Blackbeard for Men Formula X Review

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You want to get rid of the gray in your mustache and beard. You are looking at the beard dye and beard color products that are fast and easy to use, won’t burn or itch, and which are affordable too.

Well, look no further because patented Blackbeard for Men Formula X is here. And the amazing thing is that it is unlike harsh drugstore beard dye. It brings a whole lot of new vibes to the table, and we are sure you will love those.

Blackbeard for Men Formula X Product Review

Natural Look

There is no denying that a good “beard analyst” can spot a dye job even when you have done all you can to cover your tracks. The problem: a dyed mustache and beard often simply looks too uniform. Well, real life is not uniform. So how to get a more natural look? Well, you can go to a salon, and a professional hairdresser can vary the intensity of the dye for a natural look. But this is time-consuming and pricey, and worst of all, a few days later, your gray roots are back. 

Blackbeard for Men solves this problem quickly and easily. Blackbeard for Men Formula X is a topical, cosmetic, beard color, similar to a super mascara. You can vary the intensity as you brush it on. You can leave a gray area, or you can partly wipe the product away with a tissue. Thus giving you a completely natural look.

Gray Touch-Up

A good number of men who are satisfied with their beard dye still have the aforementioned problem of gray roots on their beards. Dyeing is time-consuming, and unless you are using a henna dye, the acrid chemical smell can be pretty horrible (many beard dyes use a form of ammonia to strip the color from the hair follicle.)

This is another problem that can be tackled head-on with the Blackbeard for Men. The product allows you to touch up your beard roots, and at the same time, and greatly extend the time between dyeing. As well, men who have just a patch of gray here and there do not have to dye their whole beard. A couple swipes with the Blackbeard for Men applicator brush and you’re good to go. 


Blackbeard for Men isn’t restricted to the mustache and beard alone. There are a number of other ways to use the product. It also works great on sideburns and eyebrows, and it fills gaps in the stubble and thinner beards. However, we don’t recommend using it on the hair on your head. The product is a thick paste, and you cannot brush it once applied. However, for sideburns, it’s excellent. 


Because it is not a dye, Blackbeard for Men has far fewer reactions than users of drugstore beard dye. A quick web search shows many lawsuits against the makers of the popular drugstore dyes, with all manner of skin conditions, rashes, lesions, and worse. Many men report skin irritation after using dyes for a few weeks. This is because of ingredients like PPD, which is made from coal tar, lead acetate, and ammonia, to name just a few. If you have experienced skin irritation from beard dye, you may wish to try a natural henna dye or Blackbeard for Men. 


Blackbeard for Men says the product lasts 8-12 hours or more. We’ve found that to be true, and once it starts to fade, it does so slowly. Unless one wipes hard with a towel or napkin, it should hold on pretty well. It also stays on during a workout or sports pretty well. We swam for an hour and the product was still about 80% at the end of the swim. Not bad. A quick touch-up in the locker room afterward took about ten seconds. 

Unlike mascaras, it will not run in sweat. That also means however that removal at the end of the day can be tricky. The easiest way is to wipe the product off with a tissue, then wash your face with soap and water, or use any make-up remover such as cold cream or make-up remover wipes.

Timely Application

One of the many attributes of Blackbeard for Men is a fast application. If you have a shorter beard or goatee, or just need to hit a few gray spots, the application takes just a few seconds. Just brush it on and you’re good to go. 

For a fuller beard, figure on around 40-60 seconds. But we don’t recommend this product for gents with beards longer than two inches or so unless it’s just to hit a few gray spots. It simply would use too much product and take too much time, and finding a gentle henna dye is probably a better solution. You can still use Blackbeard to touch up the roots as needed!

How to Use Blackbeard for Men

When you are ready to use Blackbeard for Men, first make sure your beard or mustache is dry before applying the product.

Next, wipe off the excess on the lip of the bottle. This prevents the product from being too thick or gummy. Then apply using a “dry brush”, building up the color gradually until the color intensity matches well. If you make a mistake, or the color looks too dark, just wipe with a tissue. For stubble, or to blend the color or lighten it up, again, just wipe with a tissue. You can lighten the color quite a bit in this way.

For men with sensitive skin, test sensitivity by applying a small dot of Blackbeard for Men on your arm and waiting 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction, before applying to your mustache and beard.


Blackbeard for Men is about $9.99/bottle in the US at, and a bottle lasts around 4-6 weeks depending on the length/volume of the beard and how heavily the product is applied. If you only use it to touch up gray areas, or only have a goatee or only use it on sideburns, for example, a single bottle may last for months. Not a bad deal. But again, not recommended for men with longer beards, because you will use too much product.


The main downside is that the color is temporary and must be applied daily (or whenever you want.) But considering application takes under a minute, this seems like a worthwhile trade-off. 

As well, because it is a topical colorant, it can rub off. Blackbeard for Men recommends “once applied, leave it alone.” This might be tricky for men who like to play with your beards, so be forewarned. 

We have found that if you wipe off the product with a tissue, it not only helps blend the color to make it look more natural, but it reduces the possibility of the product transfer. It should not come off with a casual touch, but to be safe we would recommend blotting with a napkin; do not wipe. 

And avoid fabrics because it may stain. Be careful not to wipe with a towel. If you have “neckbeard” and wear collared shirts to work, you may wish to shave or not apply Blackbeard for Men to that area to prevent possible smudging or staining.  

Final Words

Blackbeard for Men is goodbye to harsh chemical dyes and irritation that often comes with them. This is the ideal product for men that want to look younger and get rid of the gray without the hassle and skin reactions of dyeing.