7 Amazing Black Man Mustache Styles

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We have compiled a list of 7 black man mustache styles that we believe can give you inspiration. Wearing a mustache is classic since it adds eloquence and elegance to your overall aesthetic appearance. A mustache can be worn on any facial shape and form. However, a mustache should be properly crafted and maintained to improve your appearance. Some people often face challenges in choosing the right mustache style but the main issue pertains to the shape of your face. Ideally, a mustache style that suits another individual might not be your right fit. Therefore, you can try different styles until you get the perfect one for your face.

Coolest Black Man Mustache Styles

# 1. Chevron Mustache Style

The Chevron mustache style was very popular in the ’80s among popular musicians and popstars. The style has made a significant comeback and it is popular among many black men. To get a perfect look, you need to shape your mustache such that it forms a perfect arrow pointing at your nose. You can achieve this by using a trimmer that is excellent for shaping mustache and also ensure that all stray hairs are tamed. To achieve the 80’s look, you need to keep your face clean-shaven and you should also keep your head bald. You should also apply wax to maintain your mustache style in shape throughout the day.

Black man - Chevron Mustache Style

#2. Thin Mustache

This style is ideal for people who grow a thin mustache and it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is to ensure that your hair is long enough such that it can be shaped using a pair of scissors or a trimmer. The style can also appear neat if you leave correspondingly short stubble on your chin.  You can consider this style if you do not grow a thicker and fuller beard. Just make sure that your cheeks are clean-shaven so that you can get a good appearance. Among the different black man mustache styles, a thin mustache is probably the easiest to maintain.

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#3. Horse Shoe Mustache

Horseshoe mustache is ideal for people who can grow fuller and thicker facial hair. To get a perfect style, make sure that your mustache fully meets your side beards so that you can shape a horseshoe down the sides of your chin. You can also leave the mustache bushy if you like. Make sure that the bottom part of your chin is clean-shaven. You can also shave side beards so that they do not meet with your mustache. The other thing to consider is that this style goes well with the afro hairstyle since it gives you a bold appearance.

Horse Shoe Mustache- Black Man Mustache styles
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#4. Goatee

A goatee mustache style is another good one but it is ideal for people with a thicker beard that meets with side facial hair. To achieve a great style, you must leave the mustache to join with a beard so that it can create a full goatee. This style is more popular among young black men. For instance, many famous actors and young professionals love this style. You should clear all the side beards so that you can remain with a full goatee. The other aspect is that this mustache style works well with afro hairstyle but it should also be neat.

Goatee Beard Style
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#5. Painter’s Brush Mustache

This is a classic style that is ideal for older black men. If you want to wear this particular style, you should ensure that you have a thick mustache that you can shape like an arrow between your upper leap and nose. The style gives you a professional and business-like appearance. When you decide to wear this style, make sure that the rest of your face is clean-shaven. The style can also work well with nicely shaped hair on your head.

Painter’s Brush Mustache- Black Man musyache styles
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#6. Long Mustache

This style is ideal for young men with thicker and long mustache. You need to ensure that your face is free of facial hair so that you can get an amazing appearance from your long mustache. You can leave your mustache to grow long and all you need to do is to apply the right grooming products in your daily grooming routine. You can also use a comb to detangle your mustache to make it appear good. The other thing about this style is that it works perfectly well with a full afro hairstyle. If you have thick hair, then it can make a good combination with a long mustache.

Long Mustache- Black Man Beard Mustache
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#7. Lampshade Mustache

This is another mustache style that is ideal for young black professionals. Like other styles, you can neatly shape the mustache above your upper lip in a way you desire. However, make sure that there are no stray hairs that can impact the appearance of your otherwise good style. You should also make sure that your face is free of any hair to achieve a great appearance. On your head, you can wear a neat hairstyle comprising of clean side fades and long hair on top.

Lampshade Mustache- Black Man Mustache Styles
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When you have selected your desired mustache style, you need a good pair of scissors or beard trimmer that you can use to shape or style your mustache. To prevent the growth of stray hairs, it is essential to trim your mustache at least four days per week. When trimming your hair, make sure that it is dry so that you can achieve a uniform level of your mustache. It is also important to use a special mustache comb when trimming your hair since it helps to straighten it. The other thing is that it helps to spread the wax evenly across your beard that plays a pivotal role in styling.

Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed reading this list of different black man mustache styles that you can consider. Growing a mustache requires commitment and you should use the right tools to style it. It is also essential to apply the right grooming products so that you can grow an attractive mustache. You can try different mustache styles until you get a perfect style that suits your face. We appreciate your comments about the post and you can share it with your peers if you like it.