Old Spice Aftershave VS Clubman Aftershave

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Shaving is part of the beard grooming routine and it should be complemented by the use of appropriate products. For instance, aftershave lotion or gel is a must-have product that you should apply after shaving your beard since it has many benefits. Whilst there are different types of aftershave gels available on the market, Old Spice Aftershave vs Clubman Aftershave can help you with your grooming needs. As such you can read this review to understand the benefits of these products.

How to Choose Aftershave Lotion

When you shave your beard with a razor, your skin becomes sensitive and you can experience irritation or razor bumps. To avoid these issues, you need to get appropriate aftershave lotion that helps to protect your skin. Likewise, there are certain factors that you should consider before you but the product of your choice.

Man using aftershave

First and foremost, it is crucial to consider the ingredients of the product if you are looking for skin and beard care products. Some products contain artificial ingredients like chemicals, alcohol, and fragrance which can cause irritation if your skin is sensitive. Products with all-natural ingredients are usually recommended since they are ideal for different types of skin.

You should also consider the price of the aftershave before you buy it. Other products are expensive while others are cheaper. In most cases, expensive products have better quality. You can also consider customer reviews to get an idea about what they say about the product. All the same, do your homework before you buy aftershave.

Clubman Aftershave vs Old Spice Aftershave Review

Old Spice Aftershave

Old Spice Classic Aftershave for men helps soothe the skin after shaving. The product also helps reduce razor burns. Many people with sensitive skin are prone to impacts of shaving with a razor so this product helps to eliminate skin irritation. It features a masculine and refreshing fragrance that invigorates you and makes you feel confident.


  • Soothes the skin
  • Reduces razor burns
  • Nice fragrance


  • Artificial ingredients can affect sensitive skin

Old Spice Aftershave

Clubman Aftershave

Clubman after shave lotion is designed to cool the skin after shaving. After shaving, your skin becomes sensitive and tender and this type of product is designed to soothe it while at the same time stopping irritation. The product contains the following ingredients: alcohol, water, fragrance, Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake, and others.


  • Soothes the skin
  • Stops irritation
  • Heals nicks


  • Alcohol can cause irritation to sensitive skin

Clubman Aftershave

Old Spice and Clubman aftershave lotions are specifically designed for men who shave the beard. If you shave, you must include aftershave gel in your daily grooming routine. If you do not grow a beard, then these products are not for you.

Features And Benefits

Aftershave lotion hydrates the skin since it is exposed to dryness and itchiness after shaving it. If you live in an area with a dry or cool climate, shaving can lead to dryness of the skin and this is where aftershave becomes handy. It also forms a protective shield over your skin which also helps to nourish it. At the same time, aftershave moisturizes your skin to prevent it from drying.

The other benefit of aftershave is that it helps to kill any bacteria that can develop after shaving your hair. When you shave hair, the pores are opened and they become breeding ground for bacteria. In a similar fashion, the other function of the product is that it helps heal razor cuts and nicks. Razor nicks are common especially if you are using an extremely sharp razor blade for shaving.

If you are a regular shaver, you should include aftershave in your grooming routine since it calms the skin. Your skin can experience inflammation and irritation after shaving it but aftershave gel contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm and soothe skin irritation.

Aftershave lotion also helps prevent razor burns which are mainly caused by using dull blades. If your skin is sensitive, you are likely to experience razor burns which cause great discomfort. To reduce the effects of razor burns, you can apply aftershave gel which also consists of cooling properties.

Another benefit of aftershave is that it consists of a masculine fragrance that gives you a comfortable feeling. The nice fragrance makes you feel refreshed and invigorated the whole day. The nice smell also gives you confidence when you are interacting with other people.

Alternatives To Old Spice And Clubman Aftershave

Apart from these products, there are also other alternatives available on the market that you can consider. The following are some of the products that you can consider to buy.

Aqua Velva Men’s Aftershave

This product is known for cooling, soothing, and refreshing the skin while at the same time eliminating irritation. The aftershave also contains classic fragrance and the lotion gives you a firm masculine skin. The product makes you feel confident when you begin your day. To use the product, just apply a few drops to your palms and rub in mildly over the shaved areas.

Aqua Velva Men's Aftershave

Cremo Unscented Post Shave Balm

This skin-clearing formula helps keep your skin clear after shaving. It also helps prevent razor bumps, blemishes as well as ingrown hairs. The product also contains soothing and moisturizing properties to keep your skin healthy.

Cremo Unscented Post Shave Balm

Caffeinated Aftershave

This product helps reduce the appearance of redness on the skin that is usually caused by the razor. It also helps soothe the skin while at the same time reducing skin irritation and razor bumps. The product also boasts of natural ingredients derived from plants. The ingredients are safe and the product is ideal for different types of skin since it does not contain artificial chemicals.

Caffeinated Aftershave


Aftershave lotion is specifically designed for men who shave beards and it helps prevent issues like skin irritation as well as razor burns or razor bumps. The products reviewed about help solve these problems by soothing the skin, eliminating irritation as well as healing nicks. You can click these links Old Spice Aftershave vs Clubman aftershave to get more details about these products.