Do Beard Trimmers Get Dull?

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Beard trimmers are designed to be used regularly and can sometimes become very dull. To avoid costly repairs, maintain the blades of beard trimmer with a few simple steps.

Beard trimmers are typically made of metal, but they can get dull. To prevent this from happening, many people use beard trimmer oil to keep the blades sharp. But some people have found that beard trimmer oil is not always the best solution. Read more in detail here: beard trimmer oil alternative.

The shaving, clipping, and styling procedure will feel out of this world when you first pick up your beard trimmer. As you continue to use it each morning, the notion will ultimately occur to you: do beard trimmers get dull with time?

Beard trimmers get dull when the blades cut the coarser, tougher hair on your chin and cheeks, and unmaintained trimmers become duller quicker. Beard trimmer blades cut through some of the body’s toughest hair, causing them to chip, bend, and rust as they are used.

If you want to keep your beard trimmer in tip-top shape, you’ll need to know how to care for it on a daily basis. If you don’t want to have to purchase a new blade every few weeks, you’ll have to understand how to maintain a beard trimmer.Do-Beard-Trimmers-Get-Dull

Beard Trimmers: How Long Do They Last?

A well-kept and lubricated beard trimmer will last 6 to 10 years, with the blades requiring sharpening or replacement every 3 to 4 years. A beard trimmer that hasn’t been maintained for a year or two may become ineffective due to rust and hair lodged in the blades.

Many people believe that beard trimmers would last forever since the tool’s fundamental concept is much simpler than that of other tools. The reality is that all beard trimmers have a limited lifespan, with most trimmers lasting just a few years, particularly if you get a deal.

The blades on the most expensive beard trimmers will not be permanently connected, allowing them to last a lifetime. Many individuals make the mistake of getting the cheapest beard trimmer they can find and then spending nearly three times the price when the trimmers grow dull.

Is it possible to re-sharpen dull beard trimmer blades?

The blades of your beard trimmer may be sharpened or changed depending on the kind of beard trimmer you have, with blades designed to be sharpened or replaced at home or by a professional. The blades on most commercial beard trimmers may be removed and sharpened, extending the trimmer’s life.

Blades on less expensive beard trimmers are frequently affixed to the trimmer and are composed of material that is too thin to sharpen. As a result, the lifespan of the whole trimmer is determined by how long the blades can remain sharp, necessitating the purchase of a new beard trimmer every few years.

Different blades are used in beard trimmers with round blades, which are commonly found in a cluster of three. When the blades get dull, the complete head unit is changed. Because the blades on these beard trimmers are narrower and more easily broken, they go through more blades.

How Often Should Beard Trimmer Blades Be Replaced?

When it comes to how often you should replace the blades, there are a few factors to consider. The first is how often you use the trimmers. Most guys with lengthy beards only use their trimmers once or twice a month to style their beards for special events.

Furthermore, it is dependent on the sort of blades you have; trimmers with easy-to-replace blades will need blades more often. When shopping for a trimmer, there are two types of blades to consider, as well as the frequency with which the blades must be replaced.

Blades that can be replaced

Replaceable beard trimmer blades are designed to dull somewhat quicker than normal blades, thus we suggest changing them once a year if you use the trimmer every day. We suggest just changing the blades once every two years if you only use them once every few weeks.

Naturally, we propose this replacement plan only provided the blades are well maintained; otherwise, the blades may rust. One of the most difficult aspects of having a beard trimmer is making sure the blades don’t rust and are properly maintained.

Blades that are not replaceable

On higher-end trimmers, these blades are normally secured in place by a few screws across the blade’s body. When not in use, it should be taken from the trimmer and sharpened by specialists who utilize specific sharpening stones.

Regardless of usage, these blades should be sharpened once a year and replaced every five to six years. Sharpening removes some material, which affects the shape and size of the blades over time, ultimately making them too short to use with precision on your trimmer.1642038130_395_Do-Beard-Trimmers-Get-Dull

How can you extend the life of your beard trimmer blades?

The constant challenge for the financially savvy is how to stretch the dollar; the high cost of beard trimmers has always been a victim of this. One of the most crucial measures to getting a clean shave every time is to make sure the trimmer and blades last as long as possible.

A beard trimmer’s blades and components are delicate elements that may easily be destroyed if allowed to rust while not in use. Many owners have been left in tears when their trimmers unexpectedly ceased operating in the middle of a lovely trimming session.


Rust, a chemical reaction between steel and oxygen, is the worst adversary of any piece of hardened steel. Unfortunately, when a material is wet, such as a beard trimmer, this reaction is accelerated, which is what happens when you trim your beard after a shower and some water is caught in your beard.

Oiling the blades after each use will remove any trapped water and cover the blade with just enough oil to keep it from oxidizing. Furthermore, the oil lubricates the trimmer’s moving components, ensuring that they do not shave against each other, creating additional problems.


We understand that cleaning out any hair trapped in the trimmer might be inconvenient each time you trim or shave your beard, but it is necessary. Newer beard trimmers include waterproof capabilities, enabling you to clear out matted hair by dunking them under the tap.

However, we urge that you wipe the blade with a clean brush, going in between the blades to ensure that no additional hair is lodged between them. Nothing is more revolting than taking a trimmer and seeing hair from many weeks ago rotting within it.


After you’ve finished using your beard trimmer, don’t leave it damp; instead, dry it out, ideally with a dry towel. Although it may seem apparent to apply the oil to the blades after drying the whole machine, many individuals fail to do so, allowing the blades to rust in the dampness.

Many commercial beard trimmers are designed to be used on dry hair only; as a result, water should never get near them. The blades of these trimmers must be immersed in a cleaning solution between usage and then dried before use.

Right Use

Possibly the most difficult problem we’ve had with people’s beard trimmers is how they use them. A beard trimmer’s blades and moving components aren’t designed for thinner, softer hair on your body or head; beard trimmers can only be used in two places.

The trimmer is capable of handling heavier body hair, such as beards, without obstructing the machine’s action. Many individuals overlook this and wind up with a beard trimmer that is clogged with lengthy hair.


Whether you use your beard trimmer or not, the blades will get dull; the good news is that they are simple to replace. Many individuals have thrown away beard trimmers that might have easily lasted a lifetime because they are unaware of how to sharpen the blades.

Before you purchase a trimmer, we always suggest that you check out what it can accomplish!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do beard trimmers last?

Can you sharpen beard trimmers?

A: Beard trimmers are not capable of sharpening.

How often should you replace a beard trimmer?

A: I recommend you replace your beard trimmer every three to six months.

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