How Can I Make My Beard Look Fuller?

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by Cristina

How to make beard look fuller? It is generally believed by men that beard has an association with masculinity, leadership, power, and wisdom and that the respect commanded by an individual is dependent on the thickness of their beard. This makes most men more concerned about having and maintaining a thick beard. In other words, the beard takes is a major part of a man’s attention and obsession. 

A great beard is expected to possess these qualities: thickness, liveliness, and length (that is, the amount of hair in your beard, the liveliness which can be achieved when proper beard care and commitment is given, and the how long your beard is). 

The thickness of the beard is the question for most men, and it has been proven to be an issue of genetics. For some men, genetics is in their favor by giving them a full and thick beard, while it is otherwise for others. Although the thickness of the beard depends basically on your genes, there are a number of tricks that can be applied in order to achieve that glossy beard of your desire.

Here Some Tricks and Tips in Making Your Beard Look Fuller

  • Don’t Shave 

As opposed to the mindset of people towards shaving of beard that it causes it to grow back fuller and faster, research has proven it wrong. The only way forward to having a majestic and lustrous beard is by really making a commitment of allowing it to grow steadily. Though it might seem slow, you will surely get there.

  • Exercise 

Testosterone has a great influence on beard growth, in fact, they go hand in hand. Exercising and losing weight contribute to the increment of testosterone and blood circulation which has a resultant effect on the growth of hair. So, always involve yourself in short but intense workouts which will cause a faster increment of testosterone in your body and also keep it at a stable level, and you’ll see that desired fuller beard growth.

Here Some Tricks and Tips in Making Your Beard Look Fuller

  • Minimize stress

Some evidence has proven to us that stress causes blood vessel constriction and also reduces testosterone levels. And the same way stress can cause hair loss, it can have the same resultant effect on your beard growth by inhibiting it. So, as much as you can, minimize stress and anxiety.

More Tips in Making Your Beard Look Fuller

  • Eat well and Consider Vitamins

Having a healthy and well-balanced diet encourages facial hair growth. Moreover, you can consider taking some vitamins, proteins, and minerals rich diets, because of supplements like iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B, D, and E, and copper aids in hair thickness increment.

  • Hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene guarantees the good health of your beard, as it can contain potentially harmful bacteria and microbes which are likely to cause infections if not well taken care of. Avoid washing your beard with shampoo or body soap, as it can cause your beard to dry and also injure your face and the growth of your beard. Make sure that you rinse your beard on a daily basis so as to avoid dirt buildup, breakouts, and beard dandruff, and always make use of gentle soaps that are specially made for beards.

More Tips in Making Your Beard Look Fuller


Techniques for Making Your Beard Look Fuller

  • Moisturizing

Making sure that your beard is constantly moisturized is essential because having a dry beard can cause your body to produce extra oil, which can really result in pimples, repulsive skin itching, and coarse beard hairs. So, don’t forget to moisturize your beards, neither should you moisturize it with body lotion. However, there are high-quality beard oil available, and a few drops of these can be used daily so as to refresh your face and neck, and this will render your beard softer and more lustrous.

  • Grooming

A nicely groomed beard looks attractive and encouraging men to keep. When trying to do this, avoid choosing a comb or brush that is plastic because they can entangle your beard, snag it and cause its breakage which is not healthy for a full hair development. Instead, go for a better beard comb, preferably the ones made out of wood, bone or acetate. They really reduce beard breakouts.

Effective Tricks in Making Your Beard Look Fuller

  • Trimming 

You can do well to trim your beard so as to make it look fuller. Always trim your beard as it grows so as to maintain it at an even length, making it shorter near the ears and fuller around your lower jaw.

  • Taking Care of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown beard hairs are special cases that occur when hair curls back or grows into the skin sideways. These can inflict pain and reddening. If left untreated, they can turn out to be infected and lead to scarring. However, in as much as you want to get rid of these ingrown hairs, do not pull them out. Instead, sterilized tweezers can be used to pull such a hair out as soon as it is being noticed. 

  • Styling

Making your beard into the best style that goes along with beard growth pattern is a very cool idea, as it makes your beard look fuller in all regards. It is not always cool to grow out a beard without having a style plan in mind. This is true when you are planning to keep your beard all year-round. Choose a style and then take off unwanted facial hair by simply making use of a razor and some shave oil. 

More Tips For Different Beard Styles to Make it Look Fuller

There are various styles for different growth patterns that are available for men’s beard styling. Some are listed below:

  • Full beard: This style can be adopted by people that have patches in their beard. As the beard grows longer, it will cover up the patches and you can trim it as it grows.
  • Short full beard: if you cannot keep your beard to be thick enough to make it look full, you can always trim it to the desired length fortnightly. 
  • Detached beard and Mustache: this also looks cool on you especially when you cannot grow enough beard to stache.
  • Van Dyke: this style is best for you if you have around your mouth plenty of facial hair and it looks not too cool on you. 
  • Stubble: this is better than having a clean-shaven face.
More Tips For Different Beard Styles to Make it Look Fuller

There are lots of more styling patterns that can be adopted. You can make your research on them before looking into making your beard look fuller.


Your beard is a part of you, and it contributes greatly to your personality. Love your beard and keep at growing it. Take note of moisturizing, grooming, trimming, and styling of your beard. Take care of ingrown hair as soon as you can. Have good beard hygiene, do exercise and minimize stress as much as possible. 

Growing a beard requires a whole lot of patience. Do not get frustrated or discouraged if you discover that you possess a patchy beard. Be rest assured that it will come. It may take up to the duration of a month, two or three. But it will definitely come with time and maximum patience. You will definitely catch up with the beard of your dream. Do you have any beard issues? Or tips and tricks?