Beardstache Style: The Ultimate Guide

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A man’s beard is a reflection of his personality. Some men sport mustaches or goatees, but the most common style of facial hair in America is the stubble that develops on top of your face after skipping shaving for several days. Where does this trend come from and why do some men keep up with it?

The “chevron mustache guide” is a comprehensive article that covers the history of beards, beard care and how to grow one. It also includes a list of must-have products for your beard.

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The beardstache is a contemporary take on the traditional mustache. While growing facial hair has traditionally been associated with masculinity, this is one of the newest beard styles that revives an older appearance that any guy may wear.

This blog article will explain what a beardstache is and how to sport one to stand out in a crowd. So, if you want to have some fun with your facial hair without going crazy, keep reading! We’ll also go over some pointers so that after you’ve got your stache, you know what things to use to keep it looking nice.

What does a beardstache style entail?

A mustache paired with a 5mm beard is known as a beardstache.

The mustache, like the rest of your facial hair, should be thick and lengthy. A handlebar mustache, a walrus mustache, or a chevron mustache are all options.

Trim the remainder of your facial hair to 4 to 5 millimeters. This is the ideal length for a rough style while yet keeping facial hair management.

But keep in mind that this beard style is much more than simply an unruly mustache and somewhat longer facial hair! You can achieve the full impact of this strong style if you follow the procedures suggested below.

The best facial shape for a beardstache is a square face.

We need to speak about the facial shapes that work well with a beardstache before we talk about how to cultivate this style.

People’s attention will be directed to your mouth, as it will be with any mustache style. The beardstache is one of the greatest beard styles for those with large upper lips. Your lips will be framed by the beard, and the mustache will lie just on top of them. If done right, this can be a wonderful complement. The beardstache is also an excellent alternative if you have a patchy beard since it will focus attention away from the spots and towards your gorgeous mustache.

If you have thin lips or a weak jawline, however, this style is not for you, and you should experiment with various facial hair types. You’d simply be focusing more emphasis on characteristics you don’t want to attract notice to. If you have a patchy mustache, this style isn’t for you since a great beardstache requires a thick mustache. Finally, if the bottom half of your face is a little round or chubby, a beardstache will not flatter your features, so avoid it.

To summarize, a beardstache will look nice on you if you have a facial shape with strong characteristics, such as a square face, a diamond face, or a heart-shaped face. However, if you have a rounder facial shape, such as a round face or a heart-shaped face, a beardstache will not look as well on you. If you have a facial shape that falls anywhere in the middle, give it a try and see how it looks on you!

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Best Beardstache Beard Styles & Examples

While the beardstache is a combination of a thick mustache and a thick stubble beard, it may also be achieved with a shorter stubble or a short beard.

Beardstache with a twist


As you already know the Beardstache with a twist is a combination of a thick mustache and heavy stubble. We will talk later about the best way to grow a good beardstache but for now, we will say that it is important to let your mustache grow out as much as possible.

In the picture above, you can see the Beardstache with a twist style with a well-groomed mustache and a heavy stubble.

Beardstache (light beard)


The Beardstache (light beard) is a mix of a thick mustache and light stubble. The stubble should be around 1mm long.

The beard hair is short enough in this case, and it contrasts well with the heavy mustache.

Beardstache of medium length


The Beardstache of medium length is a mix of a thick mustache and medium stubble. The stubble should be around 3mm long.

This beard style is something in between the Beardstache with a twist and the Beardstache (light beard). You can try these different lengths of stubble to find out which one works best for you.

a beardstache that is long


A huge beardstache is a cross between a thick mustache and a short full beard. The hair on your beard should be roughly 10mm long.

Keep in mind that your mustache must still be longer than the rest of your beard, so this style will take longer.

In the example above, you can see a very bold a beardstache that is long with a nice short beard. He has kept his mustache longer than usual and he has shaped it into a handlebar.

Photos of Beardstache




How to Grow a Beardstache (with Pictures)

It’s simple to create a beardstache; all you have to do is grow a large, thick mustache. Allow your mustache to develop for 8 to 12 weeks without touching it to get a full thickness. Simultaneously, you must establish a thick stubble that takes around 10 days to grow.

All you have to do after the 10 days of development is trim your beard hair and let the mustache alone.

Maintaining and Trimming a Beardstache

It’s also quite simple to keep a beardstache. All you have to do is trim your beard with a beard trimmer once a week and perhaps chop a little section of your mustache with scissors.

You’ll need the following equipment.

To develop a beardstache, you won’t need many pricey instruments; instead, you’ll need the following:

Beard trimmer: You’ll need a decent beard trimmer at least once a week to keep your facial hair in check. From our list of the top beard trimmers, you can make your selection.

Scissors: To maintain your mustache in shape, you’ll need a good set of scissors.

Beard oil isn’t strictly essential, but it’s a good idea to keep your beard and mustache nourished. To achieve the optimum results, you should use it on a daily basis. Here’s a rundown of the top beard oils.

Mustache Wax: If you want to preserve your mustache in form, you need use mustache wax. Read reviews and recommendations from other guys who have tried the mustache waxes on our list of the best mustache waxes.

Famous Beardstache Beardstache Beardstache Beardstache Beard

As you may be aware, the beardstache is a pretty sophisticated and fashionable facial hair style that has recently been observed on a number of celebrities.

As you can see in the photographs below, Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, Chris Millington, and Jeff Buoncristiano are just a few of the guys who have sported this look in the past.

1643683598_33_Beardstache-Style-The-Ultimate-GuideBeardstyle of Henry Cavill

1643683599_22_Beardstache-Style-The-Ultimate-GuideBeardstyle of Jamie Dornan

1643683601_390_Beardstache-Style-The-Ultimate-GuideBeardstyle of Chris Millington

1643683603_355_Beardstache-Style-The-Ultimate-GuideBeardstyle of Jeff Buoncristiano


In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about the beardstache style. We hope that was helpful and that we were able to address all of your questions concerning the hipster mustache.

If not, please inquire in the comments box below, and we’ll do our best to assist you. Also, don’t be hesitant if you have a favorite stache style that you’d want to share with us!

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The “mustache styles 2020” is a guide that includes all the latest trends in facial hair. The article will also include a list of mustaches from popular movies and TV shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do Beardstache?

A: To make a beardstache, you have to first trim your existing mustache with a clipper. Then, use an electric trimmer or hair razor and shave downwards on the sides of your face to create the appearance of two sideburns over the top lip.

What beard style is most attractive?

A: There is no single beard style that most people find attractive. It varies from person to person, and there are many factors ranging from body shape to age that can affect how someones face looks with or without a specific beard style.

Are Moustaches in Style 2021?

A: No, Moustaches are not in style right now, but a lot of people have been experimenting with different types of facial hair.

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