How To Lighten Beard Dye Too Dark

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When your beard begins to show signs of graying or you just want to change your appearance, you can apply beard dye. There are different types of dyes that you can get on the market and some are temporary while others are permanent. You can also get hair dye that is too dark and may not match with your natural hair. When you use beard dye, you should ensure that it is not so obvious for people to see the difference. This post explains measures to take when beard dye too dark and how to lighten it.

How to Choose the Right Dye?

Essentially, when you dye your facial hair, you aim to appear a bit young. However, the trick to successful dyeing your hair is to choose a color that almost resembles your natural hair. You must aim to ensure that others will not quickly notice the difference when you dye your hair. It should naturally fit you and resemble your original hair. Your beard will look unnatural if you dye your beard too dark. Therefore, there are different steps that you can take before you apply the dye and after to lighten it if it is too dark. When you get the right color for your hair, the next step is to mix the dye.

How to Choose the Right Dye

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Mixing Your Dye

Depending on the type of dye you choose, you will realize that other dyes come with two tubes. One tube contains the base color and the other one consists of a color developer that acts as filler. When you are mixing the dye, you can use the filler to moderate the darkness of the color. Once you mix the contents, you should perform a patch taste on a small portion to see the outcome. If the color appears too dark, you can add more filler to lighten it.

The color may look lighter before you apply it but the chemicals will react faster when you apply the dye. You will see the color suddenly getting darker when you leave the dye to set for a few minutes on your hair. When you notice that the dye is too dark, you can quickly go to the shower room and wash with water and soap. This will help you remove some dye before it dries. You can lighten up the color a bit by simply washing with water.

Get Your Coloring Shampoo

When beard dye too dark you can lighten it using some coloring shampoo to make. You can add the shampoo to the mixture of dye so that you make it light to ensure that it will not look unnatural. Remember that your dye should last for two weeks or more. Therefore, if you add the right proportion of shampoo to the dye so that you can achieve the right color that lasts longer.

Get Your Coloring Shampoo

When you have already applied the dye to your facial hair and you notice that it is too dark, you can use the shampoo to wash it. You should use the shampoo moderately to make sure that it does not wash the dye completely from the beard. Make sure you have the right shampoo in the first place so that you can apply it lightly. You must also keep washing your facial hair for several days until you achieve the right color. You must continue with the shampoo regimen since these solutions help ensure that the hair dye is not too dark. Alternatively, you can consider baking powered to lighten your dark beard dye. If you wash your hair using soda, it will fade the dark color.

How to Remove Beard Dye Using Color Remover

You can also consider the option of using a color remover that reverses the oxidation of the hair color molecule. You should apply the color remover on your hair and leave it to sit for about 15 or 2o minutes. Rinse with water and you will be able to correct the color of the dye. Though it can cause your hair to dry, a color remover is one of the most effective methods of lightening your dark beard dye.

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Dyeing your beard helps to improve your appearance or reverse so signs of aging. However, if your beard dye is too dark, it can appear unnatural. You can mix your dye using the right proportions. You can also consider showering the hair with beard shampoo or color remover to lighten it. You can leave your comments below.


Can I lighten my beard with peroxide?

Peroxide is a popular product that is used for lightening facial hair. All you need to do is buy a bottle of three percent peroxide, and you can use a spray bottle with the solution. Spray the peroxide on your facial hair and rub it and leave it to sit on your hair for about 20 minutes. You should rinse the peroxide when it dries. The primary benefit of using peroxide on your hair is that it is safe to use on your skin. For effective results, you should not dilute the peroxide. You can repeat as required to lighten your beard. 

Will Dawn dish soap lighten dyed hair? 

Stripping the color of your hair without damaging it can be challenging. With dish soap, you can remove the color from your hair since it is designed to break the oils on the dishes. It can also do the same on your dyed hair, and it helps remove unwanted color. However, you need to perform several washes to fade the color and ultimately remove it. You can add some soda to the dishwasher to give it some extra boost.  

How can I lighten my beard naturally? 

Many people bleach their hair to change their appearance. However, the chemical method of lightening hair can cause side effects. There are different natural remedies that you can consider to lighten your beard. The first option includes lemon juice which is rich in vitamin c and is widely used for treating pigmentation. You can also add turmeric to lemon juice to lighten your facial hair. Tomatoes also have a high content of Vitamin C, and they can be used to lighten the beard. You can mix lemon juice and tomatoes for effective results. These natural remedies are easy to use, and they have no side effects like chemicals used for bleaching.    

Does baking soda take out hair color? 

Baking soda is generally a cleaning agent that can take out hair color. It can help remove the dye and lighten your hair without necessarily bleaching it. You can combine baking soda with dandruff shampoo for effective results. You need to mix these two ingredients in equal parts and use the mixture to remove the color from your hair. This natural solution does not have any side effects like skin irritation, and it is easy.    

Can I bleach my beard?

Bleaching involves coloring your hair to suit your style. There are different reasons why people bleach or dye their facial hair. For instance, many people do not like graying hair and other bleach just for the love of a different color. You can bleach your beard, but you should know that facial hair is sensitive and prone to damage than the hair on our heads. Regular bleaching of the beard can lead to issues like dehydrated strands, split ends, and your facial hair can start falling over time. If you want to color your hair, you can consider the right type of dye with natural ingredients to protect your hair.