How To Get Your Beard To Connect

Last Updated on June 30, 2020 by Cristina

Your health can affect the rate at which your beard connects. The question you should be concerned about is: “How to get your beard to connect?” There are different steps that you can take to address this challenge, and these include the following factors. 

Many people usually wonder why their beard cannot connect and there are many explanations that can be given to that. For instance, genetics can determine the rate at which your facial hair grows. In some cases, it can only be a matter of time to have your beard fully connected. 

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Use Natural Hair Products

It is paramount that you groom your beard the way you do your hair, to get the desired outlook. And you can achieve this by using a variety of key natural hair products, that can help improve the growth of your beard so that it can connect. 

For instance, you can buy shampoo and beard oil brands that have natural ingredients since these are good for the growth of your beard. After shampooing your beard, you can apply beard oil that will help your facial hair to grow. Currently, there are different types of beard oils such as Castor oil, Argan oil as well as Virgin Olive Oil among others. 

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Use Natural Hair Products

There are many benefits of using different types of beard oils. One of them is that beard oil can play a vital role in nourishing your beard together with your skin for healthy beard growth. Also, beard oil helps to create the perfect growing conditions and some of the products include Hemp and Jojoba that significantly help with the growth of beard

Natural supplements for beard growth are good for you since they do not have side effects in the long run following continual use. These natural products can also help to promote the growth of a full beard. And when you have full beards, it will then connect easily.

Purpose of Beard Oil: What It Does & How much to use

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Exfoliate and use Mineral/Vitamin Supplements

Nutrient deficiency can be another major reason for patchy facial hair or poor growth. Thus, it is important to make sure that you eat well so that both your facial hair and your skin can grow to attain a full and connected beard length. You can achieve this by exfoliating your beard and taking mineral or vitamin supplements. 

Exfoliation involves washing your beard and skin during specific days. This can also go along with taking a multivitamin or mineral pill on a daily basis because, mineral and vitamin supplements are designed to stimulate the growth of the beard, which will succinctly help in covering the patches on parts of your face. 

You can also take biotin supplements, which is vital in promoting facial hair growth. The supplement stimulates the development of hair follicles which in turn also promote the growth of facial hair. Remember, your beard can connect well if it is capable of growing. 

Know the type of your beard

When you decide to buy beard oils or other supplements that can promote facial hair growth, it is important to know its type. Different people have different types of hair and beard, and this can affect the way they connect. For instance, those with curly beards have a higher chance of connecting their beards, than those with a straight beard. 

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Exfoliate and use Mineral/Vitamin Supplements

Thus, you must know your hair before you decide to buy a product that can enhance its growth. Not only do you need products that can moisturize your beard if it gets too dry at times, but you also need to consistently use the beard supplements over a period of 30 days and above, in order to start noticing any changes. 

While it can take even more than 30 days to witness the changes that you desire in some cases, if you are convinced that no degree of change is coming forth, then you can try another route that can help to promote the growth of your beard. But in whatever you do, the golden rule is that you should do it consistently. 

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Try to be Stylish

The other simple but important step that you can take is to try and be stylish with your beard. That is, you can use some firm style beard wax to comb your facial hair towards the bare and patchy areas. This will significantly help to conceal the gaps that exist in areas that are patchy. You should also apply beard oil direct on patchy areas.  

How To Get Your Beard To Connect: Try to be Stylish

Allow the Beard to Grow

There are some people who have different beard growth rates. Given that facial hair can grow at different cycles, speed rate and can have an impact on the connectivity of your beard, allow your beard to grow for about 30 days or more, before trimming it to check if there is any growth in the areas with fewer beards. 

If you rush into trimming your beard, it can be difficult to notice any positive changes with regard to its growth. 

Another measure that you can consider is to exercise patience. Given that the full growth of beard varies from person to person, age can also play a significant role in determining the growth rate of your beard. 

This is why some individuals experience full growth of their beard either in their mid 20s, 30s, or 40s depending on their genes. In some cases, the full beard is often on its way, and only takes a matter of time before the individuals concerned start noticing the changes. 

Our stages of development vary from one person to the other, so the waiting game can result in your beard connecting naturally.