10 Epic Tom Hanks Beard Styles With Photos

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Hanks has been known to show off a variety of styles with his beard, but these were some of the best. Check out how he styled it in more than 10 iconic roles!.

The “beard styles 2020” is a list of 10 epic Tom Hanks beard styles with photos.

The guy behind Forrest Gump and Castaway has experimented with a variety of beard styles throughout the course of his career. Of course, we’re talking about Tom Hanks, and we’ve compiled a gallery of his many beard styles throughout the years. So take a look at some of his finest (and worse) facial hair appearances in the gallery below.

But, before we get into his pictures, let’s take a look at how the actor got to where he is now.

Tom Hanks, a two-time Academy Award winner, is known for his work in films such as “Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump,” “Big,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Catch Me if You Can,” and “Cast Away,” to name a few.

He is one of the most well-liked performers of his generation, having won the hearts of people all around the globe for more than four decades.

Tom Hanks has a variety of beard styles.

Tom Hanks has had a variety of beard styles during his career, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of his greatest and worst beard styles.

Beard that is very lengthy


When he starred in the Forest Gump movie, he had a Beard that is very lengthy that looked like it hasn’t been trimmed or cut in years.

This style appealed to us since it made the actor seem more mature while also giving him a “forest-Gump” appearance. To be honest, this isn’t his beard; he merely wore a toupee throughout the film to disguise his hair.

“Cast Away Beard” is a scruffy beard.


If you’ve watched the movie Cast Away, you’ll recognize Tom Hanks as a character who has been stuck on an island for years. For four years, this man didn’t get to shave, and his style was scruffy and untidy.

This isn’t the most fashionable outfit, but it does give him a gruff appearance.

Stubble: Medium


During the same movie, we also saw him with a Stubble: Medium look. It looked really good on him because it was not too short or long but was right in the middle.

Stubble is thick.


The Stubble is thick. aka 5mm beard is another beard style that Tom Hanks has been able to pull off. This is a really casual look that you can wear even if you don’t have to attend any special events.

Beard that is not too long


The Beard that is not too long is one of the most common beard styles we see these days and Tom Hanks has been able to wear his own version of this style.

The Beard that is not too long also looks good on him because it gives him a younger look and at the same time gives him a more relaxed style.

White beard in its entirety


A lot of people start dying their beards when they notice grey hairs appearing on their faces but Tom Hanks decided to go all-natural and sported the White beard in its entirety look.

It suits him well since it gives him a more mature appearance that corresponds to his age.

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Bearded Goatee


The Bearded Goatee is one of those styles that you can wear whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal occasion or not, the goatee simply looks good on almost anyone who tries it out. Tom Hanks has been seen wearing the style and he definitely pulls it off pretty nicely.

Goatee with a Stubble


Another goatee variation that Tom Hanks has tried out is the Goatee with a Stubble. This look is not as famous as the full beard but we still think that it looks really good on him and makes him look more mature without hiding his charm.

Mustache with a Pencil


Tom Hanks does not only like beards but also has a thing for mustaches. He has been seen rocking the Mustache with a Pencil look on several occasions and he pulls it off just as nicely as his other facial hair styles.

We believe that this specific style is appropriate for him since it completely matches his features.

Mustache Chevron


Another mustache style that Tom Hanks has tried out is the Mustache Chevron. It looks really good on him and makes his facial features more prominent.

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Face Shape of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has a heart-shaped face, which means he has a wider forehead and a narrower jawline.

As a consequence, his beard styles must be carefully chosen to avoid drawing attention to his jawline and making it look smaller than it is.

Full beard styles that make the forehead look smaller and give the face a more oval shape are the best beard styles for heart-shaped faces.


How to Grow a Beard Like Tom Hanks

As you already know Tom Hanks has tried a lot of different facial hair styles over the years. So there is not a definite answer to the question of How to Grow a Beard Like Tom Hanks.

All of these styles, however, need development. So, whichever style you pick, you’ll need to put down the trimmers and let your beard grow.

If you go for the stubble and Bearded Goatee styles, then you only need to wait for about two to three weeks, but if you go for the full-on beards then you will have to wait for several months.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to grow a beard. You’ll become itchy like crazy, and you’ll want to shave your beard every few days to relieve the itching.

Purchasing beard oil is a tiny advice that will make your trip much easier. Beard oil relieves itching and moisturizes your facial hair, preventing it from breaking or developing split ends.

You’ll need to start shaping your beard after you’ve reached the proper length. You may do it yourself using a mirror and a beard trimmer, or you can visit a barbershop and ask for help.

When growing a Tom Hanks beard, the primary idea is to let it grow until it looks nice to you, then shape it into the style that suits you.

How to Care for Tom Hanks’ Beard

You’ll need to invest in some decent beard care products, such as beard oil and beard shampoo, to keep your beard in good shape. These two will moisturize your facial hair, avoiding broken ends and giving it a smooth, shining appearance.

To keep it looking crisp, you’ll need to trim it every now and again.


Is it possible for Tom Hanks to grow a beard?

Tom Hanks, of course, can grow a beard! He can grow a beard, as you can see from this article, and he enjoys experimenting with various beard styles.

Is Tom Hanks’s beard genuine in Castaway?

The beard worn by Tom Hanks in Castaway is genuine. This isn’t the first time he’s grown a beard for a part. On various movie shoots, Tom Hanks may be seen sporting a beard.

How long did Tom Hanks’ beard take to grow?

We don’t know how long Tom Hanks took to grow his beard, but during the production of Castaway, they took a 12-month break to allow him to drop weight and grow a beard.



We hope you liked learning about Tom Hanks’ many acting approaches throughout the years. He is not only a gifted performer, but he also enjoys tinkering with his facial hair.

We’re sure there are many more beard styles buried in his past, so do let us know if you have any photos of him with a different beard style!

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