How to trim beard split ends [Dusting and Trimming]

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This is a short tutorial on how to trim your beard with minimal time and effort. It will show you the exact steps for taking care of your facial hair, from washing it all the way down to trimming it.

The “what do beard split ends look like” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is that the split ends are what you would expect them to be, and no more.

Split ends are a typical occurrence in beards. Split ends are usually a subsequent sign of a dry beard and are fairly simple to repair. The ends of the beard hairs will seem like unraveled rope, and they must be cut as soon as possible to prevent the damage from spreading higher up the shaft of the beard hair.

To trim beard split ends, use a very sharp pair of scissors and remove the split ends from a clean beard. This may be accomplished by either cutting them off or dusting them to keep as much length as feasible.

Fortunately, employing a process known as dusting, you can keep a decent amount of length. Dusting is the process of removing frayed ends from hair using a sharp blade. This treatment prevents your beard from having several layers and makes it seem thinner.

Split ends affect every bearded person at some time throughout their beard growth journey.

Here’s how to trim beard split ends correctly, as well as all you need to know about preventing them from becoming a problem in the future.


How frequently should you clip your beard’s split ends?

If you’re removing a lot of length from your beard, be sure you can let the split ends grow out before trimming them again; otherwise, your beard will get shorter and shorter each time you trim your split ends.

Beards are a clump of hair that has been carefully sculpted and groomed. A beard will need to be trimmed more often than head hair due to its more distinct lines. You shouldn’t spend more than four weeks without trimming your hair.

If you find split ends, you should clip them as soon as possible, but you must have a strategy in place.

Trimming split ends as they appear without a strategy for the rest of your beard may easily result in a crooked and uneven beard.

You should, ideally, seek the assistance of a barber. This is especially important if you’ve observed a lot of dry beard hairs. However, if you follow the recommendations in this article, a mild trim of beard split ends may be done at home.

If you still want to clip dead ends, you’ll need to learn how to do it properly and recognize damaged hair shafts. You won’t wind up with a much shorter beard and an unexpected trip to the father to correct your blunders if you know just how far up the beard hair to cut.

To trim beard split ends, you’ll need the following tools.

Starting with a nice tremor or pair of scissors can prevent your beard hair split ends from becoming worse after trimming. Any cutting surface you use must be razor-sharp. If the blades are not sharp, the hair will be crushed rather than cut.

The crushed end of a hair will split and dry soon.

Taking appropriate care of your beard-cutting instruments helps safeguard your beard in the long term, and they may be a valuable investment if properly cared for. If you want to develop a beard for a long time, I suggest investing in high-quality equipment rather than purchasing a bunch of low-cost items that will wear out fast and do more harm to your beard.

If you just have a few split ends, I suggest cutting them off with scissors to get the shortest length feasible. For major split end adjustments, you may use a trimmer to restyle your beard and remove as much as you like to restore it to its former splendor.


Pick up some professional, fine point tip shears for DIY beard split hair removal if you want to clip your beard split ends at home.

Please do not use any old scissors that you may have on hand. A professional scissor set’s edge is particularly intended to cut rather than crush hair.

After cutting, a dull pair of daily scissors will further break the thread, making the condition much worse. A good pair of scissors should last 3 to 5 years before they need to be sharpened again.

Because of their lengthy lifespan, they may be a fantastic investment for your beard as it grows. Make sure the scissors are well cared for by:

  • You should only use them to cut your hair.
  • removing bacteria with a barbicide spray disinfectant
  • preserving them in a low-humidity setting
  • lubricating the pivot points
  • sharpening them professionally every 3 to 5 years

If you follow these steps, your scissors will endure much longer than your present beard style.

If your beard has a lot of split ends, I propose trimming it and restyling it. You’ll need an excellent quality set of trimmers for this.


A high-quality pair of beard trimmers will last you a long time. I have a thick and coarse beard, and no battery-powered clipper has ever been able to cut through it.

For a complete breakdown and my ultimate buyer advice for choosing a beard trimmer for thick and coarse beard hair, see my YouTube video below.


Trimmer blades should be razor-sharp and simple to clean and replace. Many less expensive trimmers use plastic cutting surfaces, which rapidly dull lengthy beard hairs.

For my beard, I’ve discovered that a corded and professional clipper is still the best choice. If your beard has a lot of split ends, shaving about half an inch or so of it may be the greatest thing you can do in the long term for it. Using scissors to accomplish this can result in a lot of hand discomfort and even trimming.

You can cut your beard with confidence if you have a pair of trimmers with a strong engine and sharp blades. To learn the difference between a professional corded trimmer and a battery-powered beard trimmer, watch the video below.


This is not to say that this is a terrible product; rather, you should think about what you want the trimming tool to achieve and then choose the ideal equipment for the task.

Beard split end trim preparation

After you’ve found and chosen the finest equipment for removing your beard split ends, you’ll need to wash your beard and determine the extent of the damage so you know what you’re dealing with.

Be sure to clean your beard.

Make sure you’re cutting a beard that’s been freshly washed and dried. The tiniest quantity of product or access oil may easily keep together the frayed ends of your beard hairs, failing to identify the problems you’re attempting to remedy.

Make sure your hair is completely dry since water has a high surface tension and may keep split ends together, masking the severity of the issue.

Find the problem.

It’s critical to determine the extent of the damage before deciding on the best course of action for resolving your beard split end problem.

If the issue is minimal, you’ll probably notice that just the very tips of your beard hair have split ends. This should be the case if you responded quickly enough.

Your beard hair, on the other hand, may be divided up to an inch from the end. This may easily happen to a dry beard that has been neglected for a long time.

I believe there are two types of beard split ends: those that need scissors to clip the ends or those that require a blade to dust away the scattered hairs. Alternatively, if you have a lot of split ends, you should reduce the length of your beard until no more split ends are visible.

Using a trimmer is a more extreme measure, but your beard will appreciate it in the long term.

Issue Intervention
There are just a few split ends. Trim or dust the split ends with scissors.
There are a lot of split ends. Trim all of the split ends to the maximum length of damage using a trimmer.

It’s time to clip away your beard split ends, whether you’re using scissors or a trimmer.

Split ends of your beard should be trimmed.

When it comes to cutting your beard split ends, the most essential thing to remember is to do it carefully. You may wind up with a very short beard style by removing much too much of your beard hair – well beyond the length damaged by split ends.

Full trim

For most individuals, beard split ends will need a near-complete trim. Unless you just have a few broken ends here and there, you’ll be removing around 5 mm or more from the total length of your beard.

Trimming your beard at home is more of an art than a science, but I explain how to do it in the video below.


Trimming your beard and maintaining the general form and lines of your beard in mind can help you trim up and finish up with a beard you can be proud of.

If you feel like you’ve gone too far during the trim, pause and consider how you may balance out your beard without cutting too much additional length.

Is it a bad idea to separate beard split ends?

If you simply need to tidy up a few hairs, cutting beard split ends separately isn’t a terrible idea. When you’ve spent a lot of time working on one area of your beard and have removed more than a handful of split ends, you should consider giving it a thorough trim.

Constantly cutting your beard with scissors and eliminating beard split ends one by one might result in a beard that is thin, uneven, and lacks substance.

To keep the integrity and major bulk of your beard hair, resist the desire to clip individual hairs and instead use a much bigger trimmer.

If you have a very lengthy wizard length beard, there is a technique to trim your beard split ends without losing length.

How to cut broken ends in a beard without losing length

You may employ a procedure known as dusting if you have a long beard and are concerned that clipping up the split ends would result in a considerable loss of length.

Because this is a sophisticated hairdressing technique, proceed with caution. If you have any reservations about doing it yourself, see a professional barber and request that your beard be dusted for split ends.


If you have a long, straight beard, dusting may be an option for removing split ends.

Dusting your beard cleans it up without removing any length. You’re cleaning up the broken ends of the hair that are beginning to split with the blade of the scissors. This procedure prevents the hair shaft from continuing to split.

Rather of chopping off the ends, dusting cuts into the hair.

Two, while dusting your beard at home, you should do the following:

  1. To determine whether any broken split hairs splay out, twist a 12 inch segment of dry cleaning beard hair. Make sure you’re working in a well-lit place so you can see the damaged ends clearly. To see them clearly, I need to put on my glasses.
  2. Trim the split hairs using a pair of scissors, and dust away the hairs that splay out from the main bulk of the beard hair with ultra sharp shares.

Check out the YouTube video below for a complete breakdown of the process.


Preventing future broken ends in your beard

It’s a never-ending effort to keep your beard from getting split ends. Believe me when I tell that I spend a lot of time considering how to keep my beard hydrated and protected from split ends.

Prevention, in my opinion, is always preferable than treatment.

It is preferable to prevent than than cure.

You must establish the foundations of a superb daily beard care practice to prevent your beard from getting dry and brittle, resulting in broken ends.

My everyday regimen consists of the following:

  • bathing and shampooing my hair – I do this every 2 to 3 days or after doing anything extremely nasty or smelly.
  • Trimming the cheek lines and neckline – while I’m in the shower, I’ll cut my beard’s cheek line and neckline using a single blade safety razor. This technique will help me maintain the line crisp, which is one of the finest methods to keep your beard looking stylish and outstanding.
  • As soon as I get out of the shower, I gently wipe my beard dry with a towel. It doesn’t completely remove the moisture, and I have to be cautious since damp beard hair is the most vulnerable to harm. However, I use a towel to absorb the majority of the wetness.
  • Blow drying my beard – I have a very organized beard hair drying process. To begin, I’ll use medium to high heat and direct it downward to remove the bulk of the moisture. Then I’ll style the beard with a cold setting on my hairdryer and downwards combing or brushing.
  • After washing, I use a beard oil application to provide a little nutrition and gloss to my beard on most days. Please don’t go overboard with the oil since the beard doesn’t absorb much of it—less is more.
  • Application of beard balm, butter, or wax – If there is a special event or I need my beard to look really attractive for whatever reason, I will use another product after applying beard oil. To keep the style in place, the other product will most likely include a little bit of beeswax.

Once a week, deep hydration

Once a week, I prefer to apply deep hydration to thoroughly heal and moisturize my beard. If you’re interested in learning more about beard care products and how to avoid split ends, read my other post, in which I go over all you need to know about beard care products.


The following are the finest beard care products for preventing split ends:

  • almond oil (sweet)
  • panthenol
  • Argan oil is a kind of oil that comes from Morocco
  • Coconut oil is a kind of vegetable oil that is
  • avocado-based mask

Purchase the necessary instruments for everyday maintenance.

Investing in the correct daily maintenance tools involves buying goods that do not worsen any existing splits or issues. I propose investing in a Kent comb, which will enable you to style your beard without causing further physical or mechanical harm.

Because of their distance from your sebum-producing skin, the ends of your beard are especially vulnerable to harm. Once your beard reaches a length of a couple of inches, more care is required to maintain it healthy.

Kent Comb

Using a beard comb that destroys the hair is one of the most common blunders made while styling and maintaining a beard.

I did that for a long period using a low-cost injection-molded comb.

 Because the beard comb was injection-moulded, the teeth’ edges had a very small seam, making it easy to scrape away at the hairs and damage the outer layer.

You should seek for a comb that is made from a single piece of material, such as wood or plastic.

Because they are designed to preserve the beard, Kent beard combs are the finest plastic combs. I’m blown away by the variety of combs available online — go here to choose your favorite.


We’ve covered all you need to know about clipping your beard hair split ends in this post.

Identifying the issue and implementing the proper remedy can guarantee that your beard maintains the length you want while also preventing the problem from worsening. If you use inexpensive trimmers that crush the hair instead of cutting it, the issue will just become worse.

If you don’t take this piece of advice seriously, you’ll be chasing split ends all the way up your beard’s length.

Preventing split ends is usually preferable than treating them, so developing a good daily care routine that includes deep hydration components can help keep your beard looking great.

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The “beard split ends reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. Here’s how to trim beard split ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you trim split ends on a beard?

A: You can use a trimmer, but be careful. Doing so too close to the skin could cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated if it didnt grow back in properly. Alternatively, you could try using hair gel or hairspray on them before trimming them

When trimming beard do you trim up or down?

A: The best way to trim your beard is down.

Is it okay to trim your own split ends?

A: Yes. It is safe to cut your own split ends, as long as you are careful not to cause yourself any injury in the process.

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