How To Shave Your Head

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Want to learn how to shave your head? Some people think that shaving the head is a difficult task but this is not true. Once you master the art of head shaving, you will certainly enjoy the whole exercise. There are also many advantages that you can get from shaving your head using a razor. For instance, a bald hairstyle has low-maintenance costs and it saves you a lot of money and time by eliminating endless journeys to your barber. As such, here are some tips that can help you shave your head.

Get the Right Shaving Tools for a Perfect Shaved Head

You need to get the right razor that you can use for head shaving. There are different types of razors available on the market that you can choose. Some razors use replacement blades while others use cartridges and they are also disposable. Therefore, you should choose the best razor that suits your needs.

The other important aspect to consider is that you should never use dull blades since these can cause razor burns and other undesirable effects like skin irritation. Make sure that you use a sharp razor blade always to improve your shaving experience.

Tools for Shaving Your Head

Getting Started: How to Shave your Head?

When you have all the tools required, then you are ready to begin the journey of head shaving. You should follow the steps outlined below so that you can achieve a clean and smooth bald hairstyle.

Trim your Hair

When you have long hair, you should first trim it with an electric hair clipper so that you can achieve a closer shave with a razor. It is easier to cut short hair since the razor can glide easily. It is also essential to feel different parts of your scalp for bumps and ensure that your hair is uniform across all parts.

Apply Shaving Gel

Apply shaving gel before shaving your head since this helps to soften your hair. The hair on the head is coarse and it is difficult to cut with a razor when it is dry. Shaving gel also helps to improve razor glide so that you can effortlessly shave your head. The other important aspect of shaving gel is that it protects your skin against irritation while you are shaving. There are different types of shave gels and foams that are designed to give you a smooth shave so you must use a product that suits your skin.

Shave your Hair along the Grain

You should not randomly shave your hand since this can lead to razor bumps that can be irritating and unsightly. You need to shave along the contours or grain to make the process easier. You need to pivot your razor in such a way that it can easily glide along the contours and shave with smooth and light strokes. Do not apply a lot of pressure on the razor since this can lead to nicks.

You can always re-shave the same area until you are satisfied that all hair has been removed. When you are working around your ear, you should fold it down to prevent nicks and make sure your razor reaches all the corners. As you master the art of shaving, you can also discover a comfortable method that gives you the desired results.

Rinse the Blade

After a few strokes, rinse your razor blade to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells, shaving gel, and hair. You should also try to avoid wiping the razor blade with a towel since this can reduce its life span. Just shake excess water and you should also avoid hitting the razor on the wall or sink to remove debris.


Look into the mirror and try to identify any patchy areas. You can also use your hand to feel different spots that require re-shaving. You need to reapply shaving gel before re-shaving your head since it helps to prevent irritation and razor burns.

Rinse your Head

When you are satisfied that your head is clean-shaven, you can rinse it with cold water and re-check in case there are areas that need attention. Dry the head using a towel and immediately apply aftershave lotion. The main benefit of an aftershave lotion is that it helps to moisturize and soothe the newly shaved skin. Soon after shaving, your skin will be sensitive and prone to irritation so aftershave gel helps to soothe it while at the same time preventing razor burns. It is vital to include aftershave lotion as part of your daily grooming routine since it helps to keep your scalp hydrated and soft.

Tips and Tricks For a Clean Shaved Head

You need to understand some tips and tricks before you shave your head. For instance, if you want a bald hairstyle, your head shape plays a crucial hair. You may get the shock of your life after shaving and only to realize that the style is not your fit. Roundhead shape is the most ideal for people who want bald hairstyles. It is essential that you first consult your barber who can assess your head shape, scalp, hair type, and recommend the right style that suits your head.

How Often Should you Shave your Head?

The frequency of shaving your head depends on the rate of growth of your hair. If you want to maintain a clean and bald head, then you can consider shaving after two or three days. You should always use the right grooming products to make the whole exercise a lot easier. Constant practice also helps you master the skill of shaving quickly.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our tutorial about how to shave your head. A bald hairstyle is fashionable and it is easier to maintain than other fancy styles. The other advantage of shaving your head is that the method is cost-effective. You do not need to visit your barber regularly since you can easily do it while you shower in the morning. If you have enjoyed reading this article, you can share it with your colleagues. You can also leave your comments below.