. In other words, it was significantly less expensive to make than the Fatboy.

Aside from the low price, the Slim was considerably simpler to shave with. It was created to be far more maneuverable in confined spaces, such as beneath your nose.

Between 1961 and 1968, the Slim was available for purchase. It was in great demand because it appealed to the elderly parents of baby boomers. The price was very appealing. Many people still prefer the “do-it-all” adjustable razor, which can be found in a variety of online outlets.

How Do I Know If I’m Dealing With A Gillette Fatboy?

Take a look at the Twist-To-Open Knob, popularly known as the TTO, to see whether the Gillette you have is a big boy. The TTO of the Gillette Fatboy is wider than its handle and more noticeable than the TTO of the Gillette Slim.

The knob on the Gillette slim is about the same size as the handle. As a result, a Fatboy is a Gillet with a knob that is broader than the handle.

What Is the Best Way to Tell How Old Your Gillette Fatboy Is?

It’s also known as “dating your Gillette fat guy.” The date code on your Gillette razor is made up of two parts: an alphabetical letter and a numerical component. The first is a letter from the alphabet that corresponds to the year of manufacture. The Gillette Date code table contains the Alphabet and the matching year.

The figures cover a three-month period in the manufacturing industry.

1 – the months of January through March. April through June is the second season. 3 – The months of July through September. 4 – The months of October through December.

A C-1 date code, for example, denotes an adjustable razor manufactured in the first quarter of 1957 or 1982, depending on the model.

Final Thoughts

The greatest adjustable safety razors are the Gillette thin and Fatboy, however they were developed for somewhat different markets. Pay great attention to the pricing and blade differences if you want to choose the best one. This way, you’ll be able to choose a razor that fits your budget while still providing the safest and most convenient shaving experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gillette slim or Fatboy better?

A: Gillette Fatboy is a better shaving product.

Which Gillette razor is best for shaving?

A: Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, as it has the least skin irritation.

What is a Gillette Fatboy?

A: The Gillette Fatboy is a type of safety razor. It has an open comb head which will help lift and cut the hair on your face with ease, as well as give you more control over where to make cuts towards facial contours like cheeks and jawline areas.

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