Best Beard Dye For Black Men

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You’ve started noticing specks of grey in your beard and it is beginning to freak you out. Or you want to go gung-ho on the world. Whatever the case may be, one way to give your beard a personality is with beard dye for men.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, you’ve grown a full beard as a black man and it has got everyone’s attention. You love it, but it’s not enough. You need something more to make you stand out. 

Whether it’s to look youthful or completely bonkers, beard dyes would do the job. Today we’ll find out the best beard dyes for black men. Black men’s beard products are usually unique due to skin type, hair texture, and so on.

So let’s get into it!

What is Beard Dye?

In layman’s words, Hair dyeing is the practice of changing hair color. Beard dye has become a sort of staple as beard grooming has become more popular over the years. There are different types of beard dyes and tints available in the market today. 

There are several reasons a man would want to dye his beard. They include:

  • Masking age – Father time remains undefeated
  • Changing appearance – You’ve suddenly hit a mid-life crisis as many often do. You want your beard to reflect the crisis in your life, dyeing your beard is probably the way to go.
  • Job reasons

As a black man, reasons for dyeing your beard is not so different from men from other races. Asides from covering your old age, many like the edgy look a colorful beard dye would give them.

Best Beard Dye for Black Men

Some of the ingredients that make up beard dye include:

  • Water
  • Fatty acids
  • Antioxidant preservatives
  • Alkalizing solvents
  • Trisodium
  • Polymers

The reactive agents in many dyes are p-Aminophenol and p-Phenylenediamine. They are known for causing allergic reactions to men with sensitive skin. It would be best to go for chemical-free dyes for coloring your beard to avoid problems.

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Things to Consider when Buying Beard Dye

As a black man, you have to put more thought in before dyeing your hair. We will highlight (pun intended) some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a beard dye:

1. Color: Of course, choosing the right color is by far the most important factor when it comes to buying a beard dye. It is easier to dye your beard from light to dark. However, most black men have dark hair. So it would take more effort and a bit more dye to get your preferred color.

The standard beard dye colors are black, brown, blonde, and red. However, these colors come in varying shades. If you like unconventional colors, you would have to do a bit of searching. Some guidelines for choosing the color of your beard are:

  • Natural hair color: Go for beard dyes that are a shade lighter than your natural beard color
  • Black men can try out a dark brown beard dye
  • When in doubt, simply match your natural hair color

2. Ingredients: The fact that a product can change the color of your beard means it contains some chemicals. As always, when it comes to products used for your beard, we would always try to preach the gospel of natural and organic products. 

Ammonia is a common ingredient (chemical) used in beard dyes as it helps to open the hair cuticle which allows the dye’s color to penetrate the follicles. However, large doses of ammonia can cause skin and eye irritation especially for men with sensitive skin.

3. Permanent or Temporary: When it comes to beard dye, permanent means that it wouldn’t require so much reapplication. It means it can last several months.

Choosing a type of beard dye would depend on your preference. When starting, it’s best to use a temporary dye to find what suits you.

  • Ease of Application/User Friendliness: The easier it is for you to apply a beard dye, the better it is for you. You should consider how long it would take to apply, things required to apply, and all that. This should be factored into your decision.
  • Price: There are a variety of beard dyes to choose from, the prices also have a wide range. Your budget should play an essential role in determining the beard dye you would go for.

Tips to Know in Dyeing your beard

  • Before using a beard dye, make sure to do an allergy test on your skin at least 48 hours before applying a beard dye. If you do not notice any irritation after washing it off, then you can use it.

This is regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or not. Many beard dyes contain harmful chemicals.

  • Use hypoallergenic beard dyes
  • You would need to up your beard grooming game even more after dyeing your beard.
  • A common mistake made by new beard dyes is dyeing the beard too dark. It is advisable to go for a lighter shade of the natural hair color for your first trial.
  • We highly recommend a barber if you want to dye your hair permanently

Best Beard Dye for Black Men

The beard products market is vast. Choosing the right one can be difficult. This is why we’ve made your lives easier by doing the hard work and selecting five of the best beard dye for black men.

Godefroy Color Tint Kit

What makes Godefroy unique is that it allows dyeing for target areas rather than all-over application. This is especially useful for men with specks of grey hair.

Because it is ammonia-free, it is less harsh on the beard and the skin. While not all-natural, it is gentle enough to be used by black men and men with sensitive skin.

The kit comes with a color capsule and a developer. You just mix the capsule and developer and let it sit for minutes before applying.


  • Ammonia-free
  • Long-lasting color
  • Its comes in different shades of black or brown which are usually the popular colors of choice for black men


  • Thin consistency
  • Not effective for wide application
  • Pricey


Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

If you’re a black man with sensitive skin, Refectocil dye is perfect for you. Despite containing chemicals, it is known not to cause irritation. While originally made for the hair, it also works well for the beard and eyebrow.

It is a long-lasting permanent dye which means you won’t have to apply it regularly. A negative about this product is that you have to purchase the dye and the developer separately.


  • Long-lasting
  • It has a versatile use
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not cause irritation


  • A small tube (but a little goes a long way and lasts for a week)
  • A developer does not come with the product


Henna Guys Hair and Beard Dye

Many hair coloring products contain harsh chemical products that can damage the hair and beard. It’s most definitely not the case for Henna Guys Dye. This product is packed with natural ingredients such as indigo powder, henna powder, neem, and false daisy that protects beard hair from damage.

An important thing to note is that this product is not suitable for dyeing black hair. So except you’re a black man with greying hair, it might not be appropriate.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Great value for your money


  • Not easy to apply because it comes in powder form, which requires water to mix
  • Not suitable for black hair which is the natural hair color of most black men


Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Beard Dye

This wholly organic, chemical-free, permanent beard dye was made specifically for sensitive skin in mind and by extension, black men. It is a perfect dye for men with beard dye related allergies.

While its organic nature makes it great for the skin, mixing and applying can be stressful as it comes in a herbal form that needs to be mixed with water. Overall, it is one of the best beard dye for black men in the market.


  • Made from organic products
  • Less irritation
  • Waterproof


  • It has an earthy smell which could be unpleasant
  • Uneven beard color


Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Technically, this product is not even a beard dye. It is what we can term as mascara for your beard. This temporary ‘dye’ saves you the hassle of mixing and applying a dye. This innovative product is made from all-natural ingredients meaning less irritation on your skin.

So if you’re seeking a short-term solution to your greying hair or whatever the case may be, this dye is suitable for your beard.


  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Chemical-free
  • Easy application
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It is cheap


  • It has a limited shade range
  • Not suitable for long beards
  • Short life span



There you have it folks, some of the best-reviewed beard dyes for black men. The choice you make would depend on your preferences. 

The best of these has to be Henna Guys Hair and Beard Dye. What’s not to love about the product; natural ingredients, cheap, and most importantly, suitable for black men. While it doesn’t work well on black hair, if you have a greying hair, there’s probably not a better product in the market.

Dyeing your beard can be a complicated process for black men. Therefore it needs to be done right to look as natural as possible. The good thing about beard dyes is you always get the chance to change things when you make a mistake.

We hope this article would be an excellent guide for black men looking to dye their beards especially newbies. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Till next time beard family.


Which Dye Is Good For Beard?

Godefroy Color Tint Kit
Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)
Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Beard Dye
Just for Men Mustache and Beard Color for Gray Hair
Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Is Dying Beard Safe? 

Dyeing beard specifically helps males to reverse signs of aging when the gray patches begin to emerge on their facial hair. However, if you are wondering whether dyeing is safe or not, the general answer is that the practice is safe. As long as you choose the right dye, and follow the instructions when applying it, you will not experience any issues. You must take safety precautions and use latex gloves when applying the dye and make sure that it does not get into contact with your eyes. Immediately wash off the stray dye from your skin, and you will be safe.   

How Can I Darken My Beard Without Dye? 

Moisturizing your beard with beard oil creates a darker appearance. There is also a special beard-darkening oil that you can consider if you do not want to use beard dye. There are different types of beard oils that you can get, and they help to darken your facial hair. Hair hydration is important since it helps to retain the dark color of hair. Additionally, you should keep your beard groomed and prevent it from drying. Moisturized beard can retain its color, and it keeps it in good appearance.

Can I Use Hair Dye For A Beard? 

Yes, you can use hair dye on your beard but it is not the best option. The skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on the scalp. This implies that these two types of skin may not react in the same way. Additionally, the hair on your head is coarser than the beard which means they react differently to hair dye. Apart from these differences, both hair and beard dye contain very similar ingredients, implying that they can serve the same purpose. If you apply the hair dye to your beard with caution, you can still achieve the same results.     

Will Beard Oil Darken My Beard?

Beard oil can darken your beard if it is applied consistently. It helps preserve the color of the dye on your beards. When the dye on your beard is too dark you can wash it with water and soap or using beard shampoo. However, shampoo removes the natural oil from the hair, and this is when you can apply beard oil after washing your hair. It preserves the texture of the beard and the color of the dye. The beard oil helps maintain your beard in its natural state together with darkening it a bit. 

Does A Grey Beard Make You Look Older?

Grey patches of hair often stand out among the rest if you have long beards. Unfortunately, the graying of a beard is a clear sign of aging that can make you older especially if your facial hair is not well-groomed. You can consider keeping your beard short so that it can blend well to conceal the gray hairs. Many people choose the option of dying their beards when they realize that the grey patches on their hair are making them look older. You need to choose the right dye that can match the color of your beard or you can use salt and pepper beard dye.