Growing a Yeard – How & What to Expect

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Every year, you have to buy a new haircut and shave or trim your beard. If you are growing out a beard instead of shaving every day – follow this guide to keep it looking great throughout the entire process.

The “no trim yeard” is a beard style that requires no maintenance. It’s also the perfect option for people who don’t like to trim their beards.

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So you’ve chosen to go on this adventure. You were hesitant at first, but the more you learned about it, the more you wanted to try it. When it comes to developing a yeard, though, you have no idea what to anticipate. What is the best way to grow a yeard? 

What exactly is a Yeard?

Of fact, a yeard is a complete year of beard growth without excessive trimming or shaving. The goal is to keep your facial hair growing for a full year without cutting it off. A yeard is a commitment that needs some attention that a regularly maintained beard may not necessitate. 

Take a look at this time-lapse of what to anticipate. In addition, numerous well-known celebrities and sportsmen seem to be fans of Yeard.


Growing a yeard is simple: just avoid shaving or trimming your beard! Allowing your hair to grow freely will result in a fuller beard than a conventional beard.

The length will also rise, although this will happen much later. Time is one of the most important aspects in growing a yeard. Patience will be your greatest ally. 

In all circumstances, patience is one of the keys to developing a beard. More information on how to grow a beard may be found here.

You may come to regret the method early on owing to the discomfort of beginning from scratch. As your beard hairs grow, freshly shaven skin may feel quite irritating in the first few days and weeks.

The shaved hairs’ sharp edges may hurt your skin, but hang in there – it’ll only be a few weeks and the prize will be well worth it. When the itching subsides after the first few weeks, the remainder of your year will be a breeze. 

The upkeep of your yeard 

Growing a yeard is, obviously, a simple notion. However, if you want your beard to look well and you want to enjoy the process, growing it out for a year might be difficult.

If you don’t trim your hair, you’ll have to keep up with your maintenance in other ways, such as washing and combing. To avoid appearing like you just came down from the mountain hut after a long winter, you may need to style your beard in ways you haven’t done before. 


First and foremost, if you don’t already have one, you should invest in an excellent beard oil. This will keep your skin moisturized and decrease irritation in the early stages. It will also keep the beard hairs elastic and simple to shape and maintain.

Because you won’t be able to trim if you’re actually going for a yeard, make sure your beard can be shaped or combed the way you want it. This is something that a good beard oil may assist with. 

Here’s a link to our guide to a decent beard grooming regimen.

You’ll also need a shampoo designed for beards. The essential oils in your beard will be stripped if you wash it with regular head-hair shampoo. You’ll need those oils to protect your skin from being inflamed and your beard hairs healthy, as previously said.

You should still wash your beard, however. This is when a beard shampoo comes in handy. These shampoos are designed particularly for your facial hair and assist to keep your beard clean while preserving beneficial oils and moisture. This is particularly vital when the beard grows in size and length over the year. 

Get to work!

You may begin the trip with confidence and joy now that you know what to anticipate while growing a yeard. You’ll have an excellent yeard after 12 months if you practice patience and push through the first few weeks of itching during early development, and if you manage to maintain the growth by cleaning and combing the beard carefully. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I trim my yeard?

A: The best time to trim your hair is when it reaches the point that you dont like.

How long should beard be after 1 year?

A: A beard should grow to be about one inch in length after a year.

Should I grow my beard for a year?

A: Well, it depends on the kind of beard you want. If you are looking for a thick and full-grown manly beard that is bushy and reaches your chest, then yes! However if you just want to grow some facial hair like maybe in between stubble or something along those lines then no because it will take too long to grow out.

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